Vernon Davis, in light-hearted discussion on curling: “Anything’s possible”


49ers tight end Vernon Davis is an honorary captain for the U.S. Olympic curling team. He also caught 13 TD passes in 2013, and he’s in top form entering his ninth NFL season.

In short, it’s quite possible the 30-year-old Davis could still have a strong professional football career going in, say, 2018, when the Winter Olympics next lands on the sporting calendar.

Nevertheless, the topic of a try at Olympic curling — in an albeit light-hearted discussion — came up when he was interviewed by Al Michaels on NBCSN on Monday morning in Sochi.

“Could you become proficient enough to compete in curling in the 2018 Winter Olympics?” Michaels asked Davis.

“Hey, the sky’s the limit,” Davis said, smiling. “Anything’s possible.”

Asked Michaels: “So you will actually try to perfect it a little bit and see if you can make the team? Is that possible?”

Michaels smiled a little and leaned back in his chair.

“You know what? I think I will,” Davis said with a smile. “I think I will.

“That’s interesting,” Michaels said, smiling.

“I enjoy it,” Davis said, smiling.

Later, Michaels asked if there was a lot of trash talking in curling.

“No, not really,” Davis said, laughing.

Davis added, smiling: “Probably in 2018, you might see a lot of trash talking.”

Michaels laughed, as did Davis.

Considering his rare athleticism, it would be fascinating to see Davis try his hand at an Olympic sport.

It would also be fascinating to see him continuing to play football at age 34, given what’s he accomplished thus far.

18 responses to “Vernon Davis, in light-hearted discussion on curling: “Anything’s possible”

  1. Curling is one of the oddest “sports”, but I find it curiously fascinating when it’s on TV in the Olympics.

  2. Curling is the ultimate Canadian drinking game, and we would prefer it if loudmouthed obnoxious American know it all’s keep to football and or basketball

    thank you

  3. I’m just really disappointed that there isn’t a dedicated Curling Channel yet, they should have games on all day! And wow did you see USA give up 4 in the first end against Korea? How do you let that happen, that’s just terrible!

  4. Curling? in the Olympics? My wife does it every morning before she goes out. She is so good at it she should be in the Olympics. He does not have enough hair to be “curling.”
    Oh, you mean the “slide the rock” thingy with the broom, heck, with my sweeping expertise and her curling, we are a cinch for a gold medal…..

  5. I have no doubt he’ll have more success doing that. He won’t have to worry about a LB or safety coming over the middle. Can you say S-O-F-T? The Seahawks did.

  6. Except curling most likely won’t be in the next Olympics since they are running out of the stone.

  7. Curling is really fun. My buddy was on the 2010 team and introduced Vernon to the game. We curl on Thursday nights in Minnesota. There are a lot of leagues. It odd seeing curling on TV and a keg of beer not being on the ice. Curling is a super fun winter drinking game.

  8. I’m a Vernon Davis fan, but c’mon don’t kid yourself we all know he’s scared of getting hit by Kam Chancelor. He’s already got rocked twice by Kam and he wants no part of it trust me. I’m not even a Sehawks fan but this is just a fact. Don’t believe me? Go check out the clip where Kam rocks him last year on the sidelines. In the words of Stephen A, “he flat out got punked”!

  9. It really is oddly fascinating. It seems like such a stupid sport, but when you actually watch it, it’s very interesting. It would be cool to see if NFL athleticism would translate over to curling; granted it can be done with practice, but would an NFL player have an edge because of their size and strength

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