Vernon Davis: Richie Incognito is a great guy


One of the fascinating aspects of the Dolphins bullying scandal has been the way that Richie Incognito, the purported ringleader of the bullying, has been defended by so many of his fellow NFL players. The latest to speak out for Incognito is 49ers tight end Vernon Davis.

Davis appeared on Mike and Mike in the Morning and said how much he likes Incognito, without even being directly asked about him.

“Richie Incognito is a great guy. I know him really well. When I heard about it, I didn’t think he would do anything to harm Jonathan Martin,” Davis said.

Davis and Incognito have never been teammates, although Davis’s brother, Vontae Davis, was a teammate of Incognito’s in Miami for two seasons. It wouldn’t be surprising if Vernon Davis heard good things about Incognito from his brother, considering that Incognito was by all accounts a popular, well-liked player who was voted a captain by his teammates in Miami.

As for the player Incognito is accused of bullying, Jonathan Martin, Davis sounded less enthusiastic about him.

“Jonathan Martin, you know, I don’t have anything negative to say about Jon Martin,” he said. “That has nothing to do with me.”

There’s been some talk that San Francisco could be a landing spot for Martin, who was coached by 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh at Stanford. But Davis sounds like he’d rather play with Incognito.

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  1. he may be a nice guy to you however ask the dolphins asst trainer the same question. It’s disgusting how incognito treated that young man. Anyone that would treat a fellow employee that way is a pig

  2. Unless Belichick decides to turn Incognito into one of his “reclamation projects”…. he will never see another snap in the NFL.

    and I really doubt it is going to happen.

  3. But here’ the thing with that last paragraph. All non-football issues aside, neither Incognito or Martin are very good at their jobs…you know…blocking. I’m sure they’ll both get shots again, but lets not pretend that either of them are impact players on the line.

  4. I’m now a fan of Vernon Davis b/c he did not fall for the politically correct crap that is being spewed by the media.
    I’m sure Incognito is a great guy, and I’m also sure that Mr. Martin is not as pure as the driven snow as the media makes him out to be.

  5. OR…

    One of the fascinating aspects of the Dolphins situation has been the way that Richie Incognito has been trashed by so many in the media in spite of the way most NFL players have dismissed this behaviour.

    Also missing from the conversation is that almost everyone involved in the situation is black. Its like the Trayvon Martin thing all over again. The media wants so badly to find racism that they just make stuff up. Sad, very sad.

  6. Every NFL player who’s biggest concern is winning games, would rather play with Incognito…

  7. Interesting……Vernon joins a long list of Dolphins players who would prefer to play with Incognito as well.

  8. Incognito sounds like a guy willing to die for his club. Martin seems more to care more about the big picture.

  9. I don’t blame him. Hard to be in a locker room with a guy who might take a little good natured ribbing & run to the media & claim you bullied him. That may be a little stretch but that’s how it would feel to me if I was in that position. You want to be around guys who won’t stab you in the back. Guys who pretend to be your friend, & pretend to be ok with the language going both ways & who tell you after he leaves the team that he doesn’t blame anyone & then all of sudden he doesn’t respond to you texts anymore. Sounds to me like Martin played Incognito & set him up. Don’t you think it’s telling that ALL the players are falling on the Incognito side? I will trust the other guys in the locker room, not some handle bar mustached outsider.

  10. Knowing full well this will be unpopular, I’d rather strap up the chinstrap alongside Incognito too. It’s the context of working as an NFL baller.

    If it were who would you prefer if it was a stranded-far-out-at-sea-in-a-lifeboat situation, I’d probably prefer Martin.

  11. People who bully tend to be popular and are the leader amongst their friends. That’s what gives them the belief and power that they can bully others. I would think having Incognito on your team now would be too much of a distraction in the locker room. Or is creating a hostile environment ok with players?

  12. Most adults, when asked about a bully in the workplace, will say the same thing. “I’ve never had a problem with X, he’s nice to me!” Try it for yourself, ask someone at work about a bully that clearly no one likes, you’ll get that answer.

  13. This was work place harassment and it never should have been tolerated in the first place. Matter of fact doing what Incognito did in any other job in America would result in your suspension and/or termination. For some reason people think that professional football players are exempt from basic ethical standards of a civilized society.

  14. People still don’t get it. Incognito will be more accepted into an NFL team than Martin. Teammates wont trust Martin at all. And coaches will be afraid to say anything remotely negative about Martin. They will think of him as a Snitch

  15. Why does everyone compare the NFL with a typical office environment? Teammates liked Incognito cause he was tough and would go to battle for an inch. Martin is soft, and being soft in the NFL gets you hurt or unemployed. Is this actually a mystery to most fans or media?

  16. What the Wells report basically said was that Martin felt harassed, therefore he was harassed. It never said Martin was treated differently, never said Incognito intentionally sought to inflict any harm on Martin and did say the first time Martin made Incognito aware of his feelings was when he left the team.

  17. I can imagine the trash talk that defensive lineman will give Martin if he gets back on another team and IF he can get playing time. They will probably just repeat he stuff from the Incognito texts times 10 and he will fold by the end of the first quarter. God help him if he has to go up against Suh.

  18. Bottom line is Martin is soft & doesn’t have what it takes to succeed in the NFL.

    Incognito might be a bad person, but the NFL is about winning, and a team will roll the dice on him if they think he can help them win.

    Martin, say hello to the Arena League,

  19. mgmac says: Feb 17, 2014 7:52 AM

    “he may be a nice guy to you however ask the dolphins asst trainer the same question. It’s disgusting how incognito treated that young man. Anyone that would treat a fellow employee that way is a pig”

    Then you must think Martin is a pig. He used racial slurs all the time, demeans women, hires hookers, video taped himself with a woman and shared it, and made fun of McDonald’s sexuality.

    All there in the Wells report and in the texts he sent to Incognito.

  20. Did anyone bother to read the part of the Wells report where he lists the Pros and Cons of continuing to be a football player or walking away?

    To me that is the most telling part of where his head is at. He’s not comfortable in his own skin and his heart isn’t in it.

    One of his cons:

    “I could lose 70lbs and be happy about my body.”

    I’ve dealt with guys like Incognito when I played football. Yes, your own teammates will make fun of you when you first join the team. They’ll say all kinds of things about you. That is until you show them and prove to them that you can play.

  21. Incognito will get another job, he’s a tough son of a gun. Jonathon Martin is a wimp, and I have no idea who would want him. He was terrible with the Dolphins, we watched it all year. Go to someone who knows him, and knows what his behavior is like. He might quit again, if someone upsets him, so get ready for that.
    144 pages of wasted money, just fine the team and fire the coaches and be done with it all, it’s very boring now.

  22. Incognito has been bounced one way or another from every team he’s played on since high school. Every one.

  23. Really? Did he say he’d rather play with Incognito? Ever think everyone’s tired of being asked that question? He didn’t say that so how about saving judgements

  24. And if you get mad about my previous comment look in the mirror and think back to your school years were you the bully the bullied or somewhere in between. I am not siding with the bully i’m just saying that your past has an effect on your opinion

  25. Vernon Davis doesn’t get it. Sure, he actually knows Incognito through his brother and is judging him on his own first hand knowledge, but he needs to get with the program.

    The media has already judged Incognito guilty based on out of context text messages.

    Once the media decides a person is guilty, you better get in line or get run over.

  26. Goodell should suspend Vernon Davis for a year. Seriously, this is as bad as Pouncey wearing a ‘Free Hernandez’ T-shirt. I wonder how much Incognito is paying Davis under the table to say these things. Once a bully, always a bully.

  27. i love how people think they are smarter than the people running nfl teams, saying how bad incognito is and he wont get a job because he sucks yet there were multiple playoff teams lined up to try and sign him when reports were the dolphins might release him, and last time i checked you had to be pretty good to be voted to the pro bowl. i dont know, i could be wrong but it sounds like real nfl people think he is pretty good.

    this will all blow over, a team will sign him, send him to some counceling program just to please the media and get him in the lineup.

  28. Well, it’s pretty clear that the main function for this story is to provide cover to all of the bully-enabling pseudo-tough-guys who’ve largely been (rightfully) shamed out of other comment discussions.

    Sad to see so many wanna-be he-men pounding their chests here about their supposed expertise on what it means to be a man.

    Everyone is a “good guy” to someone. Doesn’t make every specific behavior acceptable. Even if he’s a “good guy” to everyone he’s ever met except two or three people, that poor behavior still deserves scrutiny. If he’s actually a “good guy”, he’ll do what it takes to eliminate that behavior from his life.

  29. If Incognito’s behavior is completely normal in the football context, then why was he dismissed by the Cornhuskers, Ducks and Rams? Why did the Bills decline to resign him? They got a Pro Bowl caliper RG off waivers!

  30. This Incognito reminds me of someone I knew from school. Used to pick fights with people he had a huge size advantage over. Would rough house around for fun then unexpectedly start throwing hard punches to the face of his ‘friends’. One day he picked on the wrong smaller guy, kickboxer from down under, got most of his front teeth knocked out and his nose busted. He never recovered, total loser now, works at some auto parts store now in his mid 30s. I see the same thing for Incognito in the future – hes going to end up being humbled.

  31. This whole story – and the media focus on it – is utterly ridiculous.

    Martin is not some innocent child that was harassed and bullied – he is a grown man. It’s also clear from the texts that he gave as good as he got – so why is the media going out of its way to shine a spotlight on bullying and painting Martin as the innocent victim here?

    Has the media noticed at all that the players AND the fans largely think Martin is nothing more than a joke? Public sympathy is not on the guys side, nor is player sympathy throughout the league.

    The ONLY reason this guy gets another shot at an NFL roster is because the league feels it has to. Otherwise he would be blackballed, and rightfully so. He had every opportunity to ask for a trade or outright release. He could be on a different team already rather than tattle telling and crying to the media.

    This whole thing is an absolute joke.

  32. Yeah…that Incognito is a great guy. Might want to keep your friend away from your sister and Mother.

    Unless threatening and joking about them crudely via the rape comments don’t bother you.

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