Amid disturbing allegations, Darren Sharper remains suspended from NFL Network


Friday’s release of the Ted Wells report obscured many of the troubling details that emerged in a California courtroom regarding former NFL player and current NFL Network analyst Darren Sharper.

According to NFL Network, Sharper remains suspended without pay by the league’s in-house network.  And for good reason.  The allegations made against Sharper, who played for the Packers, Vikings, and Saints, are very troubling.

Sharper is a suspect in seven alleged rapes, all of which allegedly occurred via drugging of the victims.  The incidents occurred in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Tempe, and New Orleans.  According to a court filing made in connection with Sharper’s bail, one of three women allegedly drugged in Arizona retained a shot glass into which Sharper had poured a drink, and the glass was determined to have the drug zolpidem (known widely as Ambien) in it.

The full document paints the picture of a psychopath who deliberately administered on a serial basis drugs aimed at knocking out his victims.  While Sharper is entitled to the presumption of innocence and the very high burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt, it’ll be hard to argue a misunderstanding or a money grab.  And it won’t be a shock if more victims come forward, given that the various incidents mentioned in the filing happened in the fairly tight time frame between September 2013 and January 2014.

Sharper remains free on $200,000 bail.  He cannot leave the L.A. area, and he was required to surrender his passport.

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  1. i think its funny because if you watched NFL network whenever they would have guest players on for shows he would end the show with a sarcastic ” goodbye” which i always thought was rude. and now his ass is the one the NFL network is saying goodbye too. he deserves to be fired so the NFL doesn’t have to deal with this mess anymore.

  2. This is America. He is innocent until proven guilty. Of course, articles such as this one certainly sways the Court of Public Opinion.

  3. I’m no Criminal Law attorney, but that is a long list of heavy felony charges — and it somehow just surprises me that Sharper is free on bail – given the magnitude of the charges here.

  4. No, a high number of “victims” coming forth isn’t proof of anything. If anything, most (if not) all there encounters were consensual, but the golddiggers saw a free payday opportunity and decided to run with it.

  5. I always wait for everything to come out in these cases too many people see $$$$ when it comes to these guys.

  6. A millionaire football player needs to drug women to get some action? That is the true definition of a psychopath and he needs to be put away for good.

  7. Even if some miracle happens and he is aquitted how can the NFL Network put him back on the air? Gotta think his firing/release is imminent.

  8. IF (and, yes that’s a big IF) reports are true that two of the women went to the hospital after they woke up for testing. If “roophie” is in their system(s), Sharper will have a VERY hard road to hoe, to prove his innocence.

  9. people crucifying this man before all the evidence comes out is just plain not saying he did or did not do it…i kind of want to see everthing before i jump to conclusions…we believe everything we read cant form our own opinions…

  10. Im not even being funny here….this guy needs to stow away on a freighter right about now. One allegation may be nonsense….seven are not. You might be able to explain one charge like this, but seven??? Unless there is some unbelievable conspiracy going on here…and yeah, I know there isn’t….than this guy is as guilty as hell.

  11. Sorry to hear that Sharp…I remember my man saying how good looking he was on the show. Very conceited, why isn’t this guy married? Never should have been messing around with women you know nothing about. High profile players/former players never learn when it comes to the ladies. These players need Jesus…BAD!!!!!

  12. Psychopath seems appropriate.

    Reason being, if you’re a multi-millionaire famous TV personality and athlete, you don’t have a problem scoring chicks. So the reason he was doing this, is because he enjoyed taking advantage of unconscious women.


  13. Innocent until proven guilty. Big time Saints fan and a Black man. but, I don’t think all these women are lying. Wow, I guess you never know

  14. man that’s crazy.

    Dude has money – fame – and is alright looking, why he did what he did is just creepy.

    Dude ain’t right in the head at all.

  15. I believe he is the 3rd DB affiliated with the Vikings who has been charged with a crime related to violence toward women in the past couple of years.

    What’s in the drinking water up there? Or is it that a loser franchise produces players who are complete losers? Or loser players who produce a loser franchise?

  16. Sociopath, not psychopath unless you’re arguing he had psychotic episodes during the alleged crimes. If his dog told him to do it, that would be a psychotic episode. If he committed these crimes knowing what he was doing but without any sympathy, that would be a sociopath.

  17. To add further to that, the fact that these crimes are clearly premeditated due to the alleged use of drugs, further leads to a sociopath diagnosis. These do not sound like erratic random acts, instead calculated ones.

  18. This is sick. I will say though that the suspension would have come later if NFL Network didn’t have those “Pick Magnet” with him smiling.

  19. This dude could get a lady home with him any night he wanted. For whatever reason he wanted them asleep scares me. Anyone seen American Psycho?

  20. If there are seven victims that have had the courage to come forward, there are probably another 20 that have not. This guy is a sick bastard. I hope he pays for his crimes.

  21. I’m sure all 7 women got together beforehand to conspire these allegations. They probably joined the “I had sex with Darren Sharper” Facebook Group Page and met each other that way.

  22. “While Sharper is entitled to the presumption of innocence and the very high burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt…”

    I wish you would apply that standard to all of your reports.

    I wasn’t there, I haven’t heard all of the evidence yet, and he hasn’t had his trial/day in court. I’ll reserve my judgement, but it isn’t sounding all that good for him.

  23. Man, I so hope this isn’t true. I genuinely loved Sharper as a Saint. He was one of my favorite players on and off the field.

    Someone here said that the number of accusations is not proof. That is true in court but not in the kangaroo court of public opinion/perception. I don’t want it to be true, but damn it looks bad.

  24. Its a little too late but he should have paid attention what happened to Dave Megget, another NFL player who turned out to be a serial rapist and is in jail for a long, long time to come.

  25. If this is true, omg, it just makes you wish the Saints hadn’t won in 09 for another reason AND it destroys a great player’s legacy. I wanna see the evidence, but it looks very bad.

  26. A previous story mentioned that he gave women “shots”. It didn’t specify “shot glasses”. Thanks for finally clarifying that.

  27. Something about him always caused a red flag in my mind. His permanent “frown” along with a smile seemed creepy. And now we know why.

  28. He deserves whatever happens to him… He did the exact same thing to my friend in Miami fl and now everybody is gonna know what kind of coward he is

  29. I believe that anyone accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty. In this particular case, I can’t see where so many incidents could lead to an outcome of not guilty in any court. One incident? Well, I’d stand behind the rights of the accused. Even 2 seperate incidents.. but 7?

    I thought Sharper was a smarter guy than these accusations force us all to assume. Not to mention a guy who is on TV and played pro ball should be able to score with women without drugging them. This leads me to believe that Sharper is a sick individual.

  30. Probably committed the same type of acts in the early part of his NFL career but those podunk police departments would never report any wrong doing by members of a football team from that city or state. And even if they did, a jury of “locals” would only care about wins and losses.

  31. There are literally hundreds of women, maybe thousands, that would willingly give him what he wants, so only 1 question jumps out…why?

  32. bigace73 says:
    Feb 18, 2014 8:07 PM
    There are literally hundreds of women, maybe thousands, that would willingly give him what he wants, so only 1 question jumps out…why?


    It’s not because someone like him can’t get women to sleep with him. Sometimes this type of thing could be the absolute power over another individual, or a sexual fantasy, possibly a budding fascination with necrophilia. That’s in general, I obviously don’t know with Sharper. There is strong evidence against him that I’ve read, but also a few things that may not prove his “innocence” yet could provide plenty of reasonable doubt at trial. I would think there are 4 shots at prosecution here, as rapes have been alleged in 4 diff states.

  33. Im trying to think of the punishment i would receive for such acts. Im sure the judicary system will treat him the same way they do every other high profile athlete. Meaning hes lookn at some community service to the tune of lets say 100hrs. God bless the USA

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