Buccaneers uniform changes won’t be drastic

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The Bucs will take the field with a new coach and a new General Manager next year, and they’re getting a new look.

But it apparently won’t be the kind of dramatic makeover that coincided with the franchise’s greatest success.

While the team will unveil a new logo and helmet design Thursday, the changes to the team’s uniforms could be subtle.

According to Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune, Bucs officials said “no drastic changes have been made” to the familiar red and pewter color scheme.

They’d take the kind of change on fortunes the last uniform change brought.

After retiring “Bucco Bruce” and the creamsicle uniforms for the 1997 season, the Bucs broke a streak of 14 straight losing seasons, and wore the red and pewter uniforms throughout the 2002 Super Bowl season, before their recent slide.

21 responses to “Buccaneers uniform changes won’t be drastic

  1. I would like to see a dramatic change. I think the red & pewter look is terrible, worst in the NFL along with the Panthers & Jags.

    I’m sure their current look has fans, especially due to the bandwagon effect, but I always thought the skull & crossbones and heavy pirate theme is simply trying too hard.

    I actually like the old look. It had flair, it was bold. To me, this newer look is timid, because it’s afraid of not looking “cool”. That’s not strong, that’s being afraid.

    So, here’s hoping they change to something more interesting. Something classic, even. Because this ain’t.

  2. The Miami Dolphins emphasized that their recent changes “wouldn’t be drastic” — and they look ridiculous. The Arena Football League even thinks they’re lame.

    The Bucs nailed down a great look in the mid to late nineties. They shouldn’t mess with it.

  3. Are Tampa and Miami in a competition to make the most horrible uniform? I think those bland ‘phins uni’s were a factor in the Martin/Incognutto drama. Ritchie couldn’t stand that awful uniform he had to wear and lashed out at the nearest victim he could find.

  4. Doesn’t matter what they change it to, it’ll still be better than the crap uniforms and helmet the Cleveland Browns roll out year after year like its still 1946

  5. I hear the helmet is going to be made to resemble a brown paper bag with the eyes cut out of it… who am I kidding, people… I’m a Bills fan… Go Bucs. Poopie on me :0(

  6. Just don’t put any stupid font to your numbers and you’ll be ok, the new Viking uniforms are pretty sweet minus the numbers having a nike swoosh to make them look like a wind sail of a ship. Oh, and make the helmets match the jersey color, big mistake on that one.

  7. Can we please take a moment to remember how awful the Jacksonville helmet is. It is perhaps the worst looking thing in the universe.

    Speaking of which the old orange and white…. it’s time for a comeback Bucco Bruce.

  8. Can’t get worse than what JAX did to their helmets last year. Those are awful. Who voted to go with those? Who made those as an option in the first place? I wish Houston was “oilers” too.

  9. They are making a huge deal out of it by making an announcement to tell everyone they are making an announcement because the change is so small, you wouldn’t notice otherwise. Kinda like change the Vikings made last year, hardly noticeable.

  10. “Uniform changes won’t be drastic”

    Please define “DRASTIC” in your own words…Have you seen them yet? They are the epitome of drastic.

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