Eric Decker open to Denver return but wants to do right by his family

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One of the most well-regarded offensive players slated to hit free agency reportedly shared some insight Tuesday as to how he will approach the process.

In an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio, Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker indicated that while he would entertain discussions of a return with Denver, he will be guided in free agency by doing what is right for his family, according to the satellite radio network’s Twitter feed.

The network’s Twitter feed also noted that Decker said that financial considerations weren’t the only factors that would be guiding his search.

Decker seems to be poised to receive one of the more lucrative contracts once the new league year begins, given his age, position value and production. Decker, who turns 27 in March, hauled in 87 passes for 1,288 yards and 11 TDs for Denver in 2013.

50 responses to “Eric Decker open to Denver return but wants to do right by his family

  1. He won’t be in Denver next year. Why would he be? He’s a good WR 2, but because he’s the best WR FA this year, he will get paid like a WR 1. The only time in his career this would happen. Considering DEN has to worry about Demaryius, an actual WR 1 next year, they won’t be giving Decker $10mil a year like an Oakland with a ton of cap space would. It’s also slightly more justifiable considering they would be stealing him from a division rival.

  2. Ahhhh, the old “have to do what’s best for my family” card. Hard to blame a guy for doing what’s best for his family.

    That’s code for I’ll do what’s best for me, monetarily speaking.

  3. I’m laughing at those of you that said he is good, but would he be as good without Manning, or that he is a good WR2.

    These are his stats with Tim Tebow under center:
    44 receptions

    612 yards

    13.9 avg y/c

    56T Longest play

    8 TDs

    Thats with Tim Tebow utilizing his run first, run second, run third, and maybe I’ll think about throwing a wounded duck if my first three reads are blown.

    I’m a Dallas guy, so I don’t really have an agenda in supporting or detracting from Decker. I just am amazed that people think his success is bc of PM.

    I would really like to see him on the Lions, or maybe even Green Bay, for obvious reasons. Megatron with another true WR1 would be scary stuff. As much as I would appreciate his talent in Dallas, Dallas is already wasting enough players prime years, no need to add another :/

  4. thepftpoet says:
    Feb 18, 2014 12:20 PM
    Minnesota Vikings are the best franchise in all of sports.

    They’re probably not the best franchise in Minnesota.

  5. I say break the bank for him, maybe $18 million a year? And Peyton should go up to $30 million.

    (full disclosure: I suffer from a debilitating condition that causes me to root for huge Super Bowl blowouts every year).

  6. Decker grew up in Minnesota, and I have to say that I hope the Vikings don’t chase him. Would I like to have him on the team? Of Course. But the WR position is one where a great season with one QB doesn’t always translate to good success with other teams. Just look at Sidney Rice.

    There will be a bidding war for Decker and I prefer my team to be saving their money for some better values. I’d rather have my money tied up in 4 players who can all start than one guy who may or may not be the next elite WR.

  7. He had Demaryius on one side, orange Julius middle field and welker in the slot. Oh, and Peyton getting him the ball.

    Someone is going to overpay for a natural number 2 receiver.

  8. He’s the 4th best receiver on Denver if you count Julius Thomas, and he will probably explode next year.

    Again, I like Decker. But average corners can cover him one on one, where as it takes the best corner on Demarius most of the time, then the best linebacker or safety on Julius, Welker can fill the role, but Denver can look for a cheaper and productive receiver on the market with this offense.

  9. Wait a second, isn’t his wife a rich as heck country singer? Precisely what is the family financial concern?

  10. elgranderojo79 says:Feb 18, 2014 12:20 PM

    “I hope he signs a sweetheart deal in New England.”

    As a Pats fan, I couldn’t disagree more. I do agree with all of the people here who say he’ll get paid #1 money even though he’s clearly a #2 receiver. Also agree that the guy came up very small when it really counted – the SB. Nice player, but wouldn’t want him for what he’s going to get paid. He’s just not worth it.

  11. He could end up on the Titans. That would go along with his wife’s music career and help her make a push to join the Nashville wives TV show.

    Why would anyone go to Minnesota? Isn’t it like a third world country there?

  12. He has a TV show, his wife has a pretty well paying gig herself….

    He’s doing right by his wallet.

    I have no problem with him doing right by his wallet. Who wouldn’t?

    I DO have a problem with him just not owning it. BE A MAN. PUT YOUR NAME ON IT.

  13. thevikesarebest says:
    Feb 18, 2014 12:35 PM
    Come to the great MINNESOTA vikings.all the smart players are doing will have a SB ring on your finger in no time.SKOL
    When you say “smart players” I think what you mean are “Packers leftovers”. Any by “SB ring” you must have meant “disappointment”. With those edits I think you can say it will play out truthfully.

  14. With Welker 1 hit away from retirement, Denver will need Decker. However, PM can throw to ant WR. He is no #1 WR but a soild #2. Needs a solid QB to keep him relevant. GB, NE, NO. However, teams that will fit him best won’t roll the bank for a #2 and if he goes to a team to be a #1 he will get doubled and his production will drop.

  15. These clowns need to shut up about ‘family’. They’re going to make millions and be set for life even if they take the lowest offer. Just admit that you want to make the most money you can. We won’t respect your greed … but least we’ll respect your honesty.

  16. Most of you on here know nothing, you’re labeling a guy off 1 game. It doesn’t matter if he’s #1 or #2, he’s still a starter on any of the 32 clubs. Manning didn’t make decker a star, he just brought out the potential that was already there. Hard to produce anything when you had a QB that was run, run, run, maybe pass, run, are you telling me you wouldn’t want him on your team. What’s with the all about money talks? Even if that’s what he do going for more money, isn’t that what we all do or try to do in this world? You wouldn’t work for $15 an hour if you can get $20 so why should he work for $5mil when he can get $10mil. The only players that would settle working for discounts are those who’ve already gotten a big contract from their previous deal, this will be decker’s first and only change to bank in the big money. So hell he better do what’s best for his family rather it’s taking the big contract or location matter most.

  17. Grulks says: Feb 18, 2014 12:26 PM

    I’m laughing at those of you that said he is good, but would he be as good without Manning, or that he is a good WR2.

    These are his stats with Tim Tebow under center:
    44 receptions

    612 yards

    13.9 avg y/c

    56T Longest play

    8 TDs

    You obviously forgot about Kyle Orton (Dallas backup QB) playing the first four games

    These are his stats with Tim Tebow under center:

    24 receptions

    342 yards

    14.25 ypc

    4 TDs

    Comes out to 28.5 yards per game. Not really impressive. I think Peyton has quite a bit to do with how good he is. 1 catch for 6 yards in the SB is not too impressive either.

  18. All of you are idiots, LOCATION plays a factor as well for players making their decision. Some players is all about money, Mario Williams, and some take other factors into consideration. I’ll tell you right now, born and raised in the Bay Area, would never want to raise my family out there. Did it cross your minds if he wants to go somewhere that’s closer to his family. Name me one player in their prime that turned down a big contract to accept a lot less? Not even the your favorite player on the field would grasp at a big contract

  19. Ah yes, you can always count on hearing from the jealous, sufferers of class envy. What are they now days? Victims of “income inequality” is their new catch phrase I believe.

  20. I’m surprised Peyton doesn’t take a pay cut to be able to keep guys like Decker. As much money as Peyton already has and will continue to make, I would think he’d rather have another Super Bowl ring than an extra $10 million or something.

  21. What does your family eat? Filet Mignon for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

    Hate when people hide behind that.

    Oh spoiler’s not about the money for him!

  22. I’d honestly have more respect at this point if the guys just came out and said flat out “I just want to get the absolute maximum I possibly can because you only get so many years your body can take this punishment and I want to cash in.” This whole Latrell Sprewell-esque ‘feed my family’ crap is beyond tired.

  23. I’m not going to say he’s not a No.1 WR. All I know is he has done great in Denver since he was drafted. He was also one of the best WR’s to ever come from the Golden Gophers. The guy has a way to find himself open in nearly every game I’ve seen him play.

  24. The NFL is so overwhelmingly violent and dangerous – you can’t blame anyone for going for the most $$ before they are decapitated!

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