Falcons hire new General Manager . . . of new stadium

When the email popped through the box earlier today, I did a combination double take/spit take.

“Falcons hire Scott Jenkins as General Manager,” the clipped subject line read.

So what happened to Thomas Dimitroff?  And who the hell is Scott Jenkins?

Jenkins is indeed the General Manager — of the team’s new stadium.  He spent the last 7.5 years as V.P. of ballpark operations with the Seattle Mariners.

“My interest in this project was sparked the first time I saw renderings of the stadium,” Jenkins said in a team-issued release.  “Mr. Blank’s vision to create a cutting-edge design will set a new standard for the stadium experience.  I couldn’t be more thrilled to join the effort to bring this vision to life.  This stadium will create an icon for Atlanta that will have many positive impacts in the city, region and state.”

Speaking of the cutting-edge design, architects have issued more images of the stylized change purse that will house Falcons football games as of 2017.  It’s a revolutionary design, the likes of which will attract plenty of people to come to games because they simply want to be in the stadium.

That said, the images show that the hole in the roof will create a shadow that likely will annoyingly migrate across the field during games — and also bake the folks in the lower level of the stadium who’ll be getting a full dose of ultraviolet rays.

[Photo credit:  Falcons.com]

16 responses to “Falcons hire new General Manager . . . of new stadium

  1. Scott “couldn’t be more thrilled to join the effort to bring this vision to life. I will also be running the draft in my spare time and hope to get a chance to look at some of the free agents later this month….”.

  2. Hmm I don’t get it, I just don’t see it as cutting edge, and nothing revolutionary except some very basic little things that don’t do anything for me or excite me or inspire me. It’s too typical still and I’d like to see a team come up with something that really blows your mind with creative ideas that take everything to a whole ‘nother level. The first team that comes up with an ingenious overall stadium design is going to get mad props from me. Somebody needs to think outside the box a little more and then build that.

  3. These stadiums send the light to all the wrong places.
    The TV picture is terrible… and I imagine the people
    watching live, will have sun in their faces too.

    Great way to spend 3+ hours, and 300 bucks.

    No thanks.

  4. Second the roof bit. I try to make the trip to ATL once ever few years and I can tell you I prefer that trip over the occasional jaunt to Tampa just because it’s a dome. Open air stadiums in the south are just plain dumb. Try sitting in the upper deck in Tampa say week 2, not fun at all.

    At least this is supposed to be a retractable roof stadium, which would be great because after mid-October the weather down here is perfect for open air venues. I love having the Superdome but once it gets into October I wish it could open up.

    Props to Atlanta I think it will be a good building. The Georgia dome is nice but it’s not really conductive towards making the crowd a factor in the game. I look forward getting to go to a game there in a truly hostile environment, which even in years the Falcons are doing great never seems to happen in the Georgia dome.

    Hate to say it but good job Atlanta.

  5. Ah yes. The stadium that will be referred to fondly as the sphincter for years to come. Well done ATL.

  6. They’ve been using similar designs in European soccer stadiums for decades. Just because it’s finally caught on here doesn’t make it “revolutionary”

  7. What’s the point of the hole? If those panels don’t close, those shadows will be worse than the old Cowboys Stadium. And they do get precipitation in Georgia. Again, what’s the point?

  8. Anyone who thinks an outdoor stadium in Georgia is a great idea is someone that never sat in the old stadium for the first ten weeks of football. You cooked like in an oven from that sun and were wet and miserable the rest of the time. Of course, Mr Blank will be up in his air conditioned counting house counting out his money.

    Glad I dumped my season tickets, hate to pay a “site licenses” for the privilege of being over-charged to bake in the Georgia sun.

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