Fisher: Bradford is our quarterback, new contract or not


Two questions facing the Rams this offseason are whether Sam Bradford is the right man to be the franchise quarterback, and whether the Rams and Bradford will agree to a new contract. Rams coach Jeff Fisher says he doesn’t know the answer to the latter question, but the answer to the former is an emphatic yes.

Fisher said on Mike & Mike that Bradford is making good progress in recovery from the torn ACL that cut short his 2013 season, and will be the starting quarterback for the Rams when the season starts.

“Sam’s doing great with the rehab,” Fisher said. “He’s really excited. He took on a leadership role last year and he’s maintained that and he’s our quarterback, and we’ve said that.”

Fisher would not commit, however, to a new contract for Bradford, who will count $17.6 million against the Rams’ salary cap this year. Some reports have suggested that a new contract is likely, other reports have suggested that a new contract is unlikely, and Fisher says he’s not sure where any of those reports originated.

“We talk about extensions with all our players under contract. Whether or not we do so with him, I don’t know where all this came from, but Sam’s our quarterback. He’s going to be under center,” Fisher said.

Bradford was off to a good start before getting injured in 2013, but not necessarily a good enough start to make him worth more than $1 million a game, which is what he’ll cost over the remaining two years of his current contract.

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  1. At least the rams are going young, the cards will collapse in a year or two with all those old players… Fitz is even starting to slow down

  2. Cue the comments from SEA, SF, ARI fans about how happy they are about this, even though their teams are 2-5-1 in their last eight games against Bradford.

    From an objective standpoint, though, the Rams shouldn’t be this stubborn about it.

  3. There has yet to be a good Big 12 QB in NFL. Jury is still out on Griffin, don’t know if he’ll even survive a few more seasons. Pass on any contract talks.

  4. I think Bradford can be an elite QB in the NFL, but only if he can stay healthy and get the players around him that can protect him and players that can consistently catch the ball. The biggest problem with Bradford’s career is either bad O-line or bad receivers (inconsistency) or both. The thing that scares me the most is his health or being injury prone.

    I think the RAMS should keep him and see what he can do in 2014, but they need a back up plan in case he can’t be 100% in 2014 or he gets hurt again or doesn’t perform as expected. That is why they nene to draft a QB in the 2014 draft in round 1-5. We know you can find a good QB in the later rounds 3-5, just look at SF & Seattle. It would be great to draft Johnny Manzel, then you have a potential franchise QB to step in if Bradford either gets hurt or doesn’t perform to the level as expected. And if Bradford becomes the elite QB next year or two, then you can trade Johnny Football for a number pick or more. Win Win for RAMS.

    Thanks for reading.
    RAMS fan when they were LA RAMS

  5. I’m a Ram fan, not a Bradford fan. It’s easy to see they’re hamstrung by this contract…particularly this off season. The Rams could take a big step forward this season, if Bradford was being paid what he deserves…and not what Drew Brees deserves.

  6. Fisher’s been here before. He knows emerging QB talent and growth when he sees it. Think about all the anti-Steve McNair critics that were out there during the first five years of that legend’s career. Fisher always championed him. In contrast, note how Fisher never played up the Vince Young hype (Rookie of the Year and cover of Madden anyone?) and let it be known Vince could some day do truly great things if he became of student of the game … Something he never came close to.

    – Titans Fan

  7. So Bradford is set to make more money this season than Wilson, Kaepernick, Palmer, and all their backups combined? Hmm…

    I was wrong. Bradford will make 1 or 2 million less than the combined salaries of the top 2 signal callers on each opposing team in the NFC West. Who knew that Palmer would be making 12 million this year!

  8. So Lamb fans are excited about what Bradford did to the NFC west when Kap and Wilson were rookies?

    Are you still bragging about hosting the worlds fair 100 years ago too?

    2012 called, it’s requesting for you to be sent to the spam folder.

  9. Make no mistake about it – Sammy B can play and Jeff Fisher can coach.

    Rams play in the best division in football and will hold their own next year.

    And I am not a Rams fan per say.

  10. Just restructure the existing contract, tack on another year to make it more cap friendly and be done with it already.

  11. The Rams need to seriously rework the contract or make plans to move on. Bradford is okay but is not worth anything close to what the Rams are scheduled to pay him.

  12. They can’t just rework his contract, Bradford would have to agree to it, which he won’t unless he’s getting something out of it like more guaranteed money or extra years added on.

    Sure they could cut him, they’d save a 10 million this year and next year, but they’d also end up with a huge chunk of dead cap money from his original signing bonus. On top of that, instead of adding a franchise OT or a play maker they’d have to reach on a QB with their premium draft pick just like Houston, Jacksonville and Cleveland are about to do.

  13. The same buffoons who were saying that Fisher was going to USC are the same ones that are saying the Rams won’t extend Bradford.How stupid.It’s funny how all these comments on this board is coming from people who don’t watch the Rams and pass judgement.How stupid is this?Get a life!!!!

  14. I’ve been a Rams fan for 30 years. My take on it is Bradford is he is nowhere near deserving of what he is getting paid..maybe half that is more on target. With that being said last year he was finally starting to show he could be an above average qb in this league. He still has to a lot to learn (too many check down passes and gets a deer-in the headlights look when the pocket collapses) Part of the blame has to go to Schottenheimer for being is usual conservative play-calling self. With the emergence of Zac Stacy as a viable rb IF Bradford remains healthy I can see a 4,000 yard 30 td season IMO.

  15. Of course they can rework his deal – he’s already gotten all of his guaranteed money, so they rework the deal by giving him bonus money up front and stretching out the deal by another year or two.

    The Texans have been doing it for years with Andre, teams do it all the time, it can easily be done in this situation. But they’re certainly not going to just let him walk.

  16. Bradford has not proved himself to be THE GUY!
    they paid him too much in exchange for no results……DUMP HIM NOW while you have #2 pick!!!…….HE is average at best, No way he will be an “elite QB”

  17. This is good news for the rest of the division and NFL. Nothing like a mediocre QB holding back a potentially decent team. Rams will never go anywhere with Bradford at QB throwing 5 yard outs and still completing less than 60% of them. Fisher and Bradford are a match made in heaven.

  18. Sam Bradford has more potential than 90% of the QBs available. If you remember, he was hurt last year on a cheap shot late hit out of bounds from Carolina’s tough Def.

    For all the posters saying that the Rams should waste their first round pick on an unknown qb are ridiculous. As a Rams fan for many many years, I can say with confidence that Sam Bradford is the best QB we have had in a long time.

    His potential is still untapped as he has played behind a swish cheese line with no talent at WR for his entire NFL career. With Zac and Tavon and Steadman Bailey now in the mix I think he has a chance to earn his high price tag.

    This being said, the Rams better work on that O-line this draft if they want to keep this guy healthy and Zac running. If they can beaf up that line, the Rams will be one of the most dangerous teams in the NFL!!!

    GO RAMS!

  19. What is this year 6 for Bradford?The guy obviously isnt the answer and is approaching bust status.He was the num 1 overall pick in draft and has brought the Rams no where since he was drafted

  20. Bradford is a classic coach killer.

    Looks great in shorts but he doesn’t deliver in games. He’s a check-down guy afraid to go for the big play.

    That 4-1-1 NFCW record LAST year was a testimony to the defense not Bradford.

    In 4 wins the defense held them to 17 or less. Not a recipe for consistent success. In the 1-1 games they gave up 20 and 24… if ole Sam was worth his check Rams win those too but 20 points a game is his ceiling.

  21. sallust99 says: Feb 18, 2014 10:45 AM

    Make no mistake about it – Sammy B can play and Jeff Fisher can coach.

    Rams play in the best division in football and will hold their own next year.

    And I am not a Rams fan per say.


    “Not a Rams fan per say” .. You either are or your not, you must be one of those fair-weather two team guys.. do you wear a split baseball hat with both of your teams on it?

  22. he has had “potential” for 4 years now at some point you have to reach that potential.


    Sammy B has had the potential for 4 years, but has also had 3 different offensive coordinators, was sacked more than most QBs and had no WR talent other than Amedola.

    Through that all he has increased his numbers across the board each and every year. He has taken steps to reach that potential, now its up to the team to protective him and give him some weapons, which they have done and will probably continue to do at the draft this year.

  23. Well, this is good. Bradford plays well against the division and really just needs to be more consistent. Granted he hasn’t really had weapons until Austin came around then tore his knee. Give him what is needed to accomplish and then judge him as a franchise quarterback.

  24. Think there are more problems w general managment then Bradford.

    He has had lousing OLs and scrub WRs for most of his career. They should have brought in someone like Boldin to stabilize the O like it did in SF .

  25. I think that people forget that Bradford has done a pretty damn good job considering he has had zero weapons for a while. He’s also had different coaches different coordinators and if you look at his stats they are actually not bad

  26. Bradford can be an elite qb givin that his o line is healthy and his wr can get open and not drop passes like they have been, im confident that we will have great upcoming season in 2014

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