League memo reminds teams of discrimination policy


In case you missed it during the Olympics, there has been a bit of a story in the news lately about a gay player with hopes of joining the NFL soon.

Actually, as impossible to imagine as it might be that teams would lose sight of how to handle themselves in the wake of the Michael Sam coverage, the league is making sure before its members head to Indianapolis.

According to Mark Maske of the Washington Post, the league has reminded its teams via memo that the league’s policies prohibit them from discriminating against players for many reasons, including sexual orientation.

Again, it’s hard to imagine anyone not being aware of that right now, but we are just a year removed from Colordao tight end Nick Kasa being asked if he liked girls at the Combine.

The memo was described as “routine,” and “not a big deal,” but in light of the Sam news, it’s also worth reminding teams to not do anything stupid, or actionable, while in Indianapolis.f