Pouncey described as “distraught” by report revelations

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Dolphins center Mike Pouncey hasn’t gone on any Twitter tirades like Richie Incognito since the Ted Wells report implicated both of them in the bullying and harassment of Jonathan Martin. One report says Pouncey’s silence doesn’t mean he doesn’t care.

Mike’s distraught over the whole thing,” a source close to Pouncey told the Sun-Sentinel.

The source also said of Pouncey, “He views it as a learning opportunity.”

It could be an expensive learning opportunity for Pouncey, who will lose salary if he’s suspended and may also find himself in a much worse position to negotiate a new contract: Like other 2011 first-round draft picks, Pouncey may be looking to extend his deal this offseason, and the Dolphins are going to be a lot less interested in making him a lucrative long-term offer now that he’s one of the faces of the scandal within their locker room. Pouncey may be distraught because he realizes the Ted Wells report is going to cost him a lot of money.

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  1. Awww. Poor baby. You may actually be held accountable for your own actions. Who on earth would have thought that? Isn’t this one of the same tools wearing a “Free Hernandez” tee shirt a short while ago?

    Total low character individual.

  2. I honestly think that some people are bad at reading others and others are just followers. Some are both, and I think thats where Pouncey fits in. He was too dumb to realize he was hurting Jon (“But he breaks our balls too!”) and was too weak himself to stop following the lead of Incognito. There are many of us that jumped on a pile and picked on someone weaker because we wanted to look “cool” or some garbage to a person we thought was fun/cool. Mike just picked the wrong guy to follow. Hes honestly probably as weak as Martin is being portrayed.

  3. This source sounds a lot like someone who has a vested interest in salvaging Pouncey. Agent? Dolphins coach?

  4. Umm…hello!! Have you forgotten that Pouncey is one of the Fins top 3 players? The same rules do not apply for players that produce. Jimmy Johnson famously said all players to not receive equal treatment. Pouncey may get suspended a game or two but when it comes to negotiation time the Fins realize you cannot win without horses. If the Fins do not give him a good deal some other team will.

  5. “Pouncey may be distraught because he realizes the Ted Wells report is going to cost him a lot of money.”

    Or the more human response of he is now realizing that what he considered harmless fun was actually hurting someone!

  6. J-Mart had a pre existing condition in that he has been abused since middle school. Jmart goes to the NFL which is a diffrent type of work environment, from most. Jmart participated in most of the things he is crying about. J-mart cant handle the language and jokes at the NFL. J-mart blames NFL for his pre condition problem. Jmart throws members of the Dolphins organization under the boss. This in turn, created a black eye for the Dolphins and the NFL. Jmart possibly ruined several lives, because he did not stand up/ speak up for himself when he had a PRE CONDITION before he got to the NFL!!!!!!. Jmart does not deserve to be in a NFL locker room again…

  7. This whole story is nauseating! Tired of it from both perspectives.

    Title for the story: “Men who grew up physically but didn’t get out of the 3rd grade mentally”.

  8. No NFL teams, other than the Phins, really give a crap about any of this. If another team feels these guys can help them win they will get signed. Honestly, in the eyes of another team, these guys don’t even come out looking that bad in this situation. He may be a low character guy but he will get paid by someone.

  9. A learning opportunity? Seeing as Mike Pouncey hasn’t learned that you shouldn’t be friends with a possible triple murderer (Odin Lloyd +2 other guys) doesn’t make me think he’s going to learn anything from this experience.

  10. These two guys wouldn’t do well in good leadership lockerooms like the Ravens, bengals,49ners and pateriots have. These are the kind of lockerooms that chase out distractions

  11. I’ll say only one thing for Incognito, at least he didn’t try to use the amnesia defense like Pouncey (and Coach Taylor). The fact that Pouncey tried to claim he didn’t remember a lot leads me to believe that he knew what was happening was more than simply “boys being boys.”

  12. ALL merciless, brutish, bullying punks are “distraught” after they are exposed and it is THEIR turn to pay up. I truly hope he enjoys his, hopefully comprehensive and expensive “learning experience.”

  13. Pouncy really has a lot of growing up to do. While we all believed in highschool not to rat out our friends when they farted in class or stole a candy bar from the local store he has carried that juvenile mentality into adulthood. If your friend MURDERED someone and may have murdered others not to mention shooting someone in the face you have a moral obligation to tell the police everything you know. If Hernandez gets off and you haven’t told the police everything you know and he kills again I hope you know that YOU are partially responsible for that murder. He also played dumb with the Martin situation, denying everything and refusing to tell the truth. Pouncy..you are nothing more than a low class manchild! Grow up!

  14. Actually, packersfansarefat brings an interesting point. This is quickly becoming a bad episode of “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?”

    Guess we all know the answer to that question…

  15. Bring your brooms to Miami, cause its a mess. The dolphins o-line is disgusting on and off the field. The sad thing is it took this for the problem to be known, Philbin and staff should be aware of what happens in their locker room and should be held accountable just as much as the “big bad bullies”

  16. The difference in teams is fairly clear. Twin Pouncey brothers make some type of “statement” about their former college team mate Aaron Hernandez’ situation. Kinda dumb actually.
    Maurkice gets the word from Steel City and retracts, apologizes the next day. Lesson learned you’d hope.
    His twin … well, I don’t know what message came out’ve Miami, but Michael “remained defiant” about his public support of Hernandez. Lesson not learned it would seem.

  17. I can not believe how far this franchise has sunk. Every offseason I have hope that things will get turned around…but there is always something going on that makes it harder and harder to be a fan of this team. Nick Saban, then Ted Ginn at #7 overall, countless stupid moves in the offseason….it sure seems like the Dolphins are the new Raiders….sounds like were gonna suck for a long time. Can anyone help me remember the last time Miami went one calender year without a major malfunction. We can even screw up and screwed up season. Miami started 0-8 I thought for sure we were gonna suck for Luck. But oh no we finished by winning 4 of our last 8. Thats like the garage time touchdown Denver scored in the superbowl…Im not sure how long i can cheer for this team…after all I’ve only been a fan since 1981 I was 6. e

  18. Why is he distraught? Its just all stuff he said. Should read:

    “Pouncey described as total scumbag by everyone who is not a direct beneficiary of his football related skills”

  19. Miami should move its team to L.A.

    “Now taking the field in their first nfl game the Los Angeles Crips Starring best friends Pouncey and Hernandez”

    This franchise makes me sick!!!

    -a lifelong Dolphins fan

  20. The Steelers cast such an immense shadow over the league. There’s no wonder why we are so widely envied. We are superior. We have six Lombardis. What do you have ☹? says:
    Feb 18, 2014 8:05 AM
    He’s not his brother.

    For the record, you have zero lombardis. The team you root for has 6. The fact that you happen to root for a team that has won in the past says nothing about you as a person.

  21. I doubt that Pouncey is in touch with his feelings enough to come up with the word distraught much less understand what it is to actually be distraught.

    His agent is hard at work doing damage control.

  22. I am a Dolphins fan here is what i think….

    1. Draft a replacement Guard that can play Center
    2. Let Pouncey play out his contract
    3. Let him and his “Free Hernandez” hat go in FA
    4. Curse the day the Dolphins hired Bill Parcells
    5. Put a Dollar in the “Fire Philbin” airplane banner fund.
    6. Drink

  23. I’ll pay for that “Fire Philbin” banner!

    Can we put “Hey Ross, Sell The Team” on the other side?

  24. He’s not distraught, he’s just smarter than his side kick Richie by giving the impression he is sorry for what he has done, the only thing he is trying to do is salvaged the millions of dollars he is about to lose….the loser…..

  25. Good….No other teams wants him…Well the Cincy Bengals we build reclamation projects with quality guys looking for a 2nd chance…SO Pouncey, repent ask for forgiveness, set new personal goals of growth and come play with Whit, Andre and Zietler in Cincy….You will be in the same division as your brother… Everyone else hates you ….We will help you grow, rebuild and mature in Cincy… Give it some thought and call Duke and Marv as soon as you are not resigned…

  26. The Pounceys lost a great deal of respect when they wore those “Free Hernandez ” hats.They are bad cats,and aren’t exactly what everyone thought they were character wise.He deserves to lose out on a big contract,maybe someday these clowns will grow up.

  27. One of the few naturally gifted quality guys on the Steelers line out of the chute (along with DeCastro) Pouncey gets a lot of respect.

    At the same time, Velasco came in and learned the job and put on a very decent performance. Now they hire Munchak as O-Line coach. Pouncey does not have the kind’ve runway he thought he had 9 months ago.

    I hope we get them both and Pouncey plays how he is capable of – perennial pro bowler. But, we need none of his Florida Gator crap.

  28. IF Philbin wasn’t just blowing smoke about wanting quality people (not just quality players), he will let the whole line and the coach go. If you don’t mean it, don’t say it. Won’t be the first team to ever rebuild a whole line. I’d rather have the dignity of my team back BEFORE we get back to our winning ways. I’m getting tired of having to wear a brown paper bag on my head because I’m a Fins fan….

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