Report: Leach among Ravens with cap numbers potentially in need of lowering


As new league year approaches in March, the salary cap figures of three Ravens players could reportedly be too high for the team’s liking.

According to Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun, the club “would like to keep” punter Sam Koch, fullback Vonta Leach and inside linebacker Jameel McClain but could find doing so “extremely difficult at their current costs,” the newspaper’s Ravens beat writer wrote.

According the Sun, McClain is slated to have a salary cap figure of $4.4 million in 2014, with Koch at $2.8 million and Leach at $2.3 million.

McClain notched 52 tackles in 10 games (all starts) in 2013. He will be 29 in July. Leach, who will be 33 in November, is the Ravens’ primary blocking back. Koch posted a 38.9-yard net average this season. He will be 32 next season.

All three players would seem likely to be NFL contributors in 2014. However, per the Sun report, there might have to be some adjustments for that to occur in Baltimore.

30 responses to “Report: Leach among Ravens with cap numbers potentially in need of lowering

  1. I feel like we can go ahead and drop Koch, pick up a younger punter, as we had success with young special teams players. McClain seems to have one foot out the door with Harbaugh saying he believes that Arthur Brown should take the starting job next year. However, with Kubiak in town, I feel we will get back to a power run, two TE set, utilizing Vonta Leach and his strengths. If anything, look for the option of a pay cut or a drop and he will take the pay cut.

  2. Didn’t Leach have a heck of a time trying to find a job last year? Why would Ozzie sign him to such a large cap number for a worthless position? Seems like the right people are in charge in Baltimore.

  3. first of all, a Vikings fan. really? secondly, I don’t see any of those guys coming back. just how the nfl works. and thirdly with a cap number of 14 million this year this is not on flacco. would you rather have Dalton of ponder

  4. Ozzie can work out all these issues as he always has. Nice to see him working hard now while the rest of the AFCN is still on vacation.

  5. It is not Flacco’s fault if you look around the league with franchise quarterbacks none of them are paid less than 10 million dollars year after their rookie contract. The ravens have FB kyle juszczyk which the team is very highly and much cheaper then Vonta Leach.

  6. Let Leach and McClain go, but by no means should they let Koch go. Him and Tucker were the team mvp’s last year. And likely for a few more years to come.

  7. Yeah, not sure why the Vikings fan is always on here — especially since they couldn’t keep the Ravens out of the end zone when there was only 40 sec on the clock.
    #sad #YourTeamBlewIt #embarrassing

  8. Interesting that the chorus of Ravens fans convinced Flacco’s contract is cap friendly aren’t heard from much these days

    $2.3 million to $4.4 million isn’t a huge amount – but it’s too rich for the Ravens blood still.

    But apparently they don’t think Flacco’s contract is having an impact

  9. It’s fair to ask if a team that has to pay a “franchise QB” can be competitive in today’s NFL.

  10. This Vikings guy has to be 300+ lbs or severely “Undersized” if you know what i mean. Either way, he’s most certainly not “rollin with the ladies”. Purple is better in baltimore, where winning happens. If we modeled our franchise after you, then wed be just like you…SUPERBOWLESS

  11. Its like the vikings guy just wants people to remind him how awful of a franchise his team is. He’s very similar to the Redskins troll and numerous Steelers trolls. Difference is, Those two have actually won something!

  12. Making it simple since it appears complex thoughts are too much for the trolls.

    QB – QB Cap Hit- Team Cap situation

    Flacco – 15M (12th highest) – @17M under
    Ben R. – 18M (4th highest) – @17M over
    Romo – 23M (2nd highest) – @32M over
    Bradford – 17M (7th highest) – @3M over
    P. Manning – $18M (8th highest) – @3M under

    So yeah, I totally see how this is Flacco’s fault…tool.

  13. I hardly think losing Leach, McClain and Kock (FB, Back Up MLB, and Punter) would be considered a continuance of “The Baltimore Purge” from last year. These guys are replaceable. Very Easily i might add.

  14. There is no real need for these 3 at those prices. A decent punter would be the hardest to come by, LBs are a dime a dozen, and FB is a dying breed.

    18 mil is a steep cap hit but that’s a price you pay when you have a QB that helped take your team to 3 Super Bowls, winning 2. Steelers can trim plenty if fat by getting a few new deals in place and moving on from some of the old/overpaid players. Look for them to build off the 8-4 finish last season

  15. ya see Bengal and Viking fans. big contracts are what super bowl winning qbs get. so I can see why this confuses you all. Ravens and Steelers win super bowls so we pay our qbs

  16. So, Roethlisbooger has a higher cap hit (4th highest) than Flacco and Roethlisbooger blew a Superbowl, got smacked by the unemployed Tim Tebow, and then went 8-8 two years straight. Please tell me — at what point does Flacco’s contract become a bigger nightmare than that?

  17. “Please tell me — at what point does Flacco’s contract become a bigger nightmare than that?”

    2013 Season:
    19 TD’s
    22 Int’s
    73 rating (worse than Ponder and Dalton)
    6.4 yd avg (worst of NFL starters)

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