Report: Jordan Reed has healed from concussion

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One of the Redskins’ key pass catchers is reportedly back in good health after missing the final six games of the season.

Tight end Jordan Reed is working out and is healed from a concussion that kept him out for more than a month toward the end of the regular season, Mike Jones of the Washington Post reported Tuesday.

A third-round pick from Florida in the 2013 draft, Reed showed considerable promise in his rookie season, catching 45 passes for 499 yards and three touchdowns in just nine games. His final game was Washington’s November 17 loss at Philadelphia.

Considering the length of Reed’s absence and the seemingly increased emphasis on caution with concussions, it looks to be a good sign that Reed’s offseason workouts have already commenced.

15 responses to “Report: Jordan Reed has healed from concussion

  1. Recovered is probably a better description… since… the brain can be permanently injured from repeated concussive shots to the head AND/OR non-concussive shots.

    SEE: Owen Thomas

  2. If the guy wore a Pro Cap, it’s high likely that he never would have suffered a concussion.

    Imagine that…there is a device that actually works better than any of the helmets used in the NFL…and Roger Goodell is not interested in it.

    THE PROCAP WORKS…should be mandatory equipment for football players at every level, including the Pros.

  3. ProCaps DO NOT stop the brain from bouncing around inside the skull.

    That Said… it is a smarter (and goofier looking) design than anything being used.

    The NFL should use any equipment that has the possibility to decrease injuries.

  4. He’s just now getting over it? That was quick.
    If it happens again in week one, he’ll be done for the year more than likely. Uff-da.

  5. I wonder if it was a case of what I call Clinton-Portis-itis….. When there’s no playoffs on the line, don’t get hurt in meaningless games. Save your body for when it counts most….. Time will tell, he sure showed flashes! I hope he breaks out, stays healthy, and has a great season. RG3 needs the weapons

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