Signs point to Jim Turner joining Dolphins at Scouting Combine

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As the Miami Dolphins prepare to send their coaching staff to Indianapolis for the 2014 Scouting Combine, an embattled member of the organization apparently will be making the trip.

Alex Marvez of FOX Sports reports that the signs currently are pointing to offensive line coach Jim Turner joining his colleagues in Indy.

It’s a surprise on the surface, given the various aspects of the Ted Wells report that characterize Turner as someone who participated in harassment, misled coach Joe Philbin about its existence, lied to investigators, and tried to cajole Jonathan Martin into exonerating Richie Incognito.  But as Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald explained during Monday’s edition of The Dan Patrick Show, the Dolphins likely will wait to take action against Turner until the league office imposes punishment.

Why fire Turner when the NFL may suspend him for the next year, or longer?  At that point, it becomes much cleaner and easier to sever ties with Turner, which seems inevitable at this point.

Still, it would seem to be sensible to have a conversation with Turner explaining that he’s likely getting suspended and if he’s not suspended he’s getting fired anyway, so maybe he should sit this one out.

Unless, of course, the Dolphins decide to do the ultimate Dolphins thing and continue the employment of a member of the coaching staff who contributed to the atmosphere that prompted Martin to leave the team, who applied a strong-armed guilt trip to Martin, and who then tried to cover up Turner’s full involvement by not telling the truth to investigators.

47 responses to “Signs point to Jim Turner joining Dolphins at Scouting Combine

  1. There is a tag on the back of blow up sex dolls now.

    “Warning: Using this item for other than it’s intended purpose can result in severe embarassment, long term career damage, and sudden loss of income.

  2. Jim explained to the investigators that the reason he bought a male blow up doll for Martin was that they were out of female dolls after he purchased them for the other linemen.

    “They seem to go off the shelf quicker for some reason. It was that or a blow up ewe, but I didn’t want to embarass the guy……”.

  3. You want to wait to see what the league does? Fine. But bring him with your crew to the combine? That’s about as dumb as the Cowboys inviting Josh Brent back to the sidelines after he killed his teammate.

  4. The Dolphins. Cream of the crop. Snoopy Dog the jet setter owner. Strait lace the head coach. The mighty Tampa Bay personal scout GM. The OL coach waiting on a suspension. I can’t wait to see who this team makes their first round pick. You already know the dude ain’t playing there.

  5. I am so frustrated with this franchise…..Turner should have been fired based solely on the performance of the O Line for the past two years. Throw in this bullying garbage and he should not have been terminated on the day the report was released. The only debate at this point should be whether or not Joe Philbin will be joining him at the unemployment line…….Fire them all

  6. How does Philbin walk away from this unscathed? He no hear no evil nor see no evil. Maybe his keen sence of observation is the reason for the Dolphins massive success.

  7. Florio when are you just going to admit Martin is soft and couldn’t handle the nfl. Im guessing you have a soft spot because maybe you were the Martin of your high school chess team

  8. Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by offensive linemen with big arms and strong minds. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, Lt. Florio? Coach Turner has a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for Martin, and you curse the Dolphins. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what Don Shula knows. That Martin quitting, while tragic, probably saved lives. And Turner’s existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves quarterbacks’ lives. You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want him on that wall, you need him on that wall.

  9. Turner to the Seahawks incoming. We are unapologetic about our desire to stomp the rest of the NFL under our mighty boots. Sissies who sit down to pee like Jonathan Martin need not apply.

  10. They’re still in the business of winning football games. A complete line overhaul and a new O-line coach further punishes their promising young QB more than anyone else. Not saying it is right or wrong to retain Turner, but the reality is that Tannehill can become a good QB if given some stability, and this bullying scandal will eventually be forgotten.

  11. Philbin needs to fire this guy. I don’t see any need to keep him. The guy they hired has 8 more years of experience, had no part in harassment and hasn’t lied to investigators.

  12. this is the guy that went into a porn shop and bought a plastic male blowup doll. wheres the pride, jim?

  13. Its a very big mess, with the fish I can only write that there is no cure for stupid. And the beat goes on. Bill

  14. Turner dug his own grave, both with his unit’s unbelievably bad performance, and with his behavior in a managerial role with this workplace harassment issue.

    Turner put the Phins in major legal liability and deserves to get whacked.

  15. @meatcarroll

    If you truly are a Seahawk fan please go back to the basement. We don’t need this kind of representation. Don’t be like a certain Vikings, Steelers and Redskin fan.

  16. Attempted hatchet job on the Offensive Line Coach of the Dolphins!!

    He is the one that had to clean up the mess and dealt with all the pressures last season.

    You got this one wrong. Turner is going to be the hero of this story.

    What authority does a position coach have? He was low level management displeased with the Martin situation. He had already benched Martin when Martin ran away.

    Some men deal with life as it occurs like Jim Turner. Few cry like Martin and even fewer cry about real men like Turner that are busy working at their jobs like men.

  17. Hmmmm Dolphin’s are an embarrassment to the NFL bottom line,, until Congneito or what ever that bully’s name is, is gone from the roster,,,the last time i had respect for this team, hmmm how long ago
    Was Marino playing for them,,that’s the last time this team had pride,,,stick Tebow there for a little P,R, rebuilding for a year, even as a back up, start him a couple ge’s and get rid of these bad seed’s,, that team is in a moral dilemma…

  18. “Unless, of course, the Dolphins decide to do the ultimate Dolphins thing and continue the employment of a member of the coaching staff who contributed to the atmosphere that prompted Martin to leave the team, who applied a strong-armed guilt trip to Martin, and who then tried to cover up Turner’s full involvement by not telling the truth to investigators.”

    Cry me a river.

  19. For years, I was convinced that Jeff Ireland had pictures of Stephen Ross knocking one out with a goat.

    I was wrong.

    Joe Philbin has those photos.

    There’s no other reason on earth for that complete tool to still have a job.

  20. Much to the chagrin of lawyers .. The Wells report doesn’t carry any weight in reality, all it did was protect the NFL from a lawsuit. Life in the NFL will continue as has been, because its made billions the way it is.

  21. And this is why Philbin will never lead the Fins to the super bowl. Loyalty is an admirable trait, but loyalty to a fault leads to ones downfall.

  22. It’s weird to read all these comments from people who are not even Dolphin fans. Nobody cares what any of you think, worry about your own franchises because several of them have their problems. Fire Turner, send Jonathon Martin to kindergarten school to learn again, and Ritchie will find another team I’ll bet and it won’t be long either.
    Wait for Mr Dan Marino to be on board too.
    This whole thing is getting boring, I can’t believe there isn’t something else to talk about, who cares??? It doesn’t affect our lives thank goodness.

  23. I hope they do do “that ultimate Dolphin thing” and tell the media for f-off. The perception of sycophants like Florio doesn’t win or lose a single game for any team. And given the NFL’s history with Al Davis, I’d say that thumbing your nose at the media and the NFL offices is more of an ultimate Oakland thing. As to those morons talking about “legal liability”, you think the NFL will allow Ted Wells and his ilk into the rest of the NFL locker rooms? That’s what would happen if the NFL tries too hard to scapegoat Miami.

  24. Martin has done enough damage. I hope Turner stays. H was chosen for a reason, I would like to see those reasons mature. The Dolphins have been hammered enough, time to move on.

  25. All Martin had to do was say something anything to anyone in that locker room but failed to do so. Instead he not only kept quiet but he was a willing participant!!! All of this is his fault 100%!!! The only one that should be fired because of this situation is Martin!!!

  26. I not really sure of the timeline of events but “if” Turner publicly humiliated Martin after learning of his depression and suicidal thoughts (blow up doll) then he shouldn’t be a coach any longer. Particularly for younger players, unless he goes though extensive training on how to deal with real issues on a professional level.
    Incognito has a history of metal health issues and can be forgiven in time.

    What we know about Philbin is that he hires people he knows and even in the light of disturbing evidence refuses to fire these friends. He also believes that the game isn’t about X’s and O’s but rather execution. And I guess he was able to convince Ross that player execution is not the responsibility of the coaches but rather the GM since Ireland got fired and Philbin still has a job.
    So he’s also pretty good at passing the buck!

  27. Philbin has final say in personnel matters with regards to his coaching staff. Turner should be fired for a variety of reasons. I don’t care about the Martin situation, I care about 58 sacks.

  28. gerardfletcher says: Feb 19, 2014 10:01 AM

    Philbin has final say in personnel matters with regards to his coaching staff. Turner should be fired for a variety of reasons. I don’t care about the Martin situation, I care about 58 sacks.

    Of all the amusing remarks and comments thus far, this one, by far, hits the nail on the head. FIFTY-EIGHT SACKS. At this rate, we’re lucky that RT hasnt taken a serious injury either physically or mentally.

  29. How did Ross not walk into the building after that report was issued and say OUT!!! ALL of you get out. Just pathetic.

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