Speculation about Marino coming back to Dolphins begins

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The Dolphins are, for lack of a better phrase, a hot mess right now.

And it just so happens, their last quarterback to be taken seriously is out of a job.

So the speculation that a return of Dan Marino might help the team out of its current jam is natural.

As mentioned by Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins had reached out to Marino about a job with the organization as recently as 2012. Whether they’d want to renew those talks is unknown.

Likewise, it’s unclear if Marino wants such a job, or whether he’d lend gravity or just a cheap P.R. boost.

It’s worked out well in Denver, with John Elway lifting the Broncos out of the mire and into consistent contender status, while recruiting one of the game’s best quarterbacks of all time to come work for him.

But at the time he took the job, there was plenty of skepticism as to whether Elway was just there for show, or whether he was willing to do the pack mule work required of an NFL personnel executive.

He’s sufficiently quelled those concerns, and a recent contract extension and addition of General Manager to his title has firmed up the fact he’s trusted to put in the work.

The Dolphins could certainly use the bump Marino would provide with their local consumers. But unless he’s willing to grind away like Elway has in Denver, it might not make much of a difference.

37 responses to “Speculation about Marino coming back to Dolphins begins

  1. Compared to Miami, the situation in Denver for Elway was a cup of Drano.

    Marino would need a toilet snake and dynamite.

  2. I think Tannehill deserves another stint as starter, but a little competition wouldn’t be a bad thing.

    But even though he’s 52 I still wouldn’t rule Mario out.

  3. As a Jet I hope he goes back to Miami. One of the great qb’s (without a ring) ever, but have you seen or heard him talk? Look up dumb jock in the dictionary and there’s Danny.

  4. Martin should not be coming back to any team until he has finished up months and months a daily therapy. No team should risk bringing him on when if his play falters and he gets benched they have to worry about the risk of suicide.

    Think a DE wont say I am going to make you want to kill yourself today during a game

  5. Not sure Marino would be brought on in the same capacity with the Dolphins as Elway was with the Broncos.

    Elway was brought on because of his business acumen backed up by his Stanford economics degree, the multitude of car dealerships he owned, and the fact he was CEO/co-owner of the Colorado Crush. Once Elway got the business aspects of the NFL down, then he started also gaining control of personnel. I doubt Marino would be going to the Dolphins with that kind of resume.

  6. Marino – the best passer I have ever seen!

    But on TV, nothing about him stands out for me except his weight-loss commercials. So I lean toward his coming back to the Dolphins as a cheap PR stunt.

    The Dolphins organization needs a real fixer now. The organization needs to be rebuilt from the top down. No matter what Ross says, Philbin is a problem.

  7. Marino rules!

    I’m not a huge fan of this franchise but they could do much worse, personnel wise.

    He also destroys all of the “ring” talk that you fools always bring up. Rings mean zero unless you are talking about a franchise.

  8. So I’m gonna call it now.

    Marino goes to Miami, brings Polians with him.

    Dolphins become bigger problem then Patriots.

    My life as a Bills fan, which was just starting to look up, is again ruined.

    It’s always the worst of luck for Buffalo…

  9. I can’t believe through this whole article there wasn’t one mention of Jonathan Martin or Richie Incognito.

    Sure there was a veiled reference to the Dolphins being a hot mess and all, but if you don’t mention those guys specifically then you won’t reach your goal of 100 articles a week on the subject of bullying.

    Pick up the pace guys. America is counting on you.

  10. I’m not sure that Elway is all that great a G.M.
    Bringing in Peyton Manning was a no-brainer for any team with half-a-chance winning the Super Bowl or that could afford him.

    But look at the misfires, with Dumervil, Von Miller and (I contend) with John Fox, who simply got out-coached in the Super Bowl.

  11. “[Elway’s] sufficiently quelled those concerns.”

    Wait until Peyton leaves. You don’t think Caldwell really led that Colts team to a Superbowl, do you?!

  12. What exactly has Elway really done to “lift the Broncos out of the mire,” or “grind away”?

    He brought signed one of (if not THE) best QBs in NFL history as a free agent, and brought in a HC that has already proven that he knows what he is doing. It’s not exactly like Elway has found any diamonds in the rough.

    I’m not at all trying to take anything away from Denver. But come on, enough with the Elway love. He really hasn’t done anything Earth shattering.

  13. Elway had the juice to get Manning to go there. No one else could do that (especially the Dolphins).

    ……..and hiring the right coach is another absolute vital aspect of the GM’s job.

    In my book, that makes Elway pretty damn good.

  14. Are we praising Elway as much if Manning teams up with Fitzgerald? I like some of the moves Elway has done, but they are far from brilliant. Even the DT knighton was really because of Del Rio.

    I don’t know what Marino’s role would be, but trying accomplish what Elway has isn’t possible unless Brady or Rogers comes available.

  15. Very RARELY does a great player become a successful executive in professional sports, were not talking about coaching or PR work.

    Marino does not have the business acumen, experience or college degree to be put in that type of position on his own.

    He will need to bring in others, a LOT of others.

  16. It seems like back then the Dolphins were trying to give him the executive training side of the job, how to scout and evaluate talent and then move up the ladder. Apprarently Marino didn’t see it that way.

    Now that he’s more distanced from his glory playing days he might take the job a bit more seriously and put in the effort required since this will probably be the only way he can earn a decent income with something football related.

    If I were Marino I think it is gut check time. Not many people get that opportunity.

    Somebody comes to me right now and says, “Hey, I want to hire you as a director of something or another…it is just a title for now. You will start out at the bottom and learn the ropes, but once we feel you’ve learned it, we’ll move you up the ladder and if and when we think you are ready and you feel ready, you’ll be making the key decisions around here….” I would hop on that in a heartbeat and work my behind off. I am sure anyone would.

    If the Dolphins come calling, Marino better answer the phone.

  17. When Marino left the position it was because he realized the time he’d have to spend away from his children.

    We’ll see if he’s at a different place in his life. He won’t do it half hearted. It’s not his way.

  18. Give Elway time before anointing him as a savior, as a great Head office guy. He got lucky in his first two years with a playoff run in the first year and getting the greatest QB in history, arguably, in the name of Manning the second year. Payton can take any NFL team and make them perennial playoff teams. Let’s wait and see when Payton retires and Elway has to deal with a QB that’s average and see the record. Payton and Brady can put any NFL offense on their backs and become winners in the playoffs. Of course, this excludes the argument about greatest SB QBs, where Payton is below average. Wow did Seattle make him and the Broncos look real real bad. Hopefully after two straight years of the Broncos drawling one of the easiest schedules, they draw one like Baltimore got in 2013–prior year playoff teams and teams that became contenders, hard. Sing the praises when Elway takes his team into the playoffs, year after year, with a good team but with a QB that’s not elite.

  19. Marino had a pedestrian wonderlic score of 16 so he likely peaked as a talking suit sitting around the CBS studio talking about who might win Sunday. He even made horse face Shannon Sharpe look smart at times and that’s not easy.

  20. Marino is clearly one of the best QBs of all time…..

    He also scored at one of the lowest points for a QB on the wonderlic ever.

    But the one thing he did, that was a complete rocket scientist move… was quit that VP Job he had for 3 weeks with the Phins…

    They are my team, but wow…. they have been screwed up for a decade and it’s nowhere near getting fixed….

    Ross is a very successful business man, but he sticks with people waaaaayyyyy too long for the NFL: Ireland should have been gone 3 years ago, Philbin should be gone as we speak, and everyone involved with the Martin circus should be gone… Jmart, Richie, Wells, Turner, all of them… settle with Martin on the inevitable lawsuit that he will certainly win and be done with the whole mess.

  21. Although Marino may have been one of the better QB’s.

    It’s the NFL, not the SFL league (Senior Football League)

    I mean what will he drink on the side Ensure instead of Gatorade.

    At some point a person has to realize their age limitations.

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