Ten years ago, Marino worked for the Dolphins, for three weeks

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With Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino available for employment given the end of his tenure with CBS, speculation has surfaced that he may return to the Dolphins.

Ten years ago, Marino returned to the Dolphins.  It didn’t last long.

Hired in early 2004 by former owner Wayne Huizenga to serve as senior V.P. of football operations, Marino exited the position by early February.  But he openly talked about a possible return to the team in October 2013 during an appearance on Showtime’s Inside the NFL, even as Cris Collinsworth jokingly pointed out Marino’s reaction to his first trip to the Senior Bowl a decade ago.

“He says, ‘I”m studying the back-up tackle from Temple, and says, ‘What am I doing?'” Collinsworth said of Marino.

The last time around, Marino’s hiring came out of the blue after the Dolphins had spent two weeks searching for someone to run the football operations.  Now, owner Stephen Ross could be looking for Marino to do something other than run the football operations.  With Ross living in New York and no one in Miami to mind the store and ensure the existence of harmony and functionality, Marino could be the guy to preside over the day-to-day efforts of the franchise without actually having to study the back-up tackle from Temple, or anyone else.

24 responses to “Ten years ago, Marino worked for the Dolphins, for three weeks

  1. With the current situation with the report being released I betting the Dolphins open the checkbook to buy some good PR and have Marino “right” the ship.

  2. I can’t recall a single insight from Dan Marino where I thought, “Hey, I wish I’d’ve thought of that” – or – “That was a genius take by Marino” – or – “I’m so glad he’s taking up air time.”

    Nope. I really don’t see what he could bring to the table when it comes to football analysis, understanding, player personnel, etc..

  3. Go away and hustle diet food and a car dealer.
    Why would the Dolphins hire this clown?
    He scored a 10 on the wonderlic test

  4. He doesn’t need to have any real responsibility for building or running the team. Just hire him as ‘Icon’ and let him focus on returning the phins to a class organization like they were when he played.

  5. Hard to believe that was 10 years ago. Or, using the NFL phrase for a decade of sustained excellence, “one Pats interval”.

  6. This would be an excellent idea!!! See how well it worked for the Broncows (Broncos) with Elway till they got ot the SuperBowl. Marino can mentor up Tannehill. The reral problem is Philbin & his no balls never go for it mentality especially inside the 20!!! At least Dan was never afraid to go for it maybe he can get them to quit being afraid & go for it!!!

  7. Never thought that Marino had the dedication that it takes to be the kind of football guy who would study the “backup tackle form Temple”. If he wants a job in football, it come with a pretty title like “President In Charge of Something” while not really getting his hands dirty doing real football work. I never thought that he was really engaged as a talking head on the pre-game shows. He always seemed to me like he wanted to be somewhere else.

  8. Marino was terrible as a commentator, the only reason he didn’t get more heat, was because Shannon Sharp was horrible. Those two, with the plantation owner James”these are my boys” Brown, made even ESPN and Boomer Blowhard, palatable.

  9. thepftpoet says:

    Dan Marino is still a better QB right now than Ryan Tannehill is.


    boy did you nail it…. when Tanny needs to make a throw late in the game…. he never, ever does…. the Tanny experiment should be over and Marino should never ever take a job with the Phins.

  10. Give him a break, he could be in charge of the fat patrol, place then on his diet food program and get rid of the fat ass players who look like crap, police the chow line and rap them in the wallet for grabbing fat food instead of an apple or a carrot. Bill

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