Alex Mack won’t talk to Browns until he returns from Rio

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The Browns would reportedly like to re-sign center Alex Mack before he can be enticed away from Cleveland by another team in free agency, but talks on a new deal haven’t started yet and won’t be starting in the immediate future.

Mack’s agent Marv Demoff told Tony Grossi of that no discussions will take place until Mack returns from a humanitarian trip to Rio de Janeiro at the end of the month. There have not been any talks with the Browns since the sides couldn’t come to an agreement in October with planned January conversations put on hold as the Browns searched for a coach.

That search was followed by this month’s upheaval in the front office and Demoff said Mack wants to get a feel for the new regime before making a call. Demoff said all of the changes aren’t a dealbreaker for Mack, although he was close to former offensive line coach George Warhop and liked former head coach Rob Chudzinski.

“I really think not,” Demoff said. “I think that the most appropriate thing is to give the people there the opportunity to explain what happened, but also, most importantly, where they’re going and what they see ahead and whether that meshes with what Alex thinks. I’ve told him, and I think he’s totally willing to do it, to have a total open mind, start with a clean slate and see where it goes.”

Mack’s return date leaves little time for the new brass to meet with Mack and get a deal done before the 72-hour window for players to negotiate with other teams opens up on March 8, which may lead to a remake of Blame It On Rio in Cleveland this offseason.

32 responses to “Alex Mack won’t talk to Browns until he returns from Rio

  1. February weather in Rio, or in Cleveland. Yeah, id be in no rush to shorten my winter humanitarian/vacation trip.

  2. Indy fans would LOVE to have him. Come on Mack, come play with a team with class and legitimate championship aspirations!

  3. Really smart move. He wants this to get as close to free agency as possible, keeping the new management sweating. Driving up his value, more guaranteed $

  4. Carnival is being held in Rio Feb 28 to March 4 — pretty freakin’ awesome time to be there for humanitarian reasons! Mack just aced the partier’s version of the Wunderlic test!

  5. If he wants rings, it would be wise for him to join the Vikings. Their upcoming domination of the NFL will leave no chance for a title for any other team for years to come. The Vikings are simply the best.

  6. Smart man.

    Pettine and Farmer will win him over though. Much more personable/football intelligent than Banner/Lombardi.

    And let’s face it, Pettine is just all together more interesting and motivating than Chud.

  7. Getty Images didn’t have a single picture of Mack where another player wasn’t the focus of the picture?
    Or does the author of this “article” not know who Alex Mack is?

  8. Hi Alex, this is Phil Emery and I have a question to ask. Does “perennial All-Pro Alex Mack” sound good to you? The Bears are building the best o-line in the NFL and you are the key to achieving that status.

    I know being introduced to 58 coaches over the past 17 months must have been quite an experience for you but does the prospect of playing for one position coach, one offensive coordinator and one head coach for the next 5 years appeal to you?

    All that continuity from a management and playbook standpoint would likely free your mind to decide how to invest the $18.5 million the Bears organization is eager to pay you.

    I know you have a responsibility to discuss your future with the Browns coach & GM of (this) week. While you’re holding that conversation, just be aware that you still have a lot of good football left in you and it sure would be swell if you could actually join the NFL before your career ends.

    Let’s talk soon unless Mr. Haslem offers to make you offensive coordinator as part of your new deal.

  9. Warhop now coaching O-line in Tampa. If not Cleveland then maybe Tampa. Farmer seems to be at least more genuine then Banner/Lombardi. Banner would have “negotiated” him out of town.

  10. Met Alex in NYC during SB week. Really nice guy and said hes heard good things about Pettine. I told him, as a Bills fan, I was sad to lose him. I think he wants to re sign. If I was a Browns fan I would not be as pumped as some of you are for Pettine. Marrone told him pretty much what to say on the interviews and you guys had a really good DC before and he knows nothing about offense and is not too much of a personality. Also, the Bills defense could not really stop the run even playing a Big 4-3 formation.

    Good luck Browns.

  11. When your owner says “fix the o-line” Reese would have to be stupid not to start at the QB/C position.
    Mack would have the bright lights of NY for extra bucks, replacing Tuck on the Subway spots, and be a all-pro forever!
    Why would anyone want to be a center on the cheap, disfuntional Browns?

  12. As much as I hope the Browns and Mack come to terms, I have to balance the fact that we have not run the ball effectively up the pipe since he has been the center for the Browns. I realize our guard have been average at best since he has been here, but do you really want to tie up a ton of money in a Center who excels in pass blocking only?

  13. Look at all the lame fans begging a Cleveland player to grace them. LMAO Just like they did with Thomas and Gordon last year and they will do with Ward and Haden. Funny how people say they have no talent and yet they sound like a bunch of beggars.

  14. “Stay in state Alex. Come play in Cincy!”

    He’d sign up for Rio’s semi-pro team before he did that.

  15. I think anyone he thinks about it can see how Mack would have some reservations. The challenge for the Browns front office is to address his concerns and then make him a solid offer to stay. The burden is on the Browns to show Mack that staying is the right choice.

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