Mike Mayock: Deepest draft class in ten years

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With the 2013 season fully in the rear-view mirror, the focus for all 32 NFL teams has turned fully toward this week’s NFL combine and the offseason evaluation process for draft-eligible prospects.

The combine officially gets underway on Wednesday as special teamers, offensive linemen and tight ends arrive in Indianapolis for check-ins. NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock held a conference call with reporters on Tuesday to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this year’s college class.

Mayock came away impressed with the class as a whole.

“From my perspective, this is the deepest and best draft class I’ve seen in probably ten years,” Mayock said. “That’s been reinforced by most of the general managers and scouts I’ve talked to throughout the league. I had one GM tell me the other day that having a Top-20 pick this year is very similar to having a Top-10 pick last year.”

There may not be the “can’t miss” quarterback prospect in this draft to draw the focus of the class like an Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III but Mayock says the depth of the class stands out.

“I think there’s more depth,” Mayock said. “I think there are certain positions that are stacked this year and you can get a quality player through three or four rounds.”

With the draft being moved back an additional two weeks, there will be plenty of time to get to know those prospects before Roger Goodell steps to the podium for the first time on May 8.

25 responses to “Mike Mayock: Deepest draft class in ten years

  1. If he is right, it might be hard to trade back to get more picks. It also will impact free agency and that top money some of them are hoping to get. Much like last year, good value can be had. Okay Seahawks, get after it……Go Seahawks!

  2. Andrew Suck and Robert Griffin the Turd are both busts and wake up every day wishing they were reigning Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson.

  3. Seahawks finally get last pick in first round.
    Deepest draft in 10 years.

    Bad Luck Brian meme, or am I doing it wrong?

  4. All pro are half of the first 16. One 4th of the remaining 16. So 12 in 32 pan out as good to great while the rest disappoint.

    The rest of the draft is a crapshoot.

    Every single year.

  5. Please stop calling RG3 a “cant miss prospect” .. He isn’t better than Manziel and Maniel is arguably #3 .. This QB class is deep. There are at least 5 guys that could be quality NFL starters.

  6. You never know how a draft stacks up until 2 or 3 years down the road. But I tend to agree with Mayock that this is a very strong draft.
    As for Mayock, I like his contribution to the draft. I also like what Kiper and McShay bring to the table, too.
    People who grew up watching the NFL in the 60’s have a much greater appreciation for these guys than people who didn’t. Back then, you found out who your team drafted in the next day’s paper — if you were lucky. And, because there were as many as 17 rounds or more — you didn’t have a clue who they were anyway.
    There were only a few college games broadcast each weekend, and way less Bowl games, so you never saw the great majority of the players.
    So — please try to cut these guys some slack and appreciate how fortunate we are to have them and the draft on tv now. Because trust me — it could be a lot worse.

  7. Memo to Mike Mayock – RG3 played like a bust last year. The third round draft pick, Russell Wilson, lead Seattle to the Super Bowl win. The audacity of some commentators to make sweeping declarations is incredible. Maybe your RG3 vs Wilson evaluation from 2 years ago was wrong.

  8. As a life-long Bills fan, the offseason has become more enjoyable than the regular season. I’m getting pretty stoked to see these rookies next week, and cannot wait for free agency next month.

  9. Mayock has never said in any draft that you can’t get a quality player in three or four rounds. And which positions are so deep and which are not, could he at least expound on his rationale a little? And that’s really insightful that some GM thinks a Top 20 pick is like a Top 10 pick last year, that’s such a goofy point to even make, I could care less what that GM thinks or Mayock for that matter, they both sound like a couple of rookies at this. Bring legitimate analysis to the discussion or don’t offer any if you can’t be intelligently insightful with your comments.

  10. I appreciate Mayock for his analysis but can he ever get through a few sentences without saying “perspective” or “are you kidding me?”

  11. On a completely unrelated note: is there a petition I can sign to have the draft moved back to Saturday and Sunday. The modern (Thurs, Fri, Sat) interpretation sucks.

  12. Good year for the Packers to probably get a third round compensatory pick for Greg Jennings, who in turn helped Mini go from 10 – 6 to 5 -10 -1.

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