Philbin will face the media in Indy, after all


The initial roster of coach/G.M. press conferences to be conducted at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis included new Dolphins G.M. Dennis Hickey — but excluded coach Joe Philbin.

Philbin has now been added to the list.

The Dolphins have announced that Philbin will meet with the media at 9:45 a.m. ET at Lucas Oil Stadium.  The press conference comes the morning after Philbin issued a statement in connection with the firing of offensive line coach Jim Turner and head trainer Kevin O’Neill.

“As the head coach of the Miami Dolphins, it is my responsibility to create an atmosphere that allows each player the opportunity to reach his full potential,” Philbin said.  “As Stephen Ross said, and I agree, the language and behavior outlined in Ted Wells’ report was disappointing and unacceptable.  Since I first arrived in Miami, it has been my goal to have a team which honors our proud tradition and represents our fan base the right way both on and off the field.  It is not possible for a team to accomplish its goals when the fundamental values of respect are violated.  That ultimately rests on my shoulders and I will be accountable moving forward for making sure that we emphasize a team-first culture of respect towards one another.”

Some wonder why Philbin already isn’t being held accountable moving backward.  Even if he didn’t know about the harassment of Jonathan Martin and others (some wonder whether that’s true), Philbin’s failure to know speaks to a level of incompetence that could disqualify him from being an NFL head coach.

While Philbin apparently has survived this crisis, don’t be surprised if his role in the Martin situation is held against Philbin when the time comes to assess Philbin’s overall performance in 2014.

32 responses to “Philbin will face the media in Indy, after all

  1. If Philbin wins he keeps his job, if he loses he will get fired. In a few months this o-line debacle will be long forgotten. All the owner and fans care about are WINS. He won 8 games with the worst o-line maybe in league history. Improve the o-line and win more than 8 and Joe’s job is safe

  2. The Miami Dolphins have succeeded in making Chad Ochocinco look like a sane person. Congratulations

  3. Philbin is a football coach, not a babysitter. He can’t be held responsible for Martin being too gutless to even privately confide to him there was any problem. Martin texted his parents a bunch and proceeded to abruptly quit and fled like the pathetic, sniveling coward that he is. This is the NFL, not a slumber party.

  4. I’m not sure how you would have expected Philbin to know something that the player in question (Martin) says he never told to anyone?

  5. PFT would make my year if they hired Tom Cruise just for one day to serve as their reporter at the Philbin press conference.

    If anyone can get outta Philbin whether he ordered the Code Red or not it’d be Tom Cruise.

    C’mon Florio. Do it!

  6. It’s not rocket science. Playoffs or bust for Philbin.

    Any player that thinks he’s being bullied in the NFL might want to consider an alternate occupation.

    How many times have you heard great players say their goal was to impose their will. If Martin can’t even defend himself and his family among his friends how on earth is he doing to protect his QB on Sunday.

  7. First of all, I’m glad Turner is fired. Giving up 58 sacks should have been enough to get him fired. On to my main point. Double standards. One offseason ago, a head coach released a player for doing something pretty bad. Much worse than bullying. Actually, maybe it was bullying, ending up with a bullet to a mans head. His head coach knew, prior to drafting him, that Aaron Hernandez had shot people before. Yet that head coach’s job was not called into question. Yet Joe Philbin has a couple players call other players names,and his is questioned?

  8. The NFL didn’t respond to Hard Knocks spotlighting hazing. Philbin stood a rookie up in a room and joked about his shaven eyebrows.

    Miami can have all the scapegoats they want, but the coaches and the NFL both know what goes on in the locker rooms.

    If a reporter doesn’t ask Philbin directly about Hard Knox hazing then we know the NFL controls the media.

  9. He says all the right things.. But we have seen that he doesn’t actually do all the right things. Philbin seems to be a stand up guy.. Perhaps he looked the other way because he is a bit ” in over his head ” .. Its always a reach promoting a positional coach to Head Coach

  10. Sean Payton was suspended for a year because he “should have known” that Gregg Williams was running a pay for performance program. Philbin should get the same punishment. He “should have known” about the atmosphere in the locker room, that one of his coaches was looking the other way, and that the coach was even participating in the harassment. You’re the head coach and you don’t make it your business to know what’s going on in your locker room? You don’t know that Turner was contacting Martin and trying to bully him into making statements to exonerate Incognito? Suspension would be a slap on the wrist. Firing would be about right.

  11. You know what’s a shame?

    This guy had been criticized for being too “old school”.

    So, he relents, and gives the players the locker room as their lil domain to handle, instead of having some iron fist once they are off the field.

    And look what happens….

    No one is looking at the angle of a guy who is criticized for being old school, then when he let’s a new school idea in well then of course that’s apparently his fault too.

    Just saying.

  12. Philbin did not want Martin to play LT last season he told Jeff Ireland to get Branden Albert before the season started but Ireland did not make the move. Even with all that went on last year Philbin still had his team in contention to make the playoffs lets see what happens this year without all the distractions.

  13. I don’t follow the dolphins and I have no opinion on the overall character of the owner, but I’ve kept up with this story and I think the right people are leavingthe organization and the right ones are staying. A coach shouldn’t have to micro manage a team. That’s why the is such a huge coaching staff he should be able to trust that people are acting like proffesionals. And Martin never spoke up about it. I think Ross is handling this fairly well. All things considered.

  14. Firing Philbin presents a tough choice, because he seems to be an effective coach, and a good man. But “incompetent” is the right word as a head coach. He seems to be out of his depth.

  15. It is incorrect to say that Philban has not been punished for his inattention, which most believe contributed to this situation.

    He is now universally seen as a weak leader.

    That’s an ugly stigma for a head coach, and a perception he has to overcome…without coming across as simply a blowhard. This will be no easy task.

    Frankly, Philban’s punishment is among the harshest considering the implied wrong-doing, which amounted to being oblivious to how grown adults were behaving towards each other off the field, and for trusting the people who are paid to be loyal to him and the organization.

    That seems relatively slight for the weight he is going to carry, perhaps for the remainder of his coaching career.

  16. LOL!!!

    The new england patriots split the season series with an “incompetent” coach.

    Philbin has been cleaning up that team since he arrived.

    As soon as chad ochojohnsoncinco beat his wife… Philbin fired him.

    Philbin got rid of the three low character locker room “leaders” (bush/long dansby – arguably the team’s three best players) who went to plead for the wife beater’s job… and… the team still went 8-8.

    Philbin got rid of Davone Bess, too.

    Gimme a break (with this Philbin is a problem crap). It’s an embarrassing joke.

    mike tomlin was coaching when the steelers doctor was indicted for illegal distribution of growth hormone and steroids and he interfered with players on the field… but… Philbin is the problem.


  17. Philbin is fine. Leave him alone. Nobody wants to see him get taken down by this. The media needs to move on and grow some respect for him. Ohh, I’m talking about the media here. They are the ones that have earned no respect from me. Why should I expect them to show respect for anyone?

  18. This man is a loser. How does he escape the entire issue, he is the head man.
    There is something wrong here, again Mr Ross got it all wrong.

  19. I can’t believe Ross hasn’t canned this guy. He either knew about & allowed it to go on or he didn’t know about it & he’s oblivious.

  20. I think everyone on this blog who wants the head coach fired should think about the mistakes they made with there job careers, we all have made mistakes in our work life, how about giving him another year with a new OC, a new GM, a new QB coach, and no Richie and his game of fools. Bill…..A new OL coach.

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