Randall Cobb doesn’t know of any extension talks


Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb is heading into the final year of his contract and any extension talks would be news to him.

Cobb told NFL.com that his agent hasn’t mentioned anything about talks with the Packers about keeping Cobb in Green Bay beyond next season, which is a pretty good bet that there haven’t been any substantive discussions at this point. Should that change, Cobb has made it known that he has no desire to move on from the Packers.

“I would definitely love that,” Cobb said. “But unfortunately that won’t be my decision. That will be on the team to come to me with that decision. I would love to get it out the way and not to have to worry about any of the conversations or answering any questions during the season that would take away from what we’re trying to do as a football team.”

One would imagine that the Packers feel the same way about the 23-year old receiver. He’s proven himself as a playmaker and was on his way to a big season before a leg injury wiped out most of last season. Cobb returned from that injury at the end of the year and looked good, which eliminates one possible concern about extending him now.

James Jones is a free agent this offseason and Jordy Nelson is also entering the final year of his deal, which leaves the Packers with several decisions to make at the receiver position in the near future.

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  1. The problem with GB re-signing Packers wideouts is that their value is not ultimately known until they play without Rodgers…and Flynn should not really count because he’s a backup. They probably want to keep Cobb but every GB receiver could probably earn more on another team.

  2. In truth, the Packers do a great job of finding and developing wide receivers — they can probably find some rookie FA or draft one or two, and save a lot of cash.

    Plus, Rodgers make all WRs who play with him appear better than they probably are…

  3. There is ZERO chance that Cobb will not sign an extension with the Packers. It’s more likely that the viks will win a Super Bowl than Cobb will be on a different team anytime in the next 5 years.

  4. One thing is for sure, the packers will continue to NOT protect their #1 asset with even a semi- functional offensive line…….that is straight cash, homie!

  5. It doesn’t matter what they do. Whether they make the right move or the wrong one. Us Pack fans will follow blindly and scream it was a great move by TT. We may let the Packers control our lives, but since we pretend every move they make is the greatest, we’ll sleep happily in our trailer homes.

  6. cobb is a great player and makes lots of big plays for the pack. BUT who knows how he will or will not produce without Rodgers. plus, he’s very injury prone. any contract if any will be loaded with incentives based on games played.

  7. It doesn’t matter what they do. Whether they make the right move or the wrong one. Us Vikings fans will follow blindly and scream it was a horrible move by TT. We may let the Packers control our lives, but since we pretend every move they make is the worst, we’ll sleep happily in our trailer homes.

  8. I like Cobb and he has plenty of great moments, but FFS Vikings quit signing ex packers. I doubt he’s really a thought in the Vikes mind, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they signed him either. Seems to be some sort of habit.

    Just like ex Vikes going to the Hawks over the last few years.

  9. It would be great to have Cobb back on the Packers, but if not the Packers have a pretty good track record of drafting and developing WR’s. Especially when you have the most talented QB in the NFL on your team.


  10. Rodgers lost his mojo when the refs actually allowed him to be tackled, hence this seasons injury. Cobb will be gone after this year when he sees that handwriting on the wall.

  11. All the bitter vikequeen posters are out. Too bad you will once again be looking up at the Packers and the other teams in the standings this season. You have no qb and an incompetent gm to get you one. Also a poor offensive line and an even worse defensive backfield. Aside from a good rb who is on the decline and a decent receiver there is nothing. Embrace the suck!

    As far as Cobb he will be tormenting you guys for years to come. Give him a full season and he will lead the league in all purpose yds again.

  12. Cobb is better than any receivers on the vikings. You are an absolute moron if you think otherwise. That’s like me saying that Lacy is better than Peterson. I don’t deny the truth and neither should you. And about your boy, Patterson…he’s a good kick returner but average route runner. Don’t get overly excited about someone who hasn’t proven anything yet. Makes you look ignorant.

    And to the guy who said that Cobb is injury prone…he broke his freaking femur bone! Let’s see you play pro ball with a broken leg. You can’t even leave your basement, much less play a sport. Again, complete ignorance.

    Hate the packers all you want, but try to sound somewhat intelligent when commenting. This site is starting to be over run by stupidity.

  13. Cobb is on the cusp of being a top flight wideout. Classic draft and develop part of the this regime’s program. It’s something they do well, as evidenced by 5 straight playoff appearances, a Super Bowl win and three straight division titles.

    There are also things that Minnesota does well. Like pretending they are more artsy and sophisticated than Paris, having a state-wide case of short man’s syndrome, building infrastructure that falls down, and being virtually terrified of any sort of face to face confrontation whatsoever.

  14. The Packers will obviously give Cobb an extension. Having Cobb and Nelson healthy and on the field at the same time is key for the Packers offense, and those two guys will get locked up.

  15. Lmao bears and viking fans, u guys r pathetic. Keep dreaming that either cobb or Jordy will be gone. We all are well aware that your tired of them torching your teams defences!

  16. Yeah, Cobb is a “decent” player in much the same way that Rodgers is. And Nelson is a perfect fit in GB. The Pack has another year to decide how to re-sign Cobb and Nelson. They’ll most likely sign them both. Right now they’re busy deciding on Shields (sign or franchise), Raji (sign only at a reasonable price), and Dietrich-Smith (ditto).
    Packers likely to get a third round compensatory pick for Jennings btw, which means TT will be able to get the re-loading done and put GB back into serious contention for another Super Bowl title.

  17. No thanks, the only former packer we’re interested in is Sam Shields. Ziggy will put up the money to have Spielman sign him, Thompson will try and replace him. Just like they have had huge success replacing Nick Collins at safety after his injury.

  18. Rodgers makes all his WRs look good, but its not Cobb also has a great skillset, he minds me a bit of a Steve Smith from the Panthers.

    They will talk, the Packers will offer him a deal, that may be lower than less competitive teams will offer in order to draw him in. He will get to play for a great team and QB.

    The Packers don’t need to drop everything and work on extension this second. Cobb was drafted to replace Jennings, so I believe he will get signed, I hope for the next 5 years, if not WR is one of the spots TT doesn’t miss on ofte.

  19. It’s all about the hands and this guy can catch. Other then Jordy the rest of the TE’s & WR’s can hit the road they ALL have the dropsies. He sat out most of the season with an injury and against the Bears, Rodgers throw 2 TD’s to whom…Cobb plus he’s ONLY 23yrs. old!

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