Report: Jim Turner won’t go to combine with Dolphins

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On Tuesday, Florio passed along a report from Alex Marvez of FOX Sports that signs were pointing toward Dolphins offensive line coach Jim Turner traveling to the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis along with the rest of the contingent from Miami.

Those signs are no longer looking so good for Turner’s chances of enjoying the shrimp cocktail at St. Elmo’s. Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that Turner will not be heading to Indianapolis with the team.

Breer reports it is unclear what this means for Turner’s future with the franchise in the wake of the release of the report of Ted Wells’ investigation into the harassment of Jonathan Martin last season. Turner’s name came up frequently in the report and the report paints a picture of a coach who allegedly participated in the harassment of other players before denying involvement in or claiming not to remember incidents that several others had no problem recollecting.

There have been suggestions that the Dolphins are waiting for the league to offer up discipline for Turner before any action on their part and the team hired former Texans offensive line coach John Benton to be an assistant line coach for the 2014 season.

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  1. Yes – Mr. Turner -because you called Jonathan Martin a bunch of bad names – you are NOT allowed to go to the scouting combine with us to look for his replacement.

    Just wait until your Uncle Roger gets home from the bank… are in BIG trouble.

    Now go to your room before we wash your mouth out with soap.

  2. I went through a big deal over this type of bullying before, But the next year when we were all in the 4th grade, we got along just fine.

  3. Zero tolerance policy will be implemented for bullying. Coaches will be liable for players that haze others.
    What’s next? No foul language?

  4. While fans of other teams fear, hatred, and jealousy may drive the Steelers to #7, their mediocre players, inept coaching staff, clueless front office, and idiotic fans say it won’t happen.

  5. Yet nothing from Philbin. No comments recently or anything from the head coach. I can’t imagine most NFL coaches remaining this quiet as philbin has. I knew he looked out of his element on hard knocks with his awkward interactions with the players. He’s not a head coach.

  6. Joe Philbin (a.k.a “The New Jeff Ireland) makes Rich Kotite look like Douglas MacArthur, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Vince Lombardi all rolled into one yet he remains employed by the worst owner in the history of sports.

    If ever a franchise was doomed, it’s the Miami Dolphins under the ownership of Clueless Ross.

  7. Why does this guy have a job anyway,forget the bullying scandel. Am I the only one who watched the way the line played the last two seasons.He needs to be walked off a short pier. I guess he truly is a scape goat because I am sure he would have been gone at the end of the season if they did not want to punish him for Martins crybaby tactics.Hey Martin is another player who would have been gone.

  8. No worries, I’m not spending my hard earned money to go to that stadium and watch this team anyway. Can’t wait till the days where this team gets it together

  9. I Told Ya.

    turner is gone.

    When you’re the offensive line coach of the team with the worst offensive line in the NFL (most sacks and 27th RUSH Offense) and they don’t send you to the combine… you know you’re out of a job.

  10. It’s one thing to be a jerk, it’s another to be a jerk and be brutal at their job.

    Exhibit A: Turner
    Exhibit B: Matt Lauer
    Exhibit C: Bill Belichick’s coaching tree (Weis, Mangini, Schiano, McDaniels, etc.)

  11. I love hearing steeler fans who have a serial rapist as their quarterback telling dolphin fans to stay classy. We will try to keep up with the Pittsburgh model of how to stay classy!

  12. He should go where Philbin and everyone on the coaching staff present during this sordid mess should go: To the unemployment line. Ross can’t put forth any good REASONS to keep these men. All he can do is give EXCUSES as to why they weren’t sent down the road. If one’s boss has only excuses to keep an employee on the job, then the only one BUYING this line is the boss himself. ANY worker should be employed due to the skills, and strengths they bring to the workplace, not because someone in charge must OVERLOOK weaknesses, ie: He/they shouldn’t be canned because they didn’t know what was going on, or because the person who was being bullied didn’t SAY anything. These reasons are EXCUSES. RI’s brutish behaviors were WELL known, and Philbin and his coaching staff allowed him and his stooges to be clubhouse LEADERS. This decision ALONE is enough to highlight the head coach’s thought process and leadership skills. Whatever action Ross takes will send a clear message to players, prospective players, fans, the general public and current or potential season ticket holders. Cut them loose Mr. Ross!

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