Report: Surveillance video shows Ray Rice dragging fianceé out of elevator

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It was smart for Ray Rice’s lawyers to get out in front of the story of Rice’s recent arrest by putting the phrase “very minor physical altercation” in the ear of the media.

Apparently, the “very minor physical altercation” resulted in Rice’s fianceé getting knocked out cold.

TMZ has posted surveillance video that shows, per TMZ’s characterization, Rice dragging his seemingly unconscious fianceé out of an elevator at an Atlantic City casino.  It’s a bizarre, awkward sequence of events, showing Rice essentially dumping her from the elevator car and then not knowing quite how to get her legs out.

A third person arrives and Rice lifts the woman up from a face-down position, at which point she seems to snap out of it, but she remains very groggy.

Whatever happened, the video doesn’t lend credence to the notion it was “minor,” and it appeared to be something far worse than a “misunderstanding.”  Both Rice and his fianceé were arrested as a result of the incident.

On Monday, G.M. Ozzie Newsome said that Rice remains in the team’s plans for 2014.  But that was before the video surfaced.

130 responses to “Report: Surveillance video shows Ray Rice dragging fianceé out of elevator

  1. If Jason Avant is correct, he will avoid a well deserved conviction and jail time. After all, he plays professional football.

  2. I can only imagine the looks he’s gonna get from his father in law, when they are standing at the alter.

  3. As a diehard Ravens fan, who own a #27 purple authentic 2013 season Nike Ray Rice jersey, I am completely heart broken.

    He carried her out of the elevator like a rag doll. A professional athlete like Ray can’t even carry his fiancee over his shoulder or in his arms?

    Poor showing Ray…Poor showing…He is getting blown up on the Baltimore radio stations lately, and no one has seen this video yet. Rightfully so!

  4. The good doctor has had his fair share of wild nights in Atlantic City, but it seems that Ray Rice took what shouldve been a good time WAY too far. He is in need of a SERIOUS attitude adjustment before next fall.

  5. Michael Sam would be too much of a distraction, though. Teams wouldn’t be able to deal with him, but this sort of thing is easy.

  6. Well,Terrell Suggs poured bleach into his baby mamas eyes so this isn’t so bad.

    Keepin it real in Baltimore

  7. skittlesareyum says:
    Feb 19, 2014 10:47 AM
    Michael Sam would be too much of a distraction, though. Teams wouldn’t be able to deal with him, but this sort of thing is easy.

    Easy men feel more comfortable treating their women like men. But, don’t let man treat you like a woman (i.e. a piece of meat). The mere thought scares these tough guy jocks.

  8. I was a fan of his since his Rutgers days. That fandom ended less than 2 minutes ago.


  9. This doesn’t show the altercation. Nor does it show he knocked her out.

    Maybe we should find out the details of the case before jumping to irresponsible conclusions like…

    “Apparently, the “very minor physical altercation” resulted in Rice’s fianceé getting knocked out cold.”

    For all we know the fight could have been about her drinking until she passed out. Remember they were BOTH arrested.

  10. Wow. I mean, really, holy crap, wow. That video gave me creepy images of what we would have seen if OJ’s slaughtering had been caught on camera. Just wow…

  11. Well, I’ve seen women that drunk, helped women get that drunk, and BEEN that drunk myself, so I say the video proves nothing. If it showed him committing some act of violence against her, maybe…All that shows is she’s pretty incoherent in a place that is loaded with booze and encourages heavy drinking….I don’t see any crime there, just a lack of judgement.

    Could there be more? yes. Could he have punched her into that state of unconsciousness? Absolutely. Does the video prove that he committed such an act? Definitely NOT, in the clip linked to here.
    Remember, a vast majority of you think OJ’s innocent too…and Mumia Abu Jamaal, or whatever his name is….and lots more.

  12. Looks to me like she got wasted, it resulting in a drunkin arguement and they left with her passing out in the elevator. Someone that gets knocked out get back on their feet a litle while later, she had drunkin spaghetti legs. imo

  13. The other guy in the video is Juan Castillo, giving instruction to his fiancee about how to block. But Ray still couldn’t get past her…dang hip flexor!

  14. This doesn’t look like anything but a guy dragging his fiancee out of an elevator and she is passed out or intoxicated. He looks like he might be intoxicated too and EVEN if he put his fiancee over his shoulder because of the length of her dress it might show something inappropriate. I don’t know how this figures into the “rest of the story”

  15. This reminds me of a story of a fighter who was about to get in the ring to face Mike Tyson — I forget who it was — and his manager and trainer were discussing with each other who would lift him underneath his arms and who would grab his legs when they had to carry him out of the ring after Tyson knocked him out.

  16. I don’t know how many of you have ever had a wife or girlfriend that likes to drink too much.

    Granted I don’t know how many of you have wives or girlfriends….

    Dealing with a woman who gets too drunk is an ugly situation in itself. If there is video of him carrying his wife out cold or drunk (out cold) those are to very big differences, and unless ANYBODY sees Rice hitting this girl or anything to that level, you are all jumping the gun and blaming him for something you really have no idea about

    As a husband of a woman who drinks too much, I’d hate to be in his shoes with all you haters in the world looking to blame a guy before you have the facts straight

  17. first of all…no excuse for a man to ever hit a woman. ever. second of all, the video doesn’t show how she got to that state. so it’s hard to jump to conclusions. but no reason for her to be dragged on the floor. it’s a bad situation. but let’s not make this a ravens are bad guys issue. all teams go through stuff

  18. This looks like someone helping a very intoxicated subject out of the elevator. There is no assault on this video. This is more embarrassing to her than to him. Both should have used better judgement and cut her off a WHILE before this

  19. Im a woman and the first thing I thought when looking at that video was that girl looks really wasted. Unless they show the video from the elevator showing he punched her it’s all jus jumping to conclusions. They definitely have surveillance in the elevators too so we’ll see if they release that too.

  20. Why is everyone assuming he knocked her out? The video didn’t show that. If he did hit her then he deserves the maximum punishment. IMO

  21. Given Rice’s clean history, he should be given the opportunity for more facts to be presented rather than everyone dubbing him as a monster. A better indication is knowing her BAC level because she just looks really wasted here. If her BAC level is relatively low and shes got some bruises, then thats a better indication that Rice is guilty of wrongdoing.

  22. If they don’t have video inside the elevator then Rice probably gets off scott free which is a darn shame.

  23. Watch the lawyers lie again by spinning the story stating that she was intoxicated, and Ray being the good citizen fiancee that he is, was merely helping her out of the elevator to bed. Then he was merely going to church to pray afterwards while rescuing orphans and puppies.

  24. That video really doesn’t provide much for the comments I’m reading here. Looks to me like she intoxicated and semi passed out. Ray looks annoyed that he has to deal with her being a drunken mess. Of course, that could be what led to the entire incident. So from this video you can’t really tell much.

  25. Btw, nice leap of faith to take that he beat her or something and she’s not, oh I don’t know, drunk, it being a casino where alcohol is free flowing. What’s wrong with you people?

  26. Now is he going to get suspended like Incognito did. All he did was use words RIce used his fists. Now you can see how all this Martin fiasco accounts as just being a sissy.

  27. The body language on Rice is incredible. Couldn’t have cared less and wasn’t worried about her at all… Take him and Incognito and say bye bye… You don’t need this representing your league

  28. This is horrible. Maybe the alleged rumors were true and he did knock her out with a punch. I certainly hope not. That is classless.

  29. Some of you guys should know the background first, he didnt knock the girl out cold in the elevator, but somewhere in the casino, as to where that is irrelevant, but based on multiple sources he performed a street fighter move. And as many have opined any man that hits a woman is a coward in my book period.

  30. Dont believe everything you read people, try to use some critical thinking before accepting a story, let alone a story from TMZ.

    Where are the mugshots? Does she have any facial bruises, cuts, etc? Yes, she seemed as if she was unconcscious, but its not like the only way is to be “knocked out.” She was in atlantic city; you have to be drinking to go to Jersey so maybe she was too intoxicated and passed out.

    All of you who ‘denounce’ Ray are ridiculous, you dont have any facts of the situation and probably wont for a while.

  31. If he assaulted her that is awful and he should go to prison for that. But this video does not show any altercation. And I went to college, I know what a passed out drunk person looks like, and she looks very much like one here. None of us know what happened, but this video does not really help us anymore in finding out what did.

  32. You can’t jump to the conclusion that he hurt her, but you also can’t discount that it’s possible he did. Regardless he should not have been dragging her around like a ragdoll. Therefore very, very unimpressed with him but as I’m not a Ravens fan did not cheer for him to begin with; however, waiting for judgement once more details are available.

  33. those TMZ people get paid to make stories like this.wait till the official stuff comes out.most people are doing just what they want you do about a edited video.TMZ is scum!!!!!

  34. I am a Ravens fan and I like, not love, Ray Rice the football player.

    There is a distinction here because I, like most of us on PFT don’t know Ray beyond the games we watch. I don’t know him personally. I don’t know what he is capable of. He has been very community friendly in anti-bullying, but that doesn’t exonerate Ray.

    But likewise, a woman being unconscious could be caused by many things. Certainly, she could have been struck by Ray. She also could be intoxicated, on drugs, or have a medical condition. None of that is explained.

    But if it hit her, that is, next to child abuse, the lowest. And he should pay the requisite price for that (and I mean legal price, not financial).

    If it becomes a Cap hit so be it. The Patriots survived Ahole Hernandez. But Ray should not get a pass.

  35. This video doesn’t prove much of anything to me. It certainly doesn’t show how she got in the condition that she was in, and that is really the critical issue here. It’s a real stretch to suggest that this video implicates Ray.

  36. So it’s not ok to assume he hit her, but it’s ok to assume she drank herself silly? I don’t understand the logic people. If you think we need to wait for the facts, then it goes both ways.

  37. it’s not a real stretch to suggest he lacks class for the way he treated his supposed fiance once she was unconscious, regardless of how she ended up in that state.

  38. Queue the Raven fans defending and making excuses.

    “Ray Rice was arrested for dragging her on Valentine’s Day” He hit her.

    As a Steeler fan I love how the Raven anti-bully advocate is on full display here.

  39. To call all RAVENS players classless because of a blurry video that proves NOTHING without more facts, is harshly judgmental. If RAY is guilty of striking his girlfriend, RAVENS NATION will be the first to stand up & say that he should be punished accordingly and that we don’t want someone like that representinge our franchise or city. However, the casinos have cameras EVERYWHERE & this is the only one being shown. It looks to me like this is designed to make RAY look as bad as possible. We are not the judge or the jury & we don’t have ALL the facts but even if he’s guilty, I don’t blame the whole team. That just shows how biased & small minded some people are. NONE of us can say we haven’t made a mistake or done something stupid in our lives that would cast is in the worst light. This isn’t a RAVENS problem, it’s a RAY RICE problem. NOBODY else from the RAVENS was there so try & be semi-fair people. If you are so self-righteous & holier-than-thou that you MUST pass judgment & blame SOMEONE, then blame RAY, not the RAVENS

  40. If she were just wasted, why isnt he carrying her instead of dragging her through the hotel? He’s a big strong football player and she sure doesn’t look like she weighs much. The dragging is what’s so offensive.

  41. Video doesn’t look good.

    But was she knocked out by Ray or passed out from the Courvoisier?

    If he laid his hands on her he needs to be gone from the Ravens.

  42. You guy’s do know that this is just the video TMZ got their hands on?

    The elevators in any casino’s have camera’s as well, and im sure that video is the one the police are using.

  43. Why does everyone assume he must have hit her because she was knocked out. Have you never seen someone intoxicated? MAYBE…just maybe she was drunk and passed out….it does happen. What a thought…someone in a casino got drunk and passed out….that’s never happened. Please. Don’t rush to judgement on Ray just yet…he’s been a solid person so far. I don’t get why so many are quick to say he must have hit her. Casino’s and alcohol are like milk and cookies. People pass out all the time.

  44. This video does not show any abuse.

    As a Raven fan I’m hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

    This video does not change how I’ve felt since Monday.

  45. Why do the apologists assume she was just drunk? Appears to me with his actions it was more than be passed out. His lawyer even admitted to an altercation. Look at the part with the witness. Rice doesn’t appear to be a caring guy but more of one that doesn’t know what to do. If it was my fiancé I would be carrying her to the room or wherever they were going, not dragging her out and putting her face down in the hallway.

  46. My ex-wife used to get blacked out drunk just like this, can’t count the number of times I had to carry her from car to bed, not to sound awful but sometimes you get so pissed and fed up with the behavior some dragging might have occurred. Nobody wants to babysit their partner.

    Now if it comes to light he punched her, well that is an entire different ball game. No matter what men should never strike a woman, and those that do are cowards/ garbage.

  47. Instead of giving her the mandatory count down for a toke he should have picked her up and carried her. I wouldn’t think of embarrassing someone I love in public and he needs to treat women with more respect.
    I guess he really has the little guy syndrome.

  48. Kind of hard to believe he hit her hard enough to knock her out, but not hard enough to leave a mark. Police reported no evidence of injury when they arrested her (and him) after this video was shot. Stop being sheep. She looks like she’s dressed to party. Have you considered she may have had too much to drink?

  49. All you white knights might want to hold your horses for a bit. For all we know, she’s completely drunk and prior to passing out, she tried his patience to the point of his no longer caring. It’s not like he is shown hurting her, and she is not “snapping out of it.” She appears drunk, and my guess is she probably struck him in the elevator before losing it. She doesn’t even have to be conscious or sober to play the woman card. She wants her rights and she wants to be treated equal,where equal means she can take shots at you, and then equal changes to mean “I am a woman so I get a pass on my bad behavior, because after all YOU made me do this.”

    I’ll wait to hear more on this before passing any judgment, and I’m no Ravens fan.

  50. show some class jb. this is not a Ravens vs Steelers issue nor is it an opportunity to gloat. I am not defending rice, but we don’t know all the facts. where is the video of how she got in that condition. if rice did that to her then he deserves whatever punishment he has coming to him. but you need to grow up

  51. Wait a sec, so if she was drunk it’s cool for him to drop her face first on to the floor like a piece of garbage?

    Are we watching the same video? He dumped her like a bag of potatoes, then then can’t even bend over to move her legs, he just tries to move them with his leg.

    You telling me that he can’t pick up that 120lbs chick and place her on the floor if he must?

  52. Everyone is missing the bigger picture – what’s he doing out partying anyway? He should be home working on his footwork, because he absolutely sucked last year.

  53. I think she looks extremely drunk and totally limp. Ray seems to be having trouble figuring out how best to carry the completely dead WEIGHT of a completely dead DRUNK. It is somewhat like trying to heft one hundred plus pounds of Jello!

  54. If she was just drunk, why wouldn’t they have just said that? Say she had too much to drink.

    Basically, the elevator has a camera, the casino security saw what went down and called the cops. The cops saw the video and booked them both cuz they were both hitting on each other. Just so happens Rice hits harder. I doubt he intended to knock her out, but that really doesn’t matter. Minor physical altercations usually don’t result in unconscious people. So she gets knocked out some kinda way and Rice doesn’t know what to do with her.

    I bet they don’t roll over on each other though. He wants to keep his career and she’s just the fiancee, not the wife. She hasn’t sealed the deal yet.

  55. lock up this woman beater. how pathetic is it that a man would lay hand on a woman? let alone, his woman?

  56. well it’s obvious none of you have ever gone out with women before, because there is an enormous possibility that girl is passed out drunk. completely unable to function. guess what? it happens quite often. i suggest you go out. this video shows absolutely nothing.

    until i actually see photos or video showing her beaten like rihianna by chris brown, I do not cast any guilt on ray rice.

    shame on all of you who see something like this and assume she got beaten. unbelievable. hope you’re never on a jury.

    critical thinking. i suggest you try it.

  57. Did they show any class after Big Ben was falsely accused? I don’t want to here it. Plus Ray Rice desecrated the Terrible Towel. I hope this is the next stage to the end of his career.

  58. Now that they knows Harbs is just a figure-head and Biscotti’s calling the shots, this team is going to run wild and out of control. Like a flacco pass.

  59. so let’s just keep playing the your team sucks game. at what point do people grow up. why don’t you try adding something meaningful. you say we ravens fans have no class but you do the same thing. I am all for the back and forth over football stuff. ask crown or nofool. but this is a serious issue

  60. I get a kick out of the people who cast doubt and are so sure saying she was intoxicated instead of knocked out. Can you please explain the difference in how they should look? I would have to believe they both would be limp, motionless, groggy when coming to, and in need of someone who actually cared about them more than their phone.

  61. so let’s just keep playing the your team sucks game. at what point do people grow up. why don’t you try adding something meaningful. you say we ravens fans have no class but you do the same thing. I am all for the back and forth over football stuff. ask crown or nofool. but this is a serious issue

    Yes it is very serious and is about two peoples private life being invaded by neanderthal sports jerks worried about team shame etc.
    The point being missed is the total disrespect shown by both to each other and a mans poor treatment of a women.

    In my world a man never hits a women and treats her with respect and turns the other cheek in the face of violence. Lastly if she is truly his woman he needs to take much better care of her. They both obviously have anger issues and need to seek help.

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