Shannon Sharpe “sad and disappointed” to be out at CBS

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CBS announced Tuesday that Tony Gonzalez is the newest commentator on The NFL Today, and Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino won’t return. Unsurprisingly, Sharpe isn’t thrilled about that.

Sharpe told Mike Klis of the Denver Post that he would have liked to stay on CBS, but he appreciates the network hiring him after he retired from playing in 2003.

“There’s no way I would ever complain,” Sharpe said. “Am I sad and disappointed? Absolutely. But I’m grateful for the 10 years they did give me. They gave me the opportunity when I had no broadcasting experience. So I’m forever grateful what they did for me. I’ll be fine.”

Sharpe said he could simply retire, but he expects to return to television somewhere.

“I’m going to work because I want to not because I have to. I can be a little more picky,” he said. “I don’t have to rush into anything because I’m under no financial strain or obligation. I’m going to weigh all my options.”

Sharpe is good enough on TV that he’ll surely find work, but there probably won’t be any options that come with as big a platform as Sharpe had at CBS.

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  1. Oh, to be unemployed and “under no financial strain or obligation.” My heart wants to ache for you, Shannon, but I think the rest of us are in the opposite boat.

  2. There’s no doubt in my mind that Sharpe departing will result in a massive increase in the overall quality of CBS’ pregame show on Sundays next season.

  3. Why the need to have ex-coaches and ex-players? I’d much rather have a show were all the commentary and analysis come from people like Greg Cosell, Sal Paolantonio, and John Clayton.

  4. “There’s no way I would ever complain,” Sharpe said. “Am I sad and disappointed? Absolutely. But I’m grateful for the 10 years they did give me. They gave me the opportunity when I had no broadcasting experience. So I’m forever grateful what they did for me. I’ll be fine.”

    This must have been translated from what the reporter really heard….”thefrt nowree i whude drtgdf hgfhg ddd poortfgh”

  5. When asked about his opinion on the subject, Mr. Sharpe only had this to say:

    “No sir, I don’t like it.”

  6. That Tony Gonz-whoever can get some broadcasting tips from Shannon. Tony should be used to being 2nd to Shannon in everything.

  7. He can’t be any worse than many of the jokers they have announcing games on Fox or NFL Network (although I believe next year NFL Network is disbanding their own announcers and will simply air the broadcast from whichever national network is airing the Thursday games).

  8. CBS – the home of the masters, bowling, lumberjack contests and for some reason the nfl. At least they have primarily the irrelevant AFC

  9. Thank you, Lord. He was an exercise in what not to be as broadcaster. Much like that panel of you know what’s on that league network. Shouldn’t proper English and grammar be a prerequisite for that job?

  10. A lot of people griping about former coaches and players in the booth… I’d argue that John Gruden is as entertaining as anyone there is. Sure, he hypes up almost every player, but he also is usually pretty straightforward and unbiased.

    I enjoy Gruden in the booth as much as anybody.

    The one announcer I hate, can’t remember his name off the bat,is the one whom yells after every play- 15 yard run and he goes nuts & screams the players name.

    May he be next to get the boot.

  11. “Im glad he’s out, he was horrible. He was also on the Mount Rushmore of horse faces.”

    As are Peyton Manning and John Elway.
    Who’s #4 ???

  12. Men, he was on CBS for a decade, too bad i gave up watching pre-game shows around that time. Too much nonsense and shouting matches.

  13. I am not sure if anyone feels the same way but when I watch CBS games it just has a feel of football of the 2000’s. The people they have on there, the way they break down games and the coverage all feels dated to me. I can understand them needing to make a change.

    Sure Fox has a few clowns, NFL Network as well but at least both of those broadcast take innovate steps in nearly all areas covering a game. ESPN just has a bunch of guys talking about how great they once were.

  14. First Gonzalez takes the crown of “best tight end ever” from Sharpe, and now his seat at the CBS big boy table. My advice, Shannon? Never introduce Tony to your wife.

  15. I don’t know why so much hate. I have no problem understanding him, and of the three Boomer Esiason was the weakest. Yes, he doesn’t speak as clearly as his brother Sterling, but he had quality input, which is much better than Marino, Boomer or even Cowher offered if you are honest. He will surely catch on somewhere talking sports, likely before Marino as far as talent is concerned. Though I do wonder if a speech coach would help, I’d like to see him catch on somewhere because he knows the game and doesn’t simply offer the expected opinion.

  16. I thought Sharpe was okay. He did a decent job. Those of you who wish to pan him please remember he was a football player, a HOF’er not someone who is fluent in prose or iambic pentameter. I also enjoy the opinions of his brother so there!

  17. “They gave me the opportunity when I had no broadcasting experience. ”

    Newsflash – you STILL lack quality experience Sharpe!

  18. Sharpe should be thankful that it took CBS 10 years to figure out what the general public saw 10 years ago. Dresses like a pimp and talks like an idiot. Now how long will it take ESPN to dump Ray Lewis?

  19. Shame on all the critics of SS. His speech impediment never prevented him from excelling on the field. As I read these comments, it sounds juvenile and much like childen who tease other kids for not well rnough to be taken seriously.
    There are many people who struggle, like Bo Jackson….he stuttered. He never let that stop him from being a great person.

  20. I actually liked Shannon. If you a -holes could get over his minor speech impediment and listen you’d find a very thoughtful smart and entertaining guy. I think he was the best on that crew. Good luck Shannon.

  21. Hopefully he will not land on the NFL network, where he would once again present to us his large ungainly teeth and blab out that odd mixture of butchered English and gargling marbles.

  22. The only thing I hate about former players as analysts is that many of them are homers for their former teams. Sharpe, like Deon, Carter, and Sapp talk up all of the D-bag wanna-be gangsters in the NFL. Some of the old-timers like Matt Millen are great analysts though, same can be said for former coaches. You can tell when former players know their stuff though and when they were just talented. Mike Irvin, TD, Sterling, and Faulk are pretty good in that regard. The best ones are the guys who are willing to say when a referee’s call is terrible, and who can point out what all of the pre-snap reads are. I love it when they can go back and show where an adjustment was made, and why the play went down like it did. That also helps young kids learn the game instead of listening to all the nonsense that some of these guys drool onto the mike.

  23. Shannon Sharpe offered outstanding insight and analysis and it is a shame that so many can’t see it due to their obsession with superficial aspects of his personal presentation. It is an indication that the general public prefers corporate automatons rather than the real perspective and language of a player.

  24. Good analyst, poor annunciation. He could benefit from a speech therapist. He also added to a bland panel with his quips and attire.

  25. Evidently, a number of people aren’t Shannon Sharpe fans — but I really appreciated the fun, spirited, unique and refreshing flavor he brought. Unlike a lot of the cookie cutter guys that are more effective than counting sheep to go to sleep, Shannon had style, humor and energy – and I really dug that guy (even if he was once a Raven).

    Speaking for one Steeler fan, Shannon Sharpe will be missed.

  26. Commenting on this once more, I listened to a clip at length of Shannon’s and he is fine, shame on you all at least those making fun of his enunciations. Try listening to Emitt Smith or Tim Hardaway now those were cluster fudges.

  27. Shannon Sharpe had a wonderful departing speech. Sadly nobody could understand what he said, but they clapped anyway.

  28. He wasn’t very insightful. I don’t think he is an effective analyst. There is a difference between an analyst and an entertainer

  29. To all the bullies on this board making fun of Shannon’s speech impediment, i.e. lisp – you would do well to be 1/10 of the man he is.

    He came from literally nothing, was not looked at as a Division I prospect and somehow created a niche for himself as a tweener TE. His work ethic is legendary, and he gave his first SB ring to his brother to honor him for the sacrifices he made helping to raise him.. A brother that he adores and edifies at every opportunity.

    Yes, he has a lisp and his grammar may be wanting. But 3 SB’s and a HOF career later, he is a good man. No amount of bullying on these boards can change that.

  30. Mike Klis of the Denver Post must have done some serious editing before writing that piece because there’s no way Shannon Sharpe talked for less than 1/2 hour. That guy will just not shut up, just like at his Hall of Fame speech which went on for like an hour.

  31. Incomprehensible and idiotic. Needed to go years ago, as did Marino and gorilla head. Boomer is the only one worth having on that show.

  32. Unfortunately he will go onto another TV gig and we’ll have to listen to him still. Luckily it won’t be on the station I watch most of my games on at least.

    As much as I don’t like Sharpe I’d much rather see Michael Irvin disappear though. He’s awful and a racist fool.

  33. Allow me to speak the truth now.

    He was a hack at best, and added nothing to the show.

    We’ll miss you Donkey.

  34. As a tight end and as a person, Shannon is/was great ! As a analyst on TV, not so much. Talked like he had a mouth full of cotton. I’m not ,nor should he be, surprised by this move.

  35. He was great on Sirius Radio with Bob Papa. Hope he gets that gig back. He is better than a lot of the talking head, ex-jocks out there. Delivery can be a little rough, but insight & sense of humor are great.

  36. “Look at this guy here, know what I’m saying? He is sad. And the disappointment, it is there, I’d say. If he were trying to get back in the booth, I’d pour honey on him, because he loves to fight. And there’s a bear for him to fight. He’s sad, to not fight that bear with honey.”

  37. If Warren Sapp, Michael Irvin , Deion Sanders, and Phil Simms can find work, then surely someone will hire Shannon.

  38. How can so many people be that jealous of one man all those negative thoughts from people with probably less education and less talented but jealous runs wild when you have nothing else

  39. He should take lessons from Tom Jackson in the art of class and humility. Tom comes across as a great guy and he knows the football business better than most. While I’m at it, it would be a blessing to football fans if Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders were also sent packing.

  40. When is this guy going to learn??? It is obvious which show helped the decision makers at CBS sports to “can” him. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from him or his demeanor.

  41. In truth he brought nothing to the table, and I couldn’t stand his speech. Dan Marino just sat there like a bump on a log and avoided saying anything controversial at all costs. Boomer Esiason is the only one who ever has anything interesting to say, and I’m glad he’s staying.

  42. You had no broadcasting experience when you were hired guess you havent learned much in 10 years either. You mouth overloaded at times and you didnt know when to back off on somethings.

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