Steve Spurrier compares Connor Shaw to Russell Wilson


Former South Carolina quarterback Connor Shaw isn’t viewed as a big-time pro prospect, but his college coach says he’s a big-time player.

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier said on NFL AM that Shaw plays the game a lot like Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, and that Shaw showed while leading South Carolina to three straight 11-win seasons that he’s the kind of quarterback who can lead a team.

“He became a starter three years ago, he’s been the quarterback on all three of these 11-win seasons,” Spurrier said. “Connor’s just a winner. He’s a lot like Russell Wilson. He takes care of the ball, doesn’t do stupid stuff, doesn’t take careless sacks, he can throw it away, and he’s really a good passer. Any time you see a guy who can run as well as Connor you don’t think he’s that good of a passer. I think he’s going to wow them at the Combine coming up this week and I hope he’s a mid-round pick, maybe even better. The kid is a winner, he can run with it and he can throw.”

Comparing Shaw to Wilson may be a bit of hyperbole, but Shaw obviously impressed the coach who knows him best. Spurrier showed with his comments about Jadeveon Clowney that he won’t sugarcoat things when discussing his own players, and Spurrier had nothing but great things to say about Shaw.

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  1. Spurrier’s mastery of the NFL game was on display during his tenure in Washington. Shaw was really good college player whose talents will not translate to the NFL. Much like Boise State’s Kellen Moore (who was much better than Shaw).

  2. Russell Wilson is clearly a unique package that isn’t so easily copied, even though he has become the hot flavor of this off-season on every promoter and wannabe’s lips.

  3. Not sure if saying I’m a USC grad makes me sound competent though haha. Shaw is ok. Russell Wilson was a feared force in College if people remember. Much better than Shaw.

  4. I don’t think Connor Shaw is great….I think Spurrier would’ve tried to unleash him more.

    That said….He did give them 3,005 total yards, 30 total TD’s and only a single INT this past year in the almighty SEC. Not bad.

  5. So apparently every QB that isn’t 6’6 is going to get the Russ comparison from now on? Sure hear it a ton lately.

    Just because they’re smallish and won some college games =/= having Russell’s skillset.

  6. Russell Wilson is the new gold standard. He’s everything Spurrier mentioned. Two things I’ll add, Wilson is also a legit playmaker and a high character ambassador of the game. The kid is special.

  7. Not many would be an upgrade over EJ…he has a skill set and a body that not many, if any, of these kids have…the only one close to EJ Manuel is Logan Thomas…but he lacks the skill EJ has.

    Let Manuel have a full-offseason of being healthy, let him play a full season behind a solid offensive line, not one thrown together in training camp…and let the Bills surround him with a few better playmakers (big WR or athletic TE) and he will be just fine.

    He showed that he had what it takes to lead a team to a win, against an NFC playoff team in Carolina. He has “it.” He just needs some time to realize that.

    The only one I might take over him is Bridgewater…and I think Garoppolo is going to be a very special player too.

    I’m a Bills fan, I didn’t wanna draft Manuel…I wanted the Bills to draft another QB high in this draft…but the more I look at the guys coming out, and the more I watch EJ…I don’t see much difference. But again, it’s what EJ has that these kids don’t, that gets me excited…mainly size and poise. I think he has all the tools…he just needs to stay healthy and be surrounded by some playmakers and some better blockers.

    EJ was getting drafted in the first round last year no matter what. He has skills and tools that you cannot teach/coach…and everyone knew that. Philly wanted him bad! Give him one more year, just watch.

    (And I said Russ Wilson would be special while he was still at NC State.)

  8. Going to be a lot of comparisons to Russell Wilson for the next several years.

    Fact of the matter is that you’re going to have to get extremely lucky to find a guy who is remotely capable of matching Wilson’s characteristics.

    Many people are going to hold Wilson up as an example that short QB’s can succeed, however it’s important to note that Wilson also has HUGE hands for his size. Aside from seeing over guy’s heads, the next biggest detriment a smaller QB has is that their hands are proportionately smaller, meaning less ball control on release as well as less accuracy and more chances to lose grip and fumble.

    Add to this the fact that Wilson’s father groomed him to be a winner, going so far as to do mock Superbowl interviews with him as a kid, and instilling in him a work ethic that won’t be matched. . . let alone his athleticism, quickness, and elusiveness…

    There will be lots of comparisons to Wilson but he’s a fairly unique QB.

  9. This is the guy who thought Danny Wuerffel could quarterback in the pros. Do not look to Spurrier for advice on personnel.

  10. While I don’t know that I buy the Russel Wilson comparison just yet, Shaw is an interesting prospect.

    Living in the area, I got a chance to see Shaw play nearly every week. Shaw makes smart decisions with the ball. He doesn’t turn the ball over, and he’ll do what ever it takes to win. He went 3-0 against arch-rival Clemson, outplaying Tajh Boyd in each of those contests. Shaw also led USC to three consecutive bowl wins against Big Ten teams, and he never lost a home game, or a game to a non-SEC opponent.

    In a conference littered with NFL QB prospects, Shaw didn’t get much attention. But honestly, I would rate Shaw ahead of McCarron, and just behind Aaron Murray.

    He’ll need to adjust his game in terms of running less and passing more, but he’s got the tools, accuracy and decision making instincts to be successful at the next level. With some solid coaching, he’ll make some team an excellent starting QB in the NFL.

  11. I’m sure he would be like Wilson, sit back and let the defense and run game carry you all the way to the superbowl. Probably would have had a sb ring if he was the qb of the Seahawks last year too.

  12. I’ve watched every down of Connors college career and the kid has something. He may not be an elite NFL college quarterback but if nothing else he could be a heck of a slot receiver. He is one tough lil dude, great awareness/ball protection, speed, and football IQ.

  13. Are we kinda forgetting what team Wilson has? Not to take away from Wilson, but he wouldn’t win a Super Bowl without that defense. Wilson still has been a great game manager and obviously proven he can play in this league, at the same time to say he could get far with a healthy Denver defense is just stupid. We all know that the Seattle defense won that Super Bowl, Wilson did his job due to so many stops to that offense and forced the Denver defense to challenge him.

  14. Shaw is no Russell Wilson, but he play is as good as a couple guys rated above him, Namely Manzeil and Bortles.

    He’s a baller, who can run with the best, but his passing skills must be developed. He’s a guy who the combine will help to open eyes.

  15. Wilson’s QB abilities are greater than what he has shown. The kid can throw…and will be forced to more as Seattle’s defense slowly diminishes. He put’s the ball in a 6″x6″ window on almost every pass….and if he misses…he errors on the side away from the defender. Just wait….his skills haven’t been shown yet.

  16. From interviews that I’ve seen, the Seahawks are a team that have been showing a lot of interest in Shaw. Just got to throw it out there to all the Seattle fans that are currently bashing him.

  17. It is getting tiresome for a qb shorter than ideal with some mobility to be compared to Russell Wilson .

  18. Yeah, Shaw is just like Wilson, except with way more talent around him, offensively and defensively. Not trying to crap on Bucky, but Shaw did a whole lot less with way more than Russell Wilson.

  19. I never watched much of Connar Shaw except maybe his 5 TD highlight game but I hope not every QB around 6 feet is compared to Russell Wilson but I guess its a better sell than Kellen Clemons.

    Wilson is unique like a Brady/Manning/Brees because of his leadership skills and drive to be great. Even though he isn’t playing at the level of those guys yet I had no doubt he would excel in the Super Bowl. He work ethic well documented – 1st at the facility and last to leave. Throw on top of that being physically gifted enough to be drafted in two professional sports.

  20. I love the people trying to diminish Wilson’s ability. How’d that work out for Baltimore with QB X all those years their defense was great? How about a couple of years ago when Seattle’s defense was just as good but Charlie Whitehurst and Matt Hasselbeck were stinking it up to a 7-9 record? Wilson’s been good going back to his NC State days and consistently works wonders with that pedestrian WR corp that Seattle puts around him. With Harvin playing more snaps next year, you’ll only see more of what he’s capable of.

  21. These posts really do crack me up. Fact.. Wilson’s team did win the Super Bowl. He has more talent than most teams around him. I have been stuck with watching the Seahawks for years, and routing for them. So please think twice before you call all Seahawks fans fair weather. I have not missed a game, living in Florida. And this kid is special. People seem to forget this is almost the same identical team that went 7 and 9 into the playoffs. Same line, same personnel, same dominant running back. Only difference is qb. T Jackson didn’t have the ability to make all players around him better like Wilson. Which is a underrated dominant trait from your franchise qb. I’m not asking to say he is the greatest qb of all time. I pride myself on being a realist. Please though, start giving him his due. Watch a entire seaon with him as a qb and I guarantee you won’t feel the way you do Wilson haters. Yes I know harvin wasn’t on the team but he played twenty snaps

  22. Seattle had the #1 defense when whitehurst and hasselbeck were playing? I didn’t know that, I could have sworn they were middle of the pack on defense.

    Hasselbeck took an average team to the sb, Wilson rode the best team to the sb. Big difference. Wilson would be an afterthought on Indy, Miami and wash teams, and all three of those qb’s would have a ring if drafted to Seattle. Wilson’s career is summed up as the right place at the right time.

  23. Every team should shy away from Shaw and leave him for Seattle to select in say, round 4. He and Wilson may compliment each other on the field and we’ll develop another class act QB.

  24. Difference is, Shaw doesn’t throw game-winning interceptions.

    ESPN reporter: Did you see the last play [against the Packers]?
    Wilson: Yeah! Simultaneous possession goes to the runner!

    Go help Golden Tate steal some donuts, Russell.

  25. My god… Packers fans. LET IT GO!!! It was a bad call. Two years later still. Sorry about the over use of periods. Once again to the fan that said right place at right time. I was talking about the 7 and 9 squad. Team is the same just needed time to gel. Do the math.. 7 and 9 without Wilson Super Bowl with. Look up his stats first couple years in league. News flash… Defense can’t throw Td passes. But he could be Brady and you guys will never give him his due. Guess it’s the price you have to pay for relevancy. No one ever talked about t jack

  26. Packers fan is still holding onto what happened a few years ago in regular season game where his QB took 8 sacks before half-time. Benefited from bad calls to help them make the game remotely close.

    I would love to see Seattle play Packers this coming year. You think your team got embarrassed playing the 49ers who have one legit edge rusher. Aaron Rogers will leave the field on a stretcher behind that offensive line.

  27. while stats doesn’t favor wilson, but you’d have to watch wilson play to appreciate his talent.

    Are all the whiners here whining because your team didn’t win the superbowl this year?

    You mad, bros?

  28. I believe teams should grab a QB every draft even if you have a franchise guy. Connor Shaw is a developmental QB worthy of a late 4th round / 5th round pick. You really don’t know about any of these guys until their under the bright light steering down the barrel of live ammo out to mess you up.

  29. Wilson is a game manager, huh? Who holds the record for TD passes as a rookie? Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson, the only difference is Manning threw a ton of interceptions.

    Wilson is a game manager? What’s his QB rating? 100.00 in 2012 and 101.2. He did this with “pedestrian” WR and an o line that was out most of the season.

    But hey, keep spewing ignorant opinions about him. Wouldn’t want the facts to get in the way of a good story.

  30. i really don’t wanna knock russel wilson, but i can’t stand all this talk about him, like he’s an elite QB. the kid has the best defense in what, 15 years? the number 1 special teams in the league, a very good o-line, and a top 5 RB. His numbers, when looked at alone are average at best. again i don’t wanna knock the kid, but people need to settle down with all the hype. i get that he has been a great game manager and you can’t argue with wins, but there’s a lot of QBs in this league, who win that superbowl with a team like the seahawks around them. the guy was middle of the pack in most qb stats, including 29th in yards/game. although he was top ten in passer rating which is impressive, he had a 58.9 total QBR which is barely better than average. i’ve said this to a lot of people in the last few weeks, and it’s the main problem i have with crowning this kid already…if seattle punted or kicked a FG (depending on field position) on first down of all of their possessions in the superbowl, they still would’ve outscored the broncos. i just don’t see how we can praise this kid for a sb win when he literally didn’t have to step on the field once to secure that victory.

  31. Do you know what Russell Wilson really is?
    The QB of the 2014 Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks…
    Do you know what all of you ‘fans’ of other teams in here trying to disparage Russell are?
    Fans of teams that don’t have the QB of the 2014 Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks!
    Does that mean your team doesn’t have a chance to go to the Super Bowl and win it all next year?


  32. When Russell Wilson was drafted many said at 5’10” he could not see over the heads of 6’7″ lineman. Don’t 6’4″ QBs have the same problem?

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