Bill Belichick’s a laugh riot at the Scouting Combine


Patriots coach Bill Belichick entertained the crowd in the media room at the NFL Scouting Combine, an appearance so rare he used the same story he told the last time he came through.

Belichick was a late addition to the list of coaches and General Managers to talk, taking the podium right after Jets coach Rex Ryan spoke at the other end of the room.

It was his first appearance before reporters at the Combine since 2009, and began his visit with a soliloquy about how much the process had changed, reminiscing about seeing William “The Refrigerator” Perry perform his vertical leap.

He also provided lush insights on the three-cone drill, the entire Tennessee offensive line, and made the now-standard comment about the depth of a draft with over 100 underclassmen in it.

Asked specifics about his own team, he had less to say.

The best exchange was when he was asked to talk about the addition of Mike Lombardi to his staff.

“Mike’s got a lot of experience,” Belichick said. “He’s done a lot of things in his career in the NFL. I’m sure he’ll be doing many of those things for us. We’ll see how it goes.”

So Lombardi will, in fact, do things. Thanks for clearing that up, Bill.

Asked why he didn’t hire Lombardi previously, when he wasn’t working anywhere else in the league, Belichick replied: “We always do what we think is best for our football team.”

Belichick admitted they were “in that process,” when asked where they stood on free agents Julian Edelman and Aqib Talib.

Perhaps he’ll elaborate five years from now, the next time he comes through and tells the Perry story.

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  1. Bill’s got a wry and dry sense of humor – that you occasional see with some Brits. I totally dig it — but not everyone does.

  2. Maybe next time he’ll talk about how close they came to picking Spurgeon Wynn instead of Brady.

    As for Talib, BB can’t comment until Talib finishes icing up.

  3. Something really bothers me about BB and other media-averse people who are so disdainful of the public or anyone who questions them. They are part of an industry that depends on the public and media to buy their product an in effect pay their salaries. Yet, when asked to answer questions or explain their rationale for doing what they do or how they do it, they respond with utter contempt and often denigrate those who do the questioning. It’s as if doing so is beneath their dignity and a complete intrusion into their lives.
    They forget that they and their product are on display for all the world to see. Fans buy tickets, travel to games, buy merchandise, subscribe to cable or satellite packages to watch games, play licensed video games, etc. Even if they watch the game on TV for free, the networks depend on enough viewers to pay the NFL handsomely for broadcast rights. TV shows are cancelled in a heartbeat for lack of viewers.
    Yet, BB and like-minded people in all sports think it’s fine to act like they’re undergoing a root canal when someone dares ask them a question or to appear at an event. How dare the Great Unwashed question the Mighty Oz!

  4. whats really funny is that you all are waiting for him to change his approach and like its going to happen. NOT and never so why do you guys get all excited and write these stupid stories.

    he could care less about what you all think. He is getting his big fat paycheck, like what he is doing, winning 10 plus games a year, selling out the stadium with 50,000 people on a waiting list for season ticket and going to the playoffs every year

    he doesn’t give a flying fart in outer space whether the media condones of his appearances

  5. I find it funny that after 30 years in the league using the same candor for each press conference, the media is still amazed he won’t say more.

    If you don’t like his comments, then don’t ask him questions. 2 way street media fella’s.

  6. I like Bill Belichick. And one of the reasons I like him is because I appreciate that the Bill Belichick that shows up at mandatory press conferences or on conference calls is a construct, an intentionally stone-faced robot. It’s actually really funny, too bad most people either don’t get it or, in the case of reporters, take it personally.

  7. It is a complete myth that he dislikes talking with the media. If somebody from the media asks him an interesting question (a rather rare occurrence at NFL press conferences), he will answer it fully and elaborately.

  8. The media hates belichick because he is not Rex Ryan, Mike Shanahan or Herm Edwards–THANK GOD!!!!!!

  9. Nothing succeeds like success, and breeds detractors by the score. He did good in New York, was rewarded with the New England gig and will no doubt retire there. Has he sinned along the way? Who hasn’t? He isn’t invincible, but he’s one helluva great coach. Like him or hate him, you can’t deny the truth.

  10. I think he is a great coach and deserves a ton of respect. However, he is a bad loser by not talking to the media after the game like all 31 other coaches. When he sent out a spokesperson from the locker room to do (his) job by addressing the media after a big loss I thought it was the most unprofessional things I’ve witnessed.

  11. Oh I see how many times repressed jealousy has raised its ugly head. Nearly all the people who dislike Belichick don’t know him and have never met him. And all these references to spygate have become as mundane and childish as a little kid passing gas on purpose; all coaches have filmed other teams…and that’s a fact. Get a life. Get over it. Respect achievement.

  12. Bill Cowhler expects Belichick will retire as the best coach in NFL history. A number of people on this thread think they are a better judge of Belichick than Cowhler and that their hatred of the man matters. Maybe, just maybe, when you look at a mirror, someone who is both a poor judge of football talent and of character in general is looking back.

  13. I would love to ask BB the question, “Since Spygate, your team has never won a Superbowl despite going 17-0 in one season and appearing in the Superbowl twice. Do you think its karma?”

  14. I think Bill gives each question the response it merits. Insightful questions usually elicit an interesting, thoughtful response.

    Stupid questions get a stupid answer. Don’t they get it? That’s what’s so funny about it.

    I wonder why the media never laugh…

  15. As a jets fan it pains me to say this but I love how BB does press conferences, I also love Rex Ryan’s. They both give a sense of comedy to this league and I don’t think they hate each other as much as the media and fans portray they just like to rib at each others teams.

  16. Maybe Lombardi wasn’t hired because Scott Pioli and Floyd Reese were there at different stints.

    Btw, you think Lombardi would want to work for a team that had Randy Moss on it? Lombardi traded Moss to New England!

  17. I stopped listening to WEEI, because all they are talking about is boring baseball 24/7 already. BB’s comments are a lot more interesting to me than that.

  18. Bill gets it. Anything you say to the media will be immediately twisted to fit their agenda so by saying nothing you give them no chance to bury you.

    I am surprised more coaches haven’t caught on to this.

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