Broncos raise ticket prices

Getty Images

The Broncos made the playoffs for the third straight year last season. Not coincidentally, they’re raising ticket prices for the third straight year this offseason.

The Denver Post reports that the Broncos are raising ticket prices from an average of $84.51 per ticket in 2013 to $89.91 for 2014. That’s a 6.4 percent increase, significantly higher than America’s overall inflation rate of 1.1 percent.

Although most ticket prices are going up, some seats at Mile High will remain the same price as last year, and the Broncos say their tickets are still a good deal compared to the league average.

“We understand there is a perception that tickets to sporting events are expensive, and we continue to look to add value for our fans while keeping prices competitive around the league,” Broncos Senior V.P. of Business Development Mac Freeman told the Post. “The reality is the Broncos’ average ticket price in 2013 was 14th in the NFL, so we’re really in the middle of the pack.”

Rising ticket prices make it increasingly difficult for some fans to get to see an NFL game in person. But the Broncos keep selling out their stadium every Sunday, even as prices keep going up.