Darren McFadden’s agent expects to meet with Raiders this weekend

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It’s been hard to find anyone predicting a return to Oakland for running back Darren McFadden in 2014, but that doesn’t mean that the door on a return has been closed.

Gil Brandt of NFL.com reports that McFadden’s agent plans to meet with the Raiders in Indianapolis on Saturday to discuss what, if any, future his client might have with the team that drafted him fourth overall in 2008. General Manager Reggie McKenzie has already indicated that he expects McFadden to hit free agency next month so there may not be much chance of a preemptive strike from the team, but a less robust market than McFadden might like could possibly lead to a return.

One team that could throw itself into the bidding for McFadden is the Bengals. Offensive coordinator Hue Jackson coached McFadden in Oakland and has called the back one of his favorite players, which has led to speculation that McFadden could join Giovani Bernard in the Cincinnati backfield.

Other teams are going to be looking for backs to round out their backfields, but it is hard to imagine anyone offering McFadden a bigger role after he’s missed at least three games in every season of his professional career.

24 responses to “Darren McFadden’s agent expects to meet with Raiders this weekend

  1. They can meet, but unless he’s willing to play for a bargain rate the Raiders should let him walk. He’s very good when healthy, but he’s too fragile to rely on.

  2. He averaged over 5 ypc with Hue Jackson and can only brag about 3 ypc with out him….and in the years he didn’t have Hue he’s been heavily outgained in ypc by the likes of Rashad Jennings, Marcel Reece and just about anyone else the Raiders put back at RB. Not many RB’s in the history of the league have been so scheme dependant to be good.

  3. What’s troubling is that every time the Raiders put in another running back, that guy did better than McFadden. Reese was better two seasons ago when he got the time at HB, and Jennings was better last season. He doesn’t seem as explosive as before all these leg and foot injuries.

  4. Well I would hope DM’s agent is paying for the meal . DM has had a free lunch long enough .

  5. Sorry DMac, I love ya as a person and you never embarrassed the team or the fans for which I am grateful. Your time in Oakland is done. I see us taking a RB in the 2nd Round and I know who I want. I am gonna keep it to myself but I saw a mock that had the guy I want in S&B there for us in the 3rd round but I want him in the second. Sign Josh Freeman, rebuild the DL and OL via FA and Draft. I want Watkins at 5 if Clowney isnt there. Its time to make things happen in Oakland and getting playmakers and the trenches fixed has to happen NOW. Enough 4-12 seasons. Bring back the swagger which will be tough this season with the toughest schedule in the NFL.

  6. When healthy he’s explosive. But why keep a guy who gets broken when a brisk wind hits him? In his career he’s been hurt more than he’s been on the field!

  7. I know I am in the minority, but if he is willing to sign for the right price ( 2 to 3) I would love to have him back.

  8. It’s frustrating, because we’ve seen what he’s capable of when he’s healthy and being used the right way, but this coaching staff seems incapable of utilizing him properly and he seems incapable of staying healthy. The fans are fed up with him, so I say let him walk.

  9. Haters can say what they want about the guy, but in 2010 he still had the 5th greatest rushing season by a raider, in which he only played 13 games. Only Marcus, Nap, and Van Eeghen rushed for more yards, but they all played behind incredible o-lines. As terrible as the raiders O-line have been he still avg 4.2 a carry….that alone speaks volumes.

  10. He, with out a doubt, is the best athlete on the Raiders…

    He’s just had some bad luck, but the guy is going to kill it soon…wait and see. He is not done and Hue knows it…

    We failed in the getting the ball to this guy in the flat or around the end. Every time he carried the ball, it was up the centers butt. Never the quick pitch around the corner that defenses feared the most. Or even off tackle would have been better than right up the middle into the linebackers lair…

    Trust me on this one…we need to keep 4 backs. I am tired of seeing Marcel at tailback when the others are injured. The 4 backs should be DMAC, Jennings, Murray and Sheets –

    Concentrate on other positions we need…we have the 4 backs we need…


  11. We don’t need to lose solid players if he’s willing to stay for a low salary then I say keep him. He still gots plenty of more years of playing football he will do good again like in 2010!

  12. when D Mac is healthy hes top 5 running back in the NFL..he likes to run between the tackles and run downhill and take screens for big yardage..but one problem he is way to injury prone to keep him as every down back..he plays hard and tough and doesnt back away from contact but maybe thats the problem he needs to go out of bounds when hes surrrounded near the sidelines instead of taking a pounding thats wear and tear on his body…Id love to keep him just cus hes a home run threat everytime he touches the ball but who ever signs him needs another good running back like when we had M Bush it was great 1 ..2 punch..but dont not over pay D Mac Raiders need to spend there 60 million wisely ..Raider Nation”

  13. At the right price and with a new and improved O line, he would shine. That said, I think they should resign him and use him all over the field. He is a great reciever and McFadden is still a dangerous weapon if used right.

  14. One of the things that slow him down is that he’s a North/South runner that can’t cut East & West. All he did was run full speed into brick walls every game for 2 yard gains. With the Raiders lackluster offensive line, and his running style, both sides might as well part ways.

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