Darren Sharper now being investigated for Miami sexual assault

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The list of troubling allegations against former NFL safety (and suspended NFL Network analyst) Darren Sharper continues to grow.

Already being investigated for seven sexual assaults in Los Angeles and New Orleans, he’s now part of a sexual battery investigation in Miami Beach, according to NBC Miami.

That’s in addition to a report was filed last month regarding a 2011 incident involving two women from Georgia who were there for spring break. The report said the women had fallen asleep at Sharper’s condo, and woke up to find either Sharper or his brother Jamie “behaving inappropriately and exposing himself.”

The women were taken to a rape treatment center, but no evidence of sexual battery was found, so no charges were filed in that case.

Sharper has been suspended from his role with the NFL Network, and as the charges mount, it’s hard to imagine he’ll be back on the air anytime soon, if ever.

17 responses to “Darren Sharper now being investigated for Miami sexual assault

  1. So basically this dude could have any number of women who would consensually give it up to him, but that wasnt enough. Instead, he took pleasure in drugging women, and then ravaging their lifeless body. Something very sick about someone enjoying that more than consensual… Just saying. That puts this dude in the highest category of disgusting.

  2. If prosecutors find the supplier of the drugs Sharper used, or find a supply of the drugs in his possession, stick a fork in him. If they don’t, and there was no trace of the drug in any of the women’s systems, it may be difficult to convict Sharper. These cases will be tried separately. It likely would be determent that bringing in evidence from other cases would be prejudicial to any one particular case. So, a woman who willingly went to the hotel of a man will have to convince a jury that there was sex and and the sex was not consensual. If Sharper admits the sex, there likely will be no bruising or other corroborating evidence. It will help the prosecution if the (alleged) victims reported the assaults timely.

  3. I went back and reread some of the reports on these cases. It appears that in at least one of the attacks Sharper is alleged to have drugged two women that both accompanied him to his room, that both report being drugged, and one reporting she woke up and discovered Sharper assaulting the other woman. If that testimony holds up, Sharper would likely be convicted.

  4. By the way, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sharper’s lawyers using the “concussion” angle to try to acquit Sharper: His former NFL related concussion and brain injuries have caused a permanent uncontrollable change in Sharper’s persona……..it was the NFL’s fault.

  5. I figured more and more incidents would come to light once this hit the national media. This is as bad as it gets.

  6. My female friends agree this guy is not bad looking, has money, came across OK on the TV, can practically have any woman he wants. So why go this route. I see the insanity defense coming.

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