Davone Bess hasn’t heard from Browns about future

Getty Images

Last week, Mike Florio reported that the Browns plan to void the guaranteed money on wide receiver Davone Bess’ contract for the 2014 season after he ended last season on the non-football illness list.

Bess missed the last two games, posted some questionable photos on Twitter, got arrested at an airport and had a previous incident with police that ended with an involuntary hospitalization for mental health issues come to light to fuel the voiding notion. Bess checked himself in for more treatment this time around and says he hasn’t heard anything from the Browns about their plans.

“I haven’t talked to the Browns [front office], and I don’t know how they feel about me,” Bess said. “I see they made changes, and change is often good. I did have communication with [offensive coordinator] Kyle Shanahan. He sent out a group message and I replied … I’m looking forward to the season and getting better on and off the field.”

Bess said that he’s benefitted from medical treatment and called his arrest the result of “misunderstandings.” Bess said he’s “learned to be able to talk about things built up over the years” rather than let them escalate to a negative outcome.

“I was in a point of my life where there was a lot of betrayal and mistrust and I didn’t know how to handle it,” Bess said. “So I went and got some help. I went through the process and learned it’s OK to express my feelings but I have to do it in a positive way.”

Browns General Manager Ray Farmer said last week that “care and concern” for Bess are the team’s “biggest thing” at the moment. Bess has the right to challenge any attempt to void the $3.067 million in guarantees on his 2014 deal and voiding the guarantee doesn’t mean he won’t remain with the team with a chance to recoup the money during the season.