Eagles open to competition at quarterback, but not for Foles


When the Eagles’ season came to a close with a playoff loss to the Saints, Eagles coach Chip Kelly said that there should always be competition at the quarterback position.

On Thursday, General Manager Howie Roseman agreed with the coach about the need for competition but stressed that any competition at the position this offseason wouldn’t be about Nick Foles.

“Nobody’s saying we’re bringing in competition for Nick Foles or we’re outwardly looking for competition for Nick Foles,” Roseman said, via the team’s website. “We’re looking for competition throughout our roster. We’ve said that when we’ve had Donovan McNabb. The question about the quarterback position is a broader question about the competition level. That’s not any slight on Nick Foles. The more talent you have on your roster at every position, the better everyone’s going to be. I think that we have tremendous support for Nick. We’ve been unquestioned about Nick.”

The Eagles have concerns on their roster, but Foles shouldn’t be one of them after his play last season. With Michael Vick leaving the team, there could be an addition to Matt Barkley and G.J. Kinne on the depth chart behind him and Roseman cited the team’s history of turning backup quarterbacks into helpful draft picks as another rationale for possibly picking a quarterback in May.

22 responses to “Eagles open to competition at quarterback, but not for Foles

  1. “Eagles open to competition at quarterback, but not for Foles”

    Ohhh, you got me there for a sec….

  2. The Eagles understand how it should be looked at. It is a football team. You acquire as much talent as possible, regardless of feelings or positions. This is not a group of friends, its a business, talent acquisition business at that. Nothing to see here.

  3. Look at the wall; Howie’s writing on it. Howie and Chip aren’t sold on Foles. They’re drafting another quaterback, and Foles is going to have to compete…that’s if they don’t draft a quarterback in the first round. If they do that, Foles’s days in Philly, as a starter, are numbered.

  4. I’m surprised the headline didn’t read, “Eagles open to competition…for Foles”, the way these sites tend to work.

    That said, I hope to Christopher Walken that Foles doesn’t have a big drop-off from last year. I’m sure his INT numbers will go up, but hoping for around a 3:1 TD-INT ratio, optimistically.

  5. Howie has stated that the Eagles are open to taking a quarterback in the first round. You don’t draft quarterbacks in the first round to be backups; eventually, they start. You don’t hear GMs of the Seahawks, Colts, 49ers, Redskins and Panthers saying they’d be open to taking a quarterback in the first round. That would be preposterous, but we keep hearing that conversation with Foles.

  6. Foles had a great year, but he is lacking in arm talent, mobility, footwork with in the pocket, and he tends to drop his eyes when color flashes in front of his face. He tends to abandon the pocket way too early at times.

    In reality, looking at who’s in the draft, Manziel and Bridgewater won’t be there, so if we draft a QB we are obliged to start him at some point. Foles has a great year, but ( in my opinion ) it’s wise for the Eagles’ brass not to put all of their eggs in Foles’s basket.

    Oh, P.S., I hope we don’t draft Manziel. He made a living in HS and college extending the play. He’s not going to make a living like that in the NFL.

  7. Foles needs too learn too pull the trigger Faster. He holds the ball too long and takes a lot of sacks. He’s a good QB but has a long way too go so I think bringing in a QB would help I can’t see him having another season with mind blowing stats. They should bring in a solid veteran backup too compete with foles I think.

  8. Foles has alot to work on. He’s had bascially a year under his belt and he is going to get better. At 22, the best available player will not be quarterback so don’t get excited. See how he progresses.

  9. I don’t think they should go the solid veteran backup route. For one, what solid veteran back is out there ? Since there’s question marks regarding Foles, I think we should draft another QB. If Foles is the guy, he’ll beat out whoever we bring in. The more we look for a QB the better the chance we’ll find one.

  10. I really don’t understand the negativity regarding Foles. All he did was take a 4-12 team to the playoffs, give his team the lead in the fourth quarter and might have had a bigger lead if Riley Cooper holds on to a pass. Receivers drop passes so I can’t blame Cooper who had a good game. The blame is on the defense and possibly the horsecollar tackle necessited by the cover team messing up.
    So it isn’t Foles to be blamed but, rather to be praised for a great season. He should be the starter, he earned it the old fashioned way.

  11. Foles is going to be one of the better QBs in the league. He doesn’t get a lot of credit because his name isn’t Kaepernick or Wilson. Kaepernick and Wilson ride their teams D to good records and SB wins and they are talked about like they deserve Aaron Rodgers kind of Money. Foles carries his team to a playoff berth and he gets talked about like his job isn’t secure.

  12. They have no faith in Barkley as the backup and rightfully so. Foles is the QB,plain and simple,but there needs to be a quality,serviceable backup in place and Barkley simply is NOT that guy.

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