Jets described as near the end of their rope with Stephen Hill

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Two years ago, Stephen Hill turned in a sensational performance at the Scouting Combine, showing great natural athleticism and establishing himself as a high draft pick, despite catching just 49 passes in his entire college career.

The Jets ended up taking Hill with their second-round pick that year, but two years later, he hasn’t shown an ability to translate his great athleticism into being a great football player. Or even a good football player.

In his first two seasons, Hill has just 45 catches for 594 yards and four touchdowns, and the Jets may have decided that he’s simply never going to be the player they want him to be. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets’ brain trust is skeptical of Hill’s ability to become a reliable player, and the Jets are near the end of their rope with Hill.

Jets G.M. John Idzik wasn’t with the team when the Jets drafted Hill, and it’s entirely possible that Idzik never thought much of Hill in the first place. If so, it would be easy for Idzik to decide to move on — just as soon as the Jets some better receivers, which is one of Idzik’s top offseason priorities.

If Hill never amounts to much of anything in New York, he’ll be one of those picks that makes Jets fans look back in disgust. Especially considering that the next receiver picked after Hill, two spots later, was Alshon Jeffery.

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  1. Lucky for them it’s a deep WR draft, and a deep crop of mid tier free agent WR. They can really overhaul the group in one off-season.

    Passing on Jeffrey will always sting for them, though.

  2. Alshon Jeffery has Jay Cutler throwing to him and Stephen Hill has had Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith. And Hill played at Georgia Tech which is a triple option team that throws the ball less than 10 times a game. Put him on a team with a good QB before writing him off.

  3. I’d like to believe the Jets have a standard for WR’s, but then I watched them continue to play and throw to C. Gates last year despite his continuous drive killing drops. So while Rex insists on focusing on the D, nobody holds the O to any type of accountability.

  4. Detroit makes a lot of sense. He was mentored by Calvin Johnson at G. Tech and they speak highly of each other. Throw a 7th rounder for him and he has Megatron tutoring him again.

  5. Track guy trying to play football. He’s not very physical, he can’t run any routes besides the fly pattern, has no rac capability, oh and he cant catch. They would be lucky to find a trade parter for this guy.

  6. Since when have the Jets ever developed any real talent on offense?

    If this kid had some real coaches and a real QB to throw him the ball, then you could make a fair assessment of his talent.

    Best thing that can happen to him is to be released.

  7. Seems to have a lot of Darius Heyward-Bey in him; terrific size and can really run. And that’s about it.
    It might be interesting to see hum paired with a proven QB, one that can get him the ball consistently.

  8. Before comparing him to Jeffery consider that Hill has not only had injury issues which has caused to him to miss most of last season, he is the only vertical threat on the Jets. Jeffery also plays opposite of Marshall which no doubt has helped bolster his numbers.

  9. cut him … then watch what happens when he has an Aaron Rodgers/Brady/Brees feeding him the ball compared to the Geno/Sanchez ‘es of the world.

  10. Alshon Jeffery was an absolute monster in college, despite playing with an erratic QB (Stephen Garcia) & competing in the best conference in the country ..if you don’t believe it, check out the highlights of the ’10 game vs. then #1 Alabama, where he spent the better part of 4 quarters embarrassing what was arguably the best secondary in college football at the time ..any fool who’d choose Stephen Hill over him deserves to be immediately terminated & banned from football

  11. Draft position and college career notwithstanding…till he gets away from the Jets…he is an unknown quantity of unknown quality….

  12. Jets claps you beat me to it! Yeah I’m pretty sure we roll out the red carpet every time we match up against hill. Which is good because it doesn’t get much use when Tom Brady isn’t around.

  13. No this kid wasn’t mentored by Megatron. And just because they went to Georgia Tech, doesn’t make him anything like Demaryius Thomas…who was expected to be good coming out of college.

    Also, the game he had against the Bills…they were down their top-3 CBs.

    J-E-T-S suck suck suck!

  14. I honestly think the Jets are sleeper team next year. They went 8-8 with a CFL-level offense. Imagine what could happen if they actually bring in reinforcements on offense.

  15. “catching just 49 passes in his entire college career” says it all. That’s the description a late round flyer gets, not a second rounder.

  16. His lack of production has nothing to do with his QBs or his coaches. Anyone who has seen him play knows the guy can’t catch. It’s as simple as that. Another Tannenbaum error.

  17. Jets should try giving the 49ers a call. They’re looking for a big, fast WR and have already dealt a few late round picks for guys who wore out their welcome with the team that drafted them. Hill’s been disappointing, but he’s also been injured and playing in and offense where no one seemed to be doing well the past 2 years. At some point you have to think it’s the situation more so than each individual player, right?

  18. I watched Hill every game and he is never open. He just can’t separate himself from NFL corners. Even on fly routes where you think he could use his 4.3 speed. It’s a shame, like the Jets, I had high hopes for Hill.

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