Joe Philbin takes responsibility for Dolphins locker room

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Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin kicked off the NFL Scouting Combine Thursday morning by accepting his share of the blame for the recent bullying scandal.

“I want everybody to know, I’m the one responsible for the workplace environment at the Miami Dolphins,” Philbin said.

Philbin was a late addition to the Scouting Combine speaker rotation, after initially not appearing on the list of coaches to talk.

And as the Dolphins first representative before the national media since the Ted Wells report was released last week, Philbin was forced to address topics he clearly wasn’t comfortable handling, though he tried to shoulder it.

He referred to the findings of the report as “inappropriate and unacceptable,” and vowed to fix it.

“We’re going to have a better workplace, I promise you that,” Philbin said. “I’m going to make sure that happens.”

Philbin was forceful and direct while addressing the overflow crowd of reporters, saying he had to be “more vigilant, diligent and visible.”

While ordinarily a man of deliberate tone, Philbin’s clearly trying to present a strong face for his franchise, which it clearly needs.

He was short on specifics, saying the organization hadn’t made decisions on how to proceed with Richie Incognito, John Jerry or Jonathan Martin, other than to say owner Stpehen Ross was going to meet with Martin soon.

There was an overall message of accountability, which was needed, and the only time Philbin stepped away from that was when he deferred to players on the question of Incognito being voted to the leadership council.

Otherwise, it was the fist step in cleansing the Dolphins’ image, which will take more than 15 minutes on a podium in Indianapolis to do.

42 responses to “Joe Philbin takes responsibility for Dolphins locker room

  1. I commend him for taking the bullet! Now draft some freaking talented offensive linemen that are mentally sound!

  2. Similar to what he said 4 months ago when this blew up. Nothing wrong with his leadership. He seems thoughtful and methodical which is exactly what is needed now. Let the ignorant fire away with their criticism

  3. Doesn’t surprise Joe Philbin would run into this kind of problem as a head coach in his locker room. Watching Hard Knocks it looked like he had trouble connecting with his players the way they spoke to each other seemed like they were on different wave lengths.

  4. The Dolphins players elected Richie Incognito to the leadership council shortly after the sexual assault incident (at a team outing on a golf course).

    Philbin needs to take an active role in setting the tone in Miami. Otherwise, nothing changes. That’s why I’d advocate letting him go.

  5. Too little and much too late. Where were you when these repeated abuses were being committed, apparently on a daily basis? Way to have your finger on the pulse of the team, head coach. God, I despise bullies and those who tolerate them. Fire Philbin. Yesterday.

  6. Let’s be cautious on the praise being tossed at Joe for “standing up” and finally answering questions…

    I truly have it on good authority that Phlbin “finally” put himself out there do to pressure from other sources.

    The guy loves to hide behind the curtain, and stay away from the tough decisions.

  7. Very easy to be wise after the event people. When will grown men stand up and take responsibility for their own actions and life. These football players were not children and i am including Martin in this. Being bullied at school is one thing, high school college, but in pro sports come on stand up for yourself and by that i mean seek out help don’t run off and blab it out so everybody gets it even the people that could have helped you. Turner and O`Neil i blame mostly these men mixed extensively with the players should have had a handle on what Martin was going through. Incognito a complete immature buffoon grow up man and Pouncey the sheep following along, needs to grow a set. Just because you are blessed young with a gift to play football doesn’t mean you cant be a decent human-being. Philbin yes must take some flak but don’t you think he has enough to contend with trying to win football games as he was only into his second year, give the man a break.

  8. This is actually laughable, coming so long after the “event.” Joe sticks his face in there and says “Well, I guess it’s my fault.”

  9. Most of the comments are spot on for sure.

    Especially the ones that state that Philbin is “stepping up” and “taking responsibility” now that it may be safe to do so.

    Kind of like how he figures out where things went wrong during a loss a week after the game is over.

    He seems to have a “tough guy after the fact” personae.

  10. The mistake the Dolphins made was drafting this weak minded individual. There is NOTHING going on in the Dolphins locker room different than anybody else’s. It was the thing to say but not his fault! I hope this works out for Joe because he is a class act.

  11. I don’t see how people are comparing this to the Saints situation. The only thing that I heard that was wrong was the racist issue with the trainer. Other than that, I had the same thing happen in locker rooms when I was playing football.

    Jon Martin should have spoken up and Cogs probably would have lightened up on him. But he decided to befriend them. I do feel bad for Martin in the fact that no one likes to get picked on, but speak up!

    As far as the Dolphins firing Philbin, if that was going to happen it would have happened when the season ended. He did not have a stellar end to the season and if his job hinged on this report, they would have let him go then. Now they don’t have any coaches to choose from.

    Finally, if these players get a worse fine/suspension than Ray Rice…I quit supporting your league Mr. Goodell.

  12. So Ray Rice knocks his girlfriend out cold…there’s video evidence of him dragging her across the floor…..and the Dolphins sideshow continues to be the bigger story? Really?

  13. Dear Joe,

    I think you will be fine. I suggest you take your players out for an evening of team-building. Dave & Busters is the perfect spot.

    Rex Ryan

  14. Philbin is a stand up guy. Most of you tools don’t even know he took responsibility of this during the season. He suspended Incognito immediately when he was informed. He reached out to Martin. He is no mind reader. Martin never went to him or any other of the staff and informed them. These groups spend allot of time behind closed doors with their trainers. I am sure it didn’t happen in open view of the whole locker room.

  15. The hypocrisy of some of the NFL HQ, analysts and a lot of you out there, never ceases to amaze me. Lets see: Rape? its ok; Rape and cover it up? that’s ok too; Murder/Manslauter? its fine; Domestic violence? don’t even worry about it; Illegal drug use? no problem. But don’t you dare ever bully or be accused of bullying. Do that and your reputation will be so bad that no one will want you on your team and league will go above and beyond to stop this from happening. Any one of the other issues should keep any one from the privilege of participating in professional sports. You people act like the bullying occurred is the most horrific capital offense ever …. if professional sports would spend just a small portion of the energy spent on this bullying case and focus on any of the issues above, very good chance the bullying wouldn’t ever occurred at all. Its not the Dolphins locker room that fostered this; its all of professional sports, the fans that support the teams and society in general. Get your damn priorities straight.

  16. “Joe Philbin takes responsibility for Dolphins locker room”

    Better late than never, I guess.

    He knew what was going on = shouldn’t be allowed to remain the HC

    He didn’t know what was going on = isn’t capable of being the HC

  17. It’s Ok if you stay Joe because you will be fired after next season anyway. You don’t possess the ability to beat coaches like Belichick or even Rex Ryan.

  18. Joe Philban: As connected to events surrounding his team as Joe Pa.

    He knew it, allowed it and then decided to ignore it so the “team”, “his legacy” and his trash O-Line coach buddy wouldn’t be affected.

    Ross, this team has been an absolute joke for 40 years. No player, coach or GM will come here unless it’s simply to chase a paycheck, they don’t come here with an expectation or plan for success.

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