Ravens, Rice’s attorney offer new statements in wake of video


Wednesday saw the release of a video showing Ravens running back Ray Rice pulling his unconscious fiancée out of an elevator and the summons from Atlantic City Municpal Court alleging Rice put her in that state by striking her with his hand.

It also saw a new round of statements from Rice’s attorney and the Ravens. The team confirmed that members of the organization have seen the video and called it a “serious matter” that they are gathering information about. After Rice was initially arrested, the team said it was “aware” of what happened and emphasized Rice and his fiancée returning home together.

One of Rice’s attorneys called the incident a “very minor physical altercation” at that time, but a different lawyer offered up a new statement in the wake of the video’s release.

“The video that has been put up by TMZ shows the very end of what transpired between Ray and his fiancée,” Michael Diamondstein said, via the Baltimore Sun. “We are confident that by the time all of the facts are in the open, the public will have a complete and true picture of what actually transpired, and we just ask that the public remember what a high-character, good person Ray is, and that they reserve judgment until all the facts are out.”

Diamondstein offered no further comment after the summons came to light later in the day.