Ray Farmer on drafting a QB: There’s an opportunity for some curveballs


It’s combine time in Indianapolis, but Browns General Manager Ray Farmer gave a nod to the start of spring training in Florida and Arizona on Thursday when asked about the possibility that the Browns will select a quarterback with the fourth overall pick.

Like other general managers of teams picking early and looking for a franchise quarterback, Farmer said he wasn’t locked into any particular position as he and the rest of the personnel department put together the team’s draft board. But it’s safe to say that the Browns would like to find the franchise quarterback they lack come May, right?

“It could be safe, but we might not go that direction,” Farmer said, via Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal. “It may not be what everybody thinks it’s going to be, so there’s an opportunity for some curveballs.”

Farmer passed on the opportunity to say much of anything about Brandon Weeden and said he wants to bring in competition when asked about Brian Hoyer, so it would definitely seem like a good idea for the Browns to be add a quarterback to the roster at some point this offseason. Preferably one who doesn’t specialize in curveballs.

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  1. While I am in Love with Johnny Football, part of me hopes he is not available, and Bridgewater is there. If not it sure would be nice for Watkins to be on one side and Gordon on the other…I would be happy with any of the 3…

    Just Sayin’..Go Brownies!!

  2. Manziel and Bridgewater are too small and slender to take the beatings. Bortles size will play well in Cleveland’s weather. Don’t count out Hoyer. He will be the starter and Bortles will have the ability to learn, which is the way it should be. Would not be unhappy with a Watkins pick though.

  3. Probably mark it up to being silly season, but I think that curveball could be Jimmy Garoppolo. He’s the most like Hoyer of all the QBs coming out. Just get em some Oline!

  4. Translation: We’re the Cleveland Browns. If there is one certainty in life it’s that we will totally screw this up.

  5. I like this guy. The old regime leaked like a siv. I hope they get Bridgewater, but if not, I don’t want them to reach because Bortles is Ponder/Gabbert 2.0. The QB I want is Garappolo in the 2nd round. Actually, if the Texans, Jags get a QB in the first round it leaves the chance that we could get Jimmy G in the 2nd, but Farmer is right not to broadcast it to the world and just let the talking heads with their Mock Drafts-a-Plenty talk for the next 2.5 months without any evidence whatsoever to back it up.

    Ever realize how many fewer leaks there are without Lombardi around?

  6. I would love to see Watkins #4, and best QB #26; or Bridgewater #4, and best WR #25.

    Best RB #36, followed by best DB. O-line and any other holes after that. FA should provide some immediate O-line help, too.

    Could RT Schwartz be moved to one of the Guard positions? I believe a big part of his problem last year was the “HOLE” at RG. He had people blowing by him on both sides of his position.

    We need insurance for WR Gordon and QB Hoyer.

  7. I would prefer maybe Watkins at 4 and a DB or OL at 26. I would like them to go for McCarron in maybe 3rd round. I think he may be a Brady like pick. He doesn’t have the strongest arm, he’s not fast, but, he is smart and he knows how to win. I like the way Farmer is handling the media much better than Lombardi coming out saying that they want Manziel. I don’t think Manziel will last. He is fun to watch, but I don’t think he would make it through a season. Bridgewater is very lean also. Haven’t seen enough of Bortles to make him a 4th pick. Should be interesting.

  8. I want Watkins at 4, Jeremy Hill RB LSU at 26, and McCarron at 35 or wherever they project him to be available. McCarron is the next Tom Brady. Getting slighted and not overhyped like Manziel, Bortles, and Bridgewater, he has fire in his belly, passion, and makes great decisions, unlike Manziel who makes dumb decisions on and off the field.

    If they feel they can get McCarron with second pick in 2nd round or even in the 3rd round take him, and get good run blocking guards to help the running game

    Drafting isnt rocket science, yet the Browns act like it is every year by screwing it up. Lets hope they figure it out this year

  9. They should get the best players available when its time for our pick and not give our picks away when we are constantly trying to accumulate them.Do your homework and make every pick count.That’s how you build a winner.

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