Report: 49ers restructure Jon Baldwin’s contract


49ers wide receiver Jon Baldwin has reportedly taken a salary cut for 2014.

According to Field Yates of, Baldwin’s base salary has been reduced from $1.4 million to $645,000.

Baldwin can make up the difference in incentives, Yates reported, but the wide receiver would have to play at least 80 percent of the offensive snaps, catch at least 65 passes and rack up more than 800 yards receiving to reach $1.4 million in compensation.

The 24-year-old Baldwin appeared in seven regular-season games for the 49ers in 2013, catching three passes for 28 yards. The 49ers acquired him from Kansas City in August.

Baldwin is in the final year of his contract. He was the Chiefs’ No. 1 pick in 2011.

18 responses to “Report: 49ers restructure Jon Baldwin’s contract

  1. They traded A.J. Jenkins for him…..A.J. Jenkins! While he definitely has a lot more upside than A.J., Jon probably would’ve taken a lot less to stay with a winning team.

  2. 65 catches for over 800 yards this season might be just a tad difficult for a guy who has 44 catches for 607 yards in his 3-year career.

  3. Baldwin is making as much money as he can….He ain’t that good and the trade for AJ Jenkins was brilliant. If you are a wide receiver with Andy Reid and he trades you…that says it all.

  4. It doesn’t matter. Even if they drafted Evans, Watkins, or Benjamin… There is no way the #3,WR is getting those #’s let alone the #5 lol. Hell with Roman in town and Vernon Davis on the team it will be a miracle if the #2 even gets there

  5. Baldwin is a bust. AJ Jenkins showed more in a 3 catch performance against SD in week 17, than Baldwin showed with his 44 catches and 1 handed attempts.

    don’t be surprised if AJ Jenkins pans out for KC, and by this time next year AJ Jenkins is looking at the free agent market as a WR teams will chase.

  6. He will either be a backup or he will be traded . No way he will can make those incentives and Harbaugh knows it.

  7. Baldwin 9 targets, 3 catches, 28 yds

    Jenkins 18 targets, 8 catches, 130 yds

    9er fans can keep thinking they got a good deal but stats don’t lie.

  8. Aj had a huge catch in the playoffs which was better than any catch Baldwin has ever had. Chiefs won that trade. But somehow 9er fans think they got the better wr.

  9. 49er fans were laughing their *sses off believing they got the better end of the deal in the Jenkins/Baldwin trade. In Baldwin’s three year career he has been targeted 108 times with 44 receptions for a total of 607 yards which equates to 13.8 yards per reception catching passes 41% of the times he was targeted. At that completion % rate he will need to be targeted over 160 times to catch 65 passes.
    Jenkins played in three regular/post-season games while with the 49er. Never caught a pass, no statics available showing how many times he was targeted. Since joining the Chiefs he played in 16
    games,targeted 18 times with 8 catches for a total of 130 yards which equates to 16.25 yards per reception and a 44% completion rate. Now I ask who got the better end of that trade?

  10. The Chiefs coaches worked with Jenkins and he had started to come around in the second half of the season and made some nice catches.

    Jenkins had 8 catches for 130yds during the regular season, (most were in the games late in the season). He also had one catch for 27 yds in the wildcard playoff game vs the Colts.

    Reid has already said that he likes how Jenkins has turned his game around and is looking forward to see if he can continue to progress next season.

    You 49ers can keep Jon Baldwin. LOL

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