Report: Video exists of Ray Rice knocking out fiancée


What happens in a casino doesn’t stay in a casino.  Everything is recorded, especially things that happen in the gaming area.

And so it’s no surprise, as reported by Robert Klemko of, that police have surveillance video that shows Ravens running back Ray Rice knocking his fiancée out at some point before video captured images of Rice dragging her unconscious body out of an elevator.

Klemko says, “Expect a suspension.”  But Rice is a first-time violator.  The Personal Conduct Policy primarily targets repeat offenders.

Complicating the present case is the apparent existence of video showing the act that triggers the violation.  Still, plenty of players have been arrested for and/or found guilty of domestic assault.  A suspension for a first offense remains very rare.

The broader question is whether the Ravens can continue to employ Rice in the wake of the unpublished video of the punch.  They’ve paid him $25 million since July 2012; cutting him would result in $14.25 million hitting the cap, either all in 2014 (if he’s a pre-July 1 release) or $4.75 million in 2014 and $9.5 million in 2015 if he’s released as a post-June 1 transaction.

Even if the Ravens cut Rice before June 1 with a post-June 1 designation, they’d carry Rice’s full $8.75 million cap number until June, when $4 million in cap space would be created.

134 responses to “Report: Video exists of Ray Rice knocking out fiancée

  1. So, I guess there are a LOT of football fans on this site than dont know the difference between a drunk girl and a knocked out girl. Because there were dozens and dozens of “dont jump to conclusions she looks drunk” posts the other day.

  2. You knew they would have video of this, can’t wait to see what true love really looks like.

    His lawyers will have to come up with a 3rd new statement for their client.

  3. The Ravens kept a murderer and retired his number, and will probably build a statue to honor him.

    Rice is no Ray Lewis, but he can still play, he’s not getting cut this year.

  4. I’m pretty sure Aaron Hernandez is a first time violator too. Some acts just shouldn’t require you do them more than once to get suspended.

  5. His lawyer will claim he was just working on improving his miserable yards after contact stats.

    Nice knowing you Ray.

  6. Broader question?

    Well, of course the amount of money you’ve paid a player and their cap hit, should they be released, should always be the most important question.

    Unless you would prefer to just release the guy because slobber knocking a women unconscious is grounds for immediate dismissal in most workplaces……

  7. They left a murderer and / or accomplice on the team … and subsequently idolized him… what makes anyone think they will cut a player that merely punched a girl in the face knocking her out… my prediction is that he stays… he “rehabilitates” and becomes a hero doing community on how not to a treat a woman… ONE QUESTION… IS THIS WORSE THAN THE MIAMI ‘BULLYING” NON SENSE???

  8. Hey Ravens fans, remember when Ray Rice waxed poetic about how Hines Ward was so low class because of a DUI? Well, looky-looky…ain’t no fun when the rabbits got a gun. What an absolute piece of garbage. Fitting, no? I guess when you’re in Rome…

  9. I’m guessing no more comments coming from his lawyers about this “very minor physical altercation.”

  10. 1st time offender or not, if there’s video evidence of him knocking out his woman in public he needs to be penalized.
    Whether it’s league, or team, imposed. You just don’t hit women. You just don’t. As much as you might want to sometimes and God knows sometimes they’re just begging for it, you just don’t.

  11. I have a strong stomach, and was disgusted watching this scum drag her out an elevator.

    He is an NFL player and while something has changed in the last year where he seems to go down with any bit of contact.

    He should still have been able to handle that situation without violence.

  12. Rice should be done. If the nfl is going to come down hard on bullying 6’5″ 320lb men, hopefully their response to violence against women will send the right message and not some bs about Ravens cap issue.

  13. Nothing much more to say… Is there! Low life I hear ray #52 can exonerate even the guilty. You should call him up

  14. He’s done in Baltimore. He will never win the PR battle with this relentless media. I don’t know all the facts — but I do know that you never hit a woman.

  15. Well there is another member of the Madden “All Scumbag” team for you. Ray Rice – guy who knocks out women.

  16. So much for all the Rice supporters saying the elevator video didn’t show him hitting her.. I remember a few comments said “she is drunk and passed out”.

  17. The above photo of him in the glasses make him look like a clean cut normal dude. But then again his tie isn’t a clip-on…

  18. “..But Rice is a first-time violator. The Personal Conduct Policy primarily targets repeat offenders…”

    Never mind that crap.
    Roethlisberger was suspended without an indictment, without charges, and without even being arrested.

  19. But lets banish the gay guy. Banish this horrible excuse for a man. NFL players are role models for kids across the world. Letting this guy play football in the NFL is plain wrong.

  20. Some kind of personal conduct policy! If you can’t suspend the guy for knocking his fiancé unconscious & dragging her motionless body around then what freaking good is it? So this guy probably won’t get cut & Michael Sam may not get drafted at all. Get your s*** together NFL.

  21. I’m sure Michael Sam just loves people bringing up his name every time there’s a negative story about other players. Let the guy just be a football player. NFL is gonna have to bring the hammer down on Rice.

  22. are we purposely ignoring the fact that she too is being charged w/ assault for hitting Ray-Ray? i dont condone domestic violence from man or woman. hitting is wrong… male or female. Use your words ppl. love is not a punch in the face or an opened hand slap to the face.

  23. We still don’t know all the facts, like what she did to deserve that display of affection.

    In this multi-cultural environment, people should not judge the culture of Ray Rice and how male/female relationships are handled.

    I’m sure his attorney can explain everything about this cultural misunderstanding and sue anyone that does not accept or even questions the behavior of Ray Rice.

  24. I expect trash to come out of his lawyer’s mouth because that’s what he’s there to do. I can’t wait for the Raven’s coaches and players to comment on this. Oh wait, he’d a good player so they will say the usual BS like “let the legal process play out.”

  25. Something probably happened in the elevator but none of us saw the video too make comments all we see is ray trying to get her out of the elevator. Ravens wont cut him itll cost them more to do that but of he did hit her i dont see him playing another down as a raven!

  26. Trust me he is a repeat offender. It just the first time the coward has been caught. Do you honestly think hes never done this, or worse, before?

  27. And Ritchie Incognito is made out to be the worst man in the NFL by the media?? For “bullying” a grown man who never indicated to anyone he was not cool with the banter. Rice actually knocked his fiancee out cold? Put him in jail end of.

  28. Expect a suspension? How about an arrest? Last I checked you don’t get out from a felony because you’ve been a “good guy” or are a “first-time violator.”

  29. How so many people can rush to judgement, without any real evidence is scary. Its actually terrifying to think that these are the people that make up juries all over the country.

  30. Its a good thing the police only had to chase him 3.1 yrds to make the tackle! He needs to be dropped.

  31. Did he rip off his coat and flex his muscles afterward? You know , in typical Ray Rice humility.

  32. As a Raven fan, I just want the team to do the right thing.
    Deal with the cap hit and the RB position like men…….. What the meaning of the word is suppose to bring to a conversation.

    As a society masses who know better must stand up against this kind of behavior. This the Ravens time to show they are worthy leaders in our society. . . . . or they can BS us with all the fringe political correct nonsense, and keep this animal for all the wrong reasons.

  33. despite what some of you are saying, ray lewis was never convicted of murder. it is tragic that a young man lost his life and very sad that a woman was treated in this manner. you judges should remember your flaws because you are lacking in perfection

  34. Attention: video cameras exist in most elevators in cities. Video cameras are everywhere, inside buildings, outside buildings, on the streets, above the streets, in cars. Everyone has one. Do not commit the crime. This is a public service message.

  35. Calling for the guys career to be ended? Seriously? While his off field endeavors of a positive nature don’t earn him the right to have something like this overlooked, it certainly buys him a second chance when so many others have received one despite being less deserving from an outside perspective.

    I’m no apologist for his actions, or domestic abuse in general, but it’s far too easy to sit back with the pitch forks and call for him to never play again. He’s young, he got drunk, he made a mistake. Life moves on. Brandon Marshall seems to be doing just fine, doesn’t he?

  36. I know this won’t be a popular opinion. I wish that the NFL would figure out a way to allow the cap to not take a massive hit when players are in trouble for moral/criminal offenses. I am a Steelers fan and know that this could have happened to any team. In saying that, I don’t like when the decision of whether or not to cut a player comes down to financial situations rather than the actuality of the details of the offense. I don’t need a league full of do gooders, I just don’t want murderers, women beaters and yes “rapists” sticking around because organizations simply can’t afford to let the person go financially. Teams get stuck and NFL needs to figure out something so that the right decisions are not compromised because of $$.

  37. Possibly not get suspended? Not a frickin chance. It will be funny watching the joke of a man D. Smith of the NFLPA spin this one.

  38. Ray’s lawyer:

    “Ray was defending the honor of Michael Sam and Jonathan Martin. His gf said they both were wussies and Ray would not tolerate it….unfortunately things got out of hand….”

  39. Since they have the video, can they still prosecute him even if the fiance drops her charges against him? I don’t know how the law works in New Jersey.

  40. I heard diddle tried to run from police, but they caught him in 3 yards.

    As a teacher close to Baltimore, isnt it ironic that he was supposed to speak at my school next week about bullying? Needless to say that the Ravens are sending someone else now!

  41. this is a ray rice issue, not a ravens issue. cut him if the video shows him KO-ing his fiancée.

    ravens players over the past 10 years have done well to stay out of trouble compared to the rest of the league.

    they’ve had 2 more “criminal violations” than NE in that span. And NE had a player who actually killed a man…oh wait, 3 men.

  42. Always thought he was one of the ‘good guys’ in the NFL. [sigh]

    No matter what she did or said, you can always walk away, Ray. Didn’t anyone ever teach you that?

  43. The Ravens not only employed a guy who got away with murder, but they made him the face of their franchise. If you think they’re cutting Rice, you’ve got another thing coming.

  44. I’ll believe it when I see it. But if he did, the Ravens Brass need to cut him.

    Screw the cap hit. Let Moriarity figure that part out. All it will likely do is eat up the extra cap space that Suggs gave em. That still leaves the Ravens $10M under the cap.

  45. I want to see the video first. If he knocked her out in the gaming area then apparently carried her unconscious body across a casino floor to elevators with NOBODY grabbing a cell phone video of it in 2014 would be….a little surprising.

  46. He also shook her like a rag doll and then just sort of wandered off as she sat there holding her jaw. Love.

  47. I was going with the innocent until proven guilty approach but proof is coming fast. Damn Rice you screwed yourself the team and the fans.

  48. Ray just did the Ravens a big favor. Cut him and bring in almost anybody and get at least the same or maybe better production. Even with the cap hit it is a better financial and moral value.

  49. Sounds like everyone here has seen the non release video of Ray hitting his Fiance. Wow, you guys are really good insiders. Please share that unreleased video that no one has seen. Come on people, not defending the guy but none of you or I have any idea what happened in the elevator. Until I see that video I am judging no one. If it comes out, and he through a haymaker at his fiance, yes, he’s scumbag and should be cut. Until that time put me in the camp that only knows what the media is reporting. I know that i have been drunk enough plenty of times to pass out in a 20 sec elevator ride.

  50. The Dolphins cut Ochocinco last year for head butting his wife, let’s see if the Ravens do the right thing….

  51. That’s OK Ray, being in the NFL gives you privileges that the common abuser doesn’t have. The Justice system will just slap you on the hand. After all someone had to take Ray Lewis place in the locker room, be another Raven role model. Something is very wrong in the NFL, when players can knock their girlfriends out (on camera) allow murders to play etc…I wonder if there is a Claus in his contract that they can void it…if a player knocks his girlfriend out, drags her through the lobby, drags her out of the elevator and throws her on her face etc…
    Heck, you can’t ride motorcycles, get hurt off season without having contract voided…or is this crowed upon my the Raven management ( ex players)?
    Just wondering? Even in Oakland we eventually fired the Head Coach for knocking some sense into his assistant .coach

  52. One question I have.

    How does anyone involved with this case on the police side of the affairs allow Ray Rice to walk out of their station with the very woman he supposedly knocked out cold? If they have absolute proof of this on film and there is no other conclusion to draw than Ray winding up and hitting her so hard to knock her out, then I have to think logically there is no way in the world they let Ray walk out of that station no matter if Palmer wanted to press charges or not.

    To me that would open up a whole can of worms for the police as being negligent if something worse was to happen to Palmer later. They must have thought it was safe to allow the couple to leave the station together. So I really have to wonder what is actually on that video and I would love to hear the police explain this one if the facts are right there on film and Ray slugs his fiance and knocks her out.

  53. Guarantee his lawyer will get the video suppressed because it violates his civil rights or some other lawyer hogwash. And I hope she dumps him and sues him for 20 million.

  54. Ever since Roger Goodell there is more fines , he gets big bonus , and there is more crimes in NFL

  55. Has anyone seen the video of hitting her ? Cause I have seen many drunk women get help in and out of elevator all the time from too much partying , where they are picked up or dragged out the elevator i’m sure we have all seen this seen before . Everyone on the site is attacking him has anyone actually seen the video of him hitting her ? I would like to see this before I make my assumptions ..

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