Steve Keim: Cardinals “2-3 players away” on both sides of ball


Speaking at the NFL Scouting Combine on Thursday, Cardinals G.M. Steve Keim identified the secondary and offensive line as areas the club could be looking to address.

Keim indicated covering tight ends better than a season ago would be a priority, with “longer, athletic cover guys” the sort of players the Cardinals’ G.M. believes would help the team “address” that issue.

Of the offensive line, Keim noted that the club must “strengthen it and create more depth there.”

Overall, Keim said the Cardinals, whose 10-6 record was good for only third place in the ultra-tough NFC West, need to add more talent to take the next step.

“Moving forward, I felt like probably on each side of the ball, we were at least 2-3 players away from being an upper-echelon team,” Keim said. “Obviously, going to Seattle and beating them up there showed signs that we were headed in the right direction.”

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  1. Yeah i mean..isnt that kind of an obvious statement that ANY decent team can say. 2-3 players on each side is ALOT of players. Take any decent team and give them 2-3 better players on EACH side of the ball and id gather theyd all take a significant jump to the top.

    “Id say if we get a great QB, a great offensive lineman and another great WR…and then get a great DE, a great safety and another great LB…id say thats ALL we need to take that NEXT step.”

    That being said..its amazing how the NFC West has just completely flipped the script to arguably become the best/a strong as hell division.

  2. Yes as long as you can count on a fumble being missed by the refs to give you 3 points, a doinked 25 yard field goal by the best kicker in the league, a ball that bounces off the turf being called an interception & a tipped pass that would be picked off 9 times out of 10 bouncing into a covedered receivers hands for a TD I’d say you have a great shot at beating Seattle again.

  3. He might be right. But he has to deal with some big name free agents before he finds those 2-3 guys per side or it could be 4-5 guys per side. And I think it’s probably closer to 5-6 guys on the offensive side.

  4. They did beat up the Hawks, got to give them that tho.. The NFC West is fire, talk about how the tides have changed from a couple of years back.

  5. Seattle had a bad game on offense with injured players vs a stout cards defense…Arizona’s offense looked wretched in that game. Palmer got exposed in both games they played last year. Plus Seattle seemed to take their foot off the gas after the Saints game. I wouldn’t read too much into it if I were Kiem.

  6. So the excuses for a home loss keep piling up.

    The Cardinals tried to give the game to Seattle and they STILL won. The Cardinals also had a bunch of injuries last year too. Look at Palmer’s games with some protection – night and day.

  7. Keim is on the right track….beat some good playoff teams… OL was bad.. TE was weak… S was a concern… Overall things are looking good in AZ this year but next year not so sure with salary cap situation… Glad both Graves and Whisenhunt were shown the door

  8. 2-3 players on both sides of the ball puts his current team around the middle of the pack. Sorry, but there are teams ahead of you that are only 1 or 2 players away from contending.

    Nonetheless, quite insightful from the GM.

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