A.J. McCarron will throw at Combine, so he isn’t overlooked


While the decision of quarterbacks to throw at the Scouting Combine can be overblown, Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron has a reason beyond noble intentions.

McCarron said he’ll throw this weekend for scouts in Indianapolis primarily so he’ll get attention.

With Alabama’s pro day scheduled for the middle of March, coinciding with the beginning of free agency, McCarron said he wanted to be sure to get the attention of NFL evaluators.

He has some things to prove, as there are legitimate questions about his arm strength, and he skipped the Senior Bowl while rehabbing a shoulder injury. He’s admitted arm fatigue was a factor during last season, so he could help himself by showing the assembled NFL he’s well.

13 responses to “A.J. McCarron will throw at Combine, so he isn’t overlooked

  1. That is a good thing……A prospective QB who is willing to throw in front of scouts, coaches, and GM’s……..

    What is the reason some don’t? It isn’t like everyone doesn’t know that you are passing to players you haven’t played with before and built a report with…..Your going to have to do that at the next level anyway.

    I don’t get the fellows who show up for some of the stuff and not the other stuff……

  2. Skipping the Sr. Bowl was a dumb move! He must have finally gotten the word that he’s not exactly a 1st round candidate at this point.

  3. Who the heck told this kid he’d be going in the first round?

    Unless it was his girlfriend I’d fire whoever it was.

  4. Your 15 minutes of fame are over, A.J. Only hope to stay in the spotlight is to marry Miss Webb. You were a good college QB on a loaded team and it’s time to find something else to do.

  5. I ain’t gonna lie… I would buy an old, musty, rusted out, 1970’s customized van with a faded desert sunset painting on the side, park it behind the bait shop by the harbor, stock it with cheap beer and beaver jerky… and… regularly do A.J. McCarron’s mom.

  6. What does AJ do poorly as a quarterback that makes people dismiss him so much? I get that was on a loaded team but he was very good and very efficient on a loaded team. Played in SEC which is better then the shytty B1G and the team I root for. I won’t pretend I can breakdown the position but I don’t get how people are so high on a guy like Ted Bridgewater that makes so many mistakes vs inferior completion and so low on a guy that has precise and very efficient against the best competition not to mention 3 BCS championship games. That’s not a fluke. Do people hate him or look down on him bc they are jealous of his success and he dates a super model? The guy is a winner period.

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