Bills leaving every option open with Jairus Byrd


When Mike Pettine left the Bills to become head coach of the Browns, Bills safety Jairus Byrd kept his thoughts to himself outside of saying that Pettine put defensive players in position to make plays.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Pettine may be interested in putting Byrd in position to make plays for Cleveland. Byrd can become a free agent next month and Rapoport reports there’s a real possibility that the Browns pursue Byrd as someone who can both make plays and help Pettine teach his defense to the rest of the Browns. If that happened, the Browns would be expected to let T.J. Ward go as a free agent.

The Bills could make such plans moot if they use the franchise tag on Byrd. That would put them on the hook for a salary of $8.299 million and it’s an option that General Manager Doug Whaley said is on the table ahead of a Saturday meeting with Byrd’s representatives.

“In that situation, you’re going to use every option open,” Whaley said, via Tim Graham of the Buffalo News. “We don’t want to put ourselves in a corner, and I don’t want to say to you guys, ‘We’re going to do this,’ and then something changes and we don’t something different. Then you guys look at me different when you ask me a question. We as an organization, again, we’re going to leave every option open for Jairus because we would like him back.”

The Bills could tag Byrd and then try to trade him to the Browns or another suitor, which would allow them to avoid letting Byrd go without immediate compensation. The deadline for using the franchise tag is March 3, so there’s still some time for Whaley and the Bills to chew on that and all the other options available to them.

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  1. As a Browns fan I would love to have both Ward and Byrd. Would rather keep Ward, not because I believe he is more talented, but because I don’t want to risk having to play against him and taking out Hoyer or [insert drafted QB name here]’s knee.

  2. I like the Bills, and wish them the best so long as it doesn’t impact my own team. I think the NFL should make a division consisting of: Bills, Browns, Cardinals, and Jaguars. That way you’re guaranteed a feel-good playoff story every year.

  3. I’ve loved Ward (HITTER, not the best in coverage), but he’s not in the same tier as Byrd. If we couldn’t finagle both in the same backfield, I’d still be all about nabbing Byrd & losing Ward.

  4. Raiders need to persue ever good free agent availible they have the cap space lets get some really good play makers in there like Byrd!

  5. Why would Byrd want to play for the Browns? I like Pettine but he is unproven and the imbecile owner just fired his last head coach after ONE season. The Browns don’t win and their organization is a mess. What about TJ Ward? He would be history if they sign Byrd. Most successful organizations build around their home grown players. If I am Byrd no way I go play for the Browns.

  6. I’d love to see Byrd back in a Bills uniform next season, but I know Buffalo will somehow figure a way to mess these talks up.
    There was a more complete feeling on the Defense once Byrd was able to rejoin them last season. He is a difference maker, a ball-hawk. Please BB Front Office, get this deal done!

  7. WE HAVE TO RESIGN BYRD!!! Our D is very close to being elite. If we lock him up our D is 2-3 pieces away from being able to carry our team to a playoff berth while we figure out the offensive side of the ball. We let him go we are just creating another hole in a D that is very close, with some good young talent. I figured when we let Levitre walk that money would be used for Byrd but looks like Ralph Wilsons cheapness is handicapping us again.

    I sometimes wonder if people out there truly appreciate how depressing and psychologically damaging it is to be a Buffalo sports fan…

  8. Can’t blame him for trying to get as much money as he can. Last season he almost didn’t even get on the field because of his injury. I don’t know if he wants more money than what he will make as a franchised player. Maybe the Bills should just franchise him and look for his replacement in the draft.

  9. Tag him and trade him…what he wants he’s not going to get from the Bills…nor from Cleveland for that matter…Byrd wants to play for a contender and be paid like the leagues number one Safety… Whaley tipped his hand when he said they only want people who want to be in Buffalo…me to…he may be a great player but he will never be great where he is…reminds me a little like Marshawn Lynch…time to move on…enough drama

  10. Um, when was the Vikings last Super Bowl? That’s what I thought, zip it.

    Byrd is going nowhere…and if he does, he will fetch more than a 3rd, at the very least a 2nd…he is WORTH a 1st easy.

    Plus, between Aaron Williams, Duke Williams, Jonathan Meeks and Da’Norris Searcy…the Bills have adequate safety depth. There was not much drop-off from the 5 games Byrd missed, to the rest.

    I’d love to keep him…but I’m not sure he is worth that much money in a scheme that does not put much priority on the safety…then again, Schwartz has never had a pro-bowl safety to work with. If Byrd leaves, Delmas will be a Buffalo Bill ASAP.

    As for Pettine…he and Cleveland can both slip away and fall into Lake Erie. He will be looking for a new job within 2 years.

  11. By the way, drafting a RB WOULD be a GOOD idea for the Bills…although I wanted them to use a 3rd or 4th on Marcus Lattimore last year…

    Fred Jackson just turned 33 and is in the last year of his deal…while CJ Spiller is not the workhorse back Buffalo needs, he is injury prone…and in the last year of his deal. So Buffalo could certainly use a RB later in the draft…Tyler Gaffney from Stanford would be a good fit. They will definitely go after a BIG RB this year.

  12. The dumbest thing Buffalo can do to itself, is franchise Byrd, and not find anyone that would trade with them. Byrd will be miserable, and the Bills will be paying almost $8.5 Million to a guy that is not happy.

  13. If the “Rap Sheet” is right, GB is going to throw some of that 31 million in cap space around. If they made one big dip in FA …this is the guy. Safety is the reason they were one and done in the playoffs. It has been a mess since Nick Collins broke his freakin neck.

  14. I would love Byrd to stay in Buffalo and he should be paid well, but how well? He deserves Golston/Weddle money, but his agent, Eugene Parker is probably looking at the $10mil/yr range. A line has to be drawn somewhere. A lot of FS’s would look very good playing in Buffalo’s defense.

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