Cowboys don’t know if Kyle Orton will return in 2014


The Cowboys kicked the tires on quarterback Mike Kafka recently, but he wound up signing with Tampa a little more than a week ago.

At the time, it seemed Kafka was an option to be a practice arm to help Kyle Orton out in the event that Tony Romo is limited or unavailable during offseason workouts as he recovers from back surgery. The Cowboys may need a quarterback to do more than that, however.

Charean Williams and Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram report that Orton has yet to commit to return for the 2014 season and that he has talked about retiring from football. Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones confirmed that the team hasn’t gotten anything firm from Orton yet, although it didn’t seem like a top priority.

“No I don’t know [if he’s coming back],” Jones said. “But I haven’t gone and asked him.”

Romo and Orton are the only quarterbacks on the roster, which led the Cowboys to sign the retired Jon Kitna out of a fifth period geography class to be their backup for the season finale. That’s why it would be a good idea for the Cowboys to explore some new blood at the position if Orton opts to come back.

If he decides against a return, it will become a much more vital need in an offseason with plenty of those for the Cowboys.

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  1. Vince young is a far more talented quarterback than anyone on the Dallas roster right now. If I was involved with the Cowboys right now, I would strongly consider if you do nothing else either drafting Jordan Lynch in the sixth or seventh round or if he is not drafted make sure that your at his agents doorstep as soon as the draft is over, but something tells me that they are more likely to sign somebody like a Blaine Gabbert after all, don’t you want to take a chance on somebody that has been a total flop on one of the worst franchises in professional football? 🙂

  2. Cowboys should bring in Brett Farve as third string and draft a QB in first round. Since Farve will be inactive most weeks, he can still coach his high school team as OC.

  3. Yeah, your starting quarterback is getting old and just coming off of back surgery and his backup hasn’t committed to coming back, so what do you do Jerrah??? Well that one’s easy, put off talking to your backup quarterback for as long as possible. It’s not like the scouting combine and the draft are right around the corner. Seriously guys, is there any doubt as to why the Cowboys are consistently the most mediocre franchise in the NFL??? Here’s to Jerry Jones, self appointed GM of the year…

  4. Grab Aaron Murray in the 5th or 6th. Bring in Kafka as your backup. Pray that Romo is healthy for the start of the season. You’ve got your QB of the present, your competent backup at a reasonable veteran salary, and you’ve got the talented, but injured kid who will sit out a year like Lattimore did last year and hopefully be able to push for the backup next year and potentially the starter in year 3 or 4.

  5. I hate to say this.. but if he wants to start on an NFL team he has a good chance to play his cards and demand a trade to another team – believe it or not he would be a huge upgrade with the Silver & Black – all the Raiders would need to do is surround him with an arsenal of weapons.. Draft Watkins, Hyde, and sign more FA’s like Decker etc.

    He would be a great QB for at least another 2-3 years until one of the newbies can step right in..

  6. kyle orton had a real chance to be a starter. he decided he was done with all the BS, and took big money as a backup in dallas.

    that was his choice, but I doubt he now all of a sudden wants to be a starter. I think he will gladly take another backup job until he is booted from the league for being too old.

    nothing wrong with that. but it is what it is

  7. The Cowboys are scheduled to havin. a interview with Johnny Football. Maybe where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Remember when Dez fell to the Cowboys in 2010. Will Jerry pull the trigger? NO, Romo will be the starter, as long as Jerry in control, whether Cowboys fans like it or not.

  8. “Now coming in to replace Tony Romo,…..number Zero Zero,….JERRY JOOOOOOONES!!!!”

    Why not? He does everything else for the ‘Pokes.

  9. I would suggest the Cowboys check and see if Troy Aikman is available if he’s not maybe Roger Staubach. I would take anything to get the ‘boys a winner behind center.

    2014 season hasn’t started yet and I m ready to say it now…”Hey there is always next year (2015)”…LOL

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