For Bruce Arians, blocking is a tight end’s primary function


So how does Cardinals coach Bruce Arians view a tight end’s job responsibilities?

The subject came up at the NFL Scouting Combine on Friday, and Arians made his stance clear.

“The tight end for me, I’m old school. You’ve got to block first and catch passes,” Arians said.

“That’s why I loved (Steelers TE) Heath Miller. I still think Heath Miller’s the best tight end in the National Football League, not because he catches 90 passes, (but) because he blocks big defensive ends, and he catches about 60-70 passes.

“The guys that line up as wide receivers might get tagged as wide receivers. But, you know, tight ends for me block first, catch second.”

Rob Housler was the Cardinals’ leading pass catcher among tight ends in 2013, hauling in 39 receptions for 454 yards and one TD in 13 games. He was targeted 57 times — about four times per contest.

The Cardinals’ three most-targeted players in 2013 were all wide receivers: Larry Fitzgerald (134 targets), Michael Floyd (112), Andre Roberts (76).

14 responses to “For Bruce Arians, blocking is a tight end’s primary function

  1. I love offenses where the TE is a power guy. Give me an offense with a Heath Miller-type over an offense with a Jimmy Graham-type every day of the week.

  2. Trying to re-create the Steelers….no wonder he was so dedicated to Mendenhall. Evolve Bruce!

  3. Anyone realize this could likely be a smoke screen, and they draft a TE in the first round? I believe nothing coming out of Coach/GM’s mouths this time of year.

  4. The smashmouth Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks feel the same way, hence why Seahawks fans laugh in the face of any noob who erroneously thinks the Zach Miller signing hasn’t been a resounding success.

  5. Go after ASJ he is a good blocker with the potential to be great and is physical to attack the ball and is huge . Fits the mild perfectly . Not a jimmy graham most similar player in football is gronk without the injury issues . Dude has been a top 2-3 TE for all 3 years he’s played .

  6. They need help at LT, RT, TE, S, K…..lots of talent here but cap hell in 2015… They need a TE that can open up the middle… Too many dropped balls last year.. Having a weapon opens up Fitz , Floyd and Ellington

  7. What would everyone think of us drafting Colt Lyerla on day 3? Could get a first round talent on day 3. That would be a huge pickup for us! I feel like with the guys in our locker room he would have a great group of people surrounding him to make sure he stays out of trouble

  8. If you’re going to talk the talk of some old school, bad area, smash mouth guy, lose the Frenchy barrette.

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