Involuntary manslaughter charge in beating death of Chiefs fan

Getty Images

A 25-year-old man has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of a Kansas City Chiefs fan in an Arrowhead Stadium parking lot at the Broncos-Chiefs game on December 1.

The Kansas City Star reports that the accused, Joshua T. Bradley made his first court appearance this morning. He is accused of beating 30-year-old Kyle Van Winkle to death in the incident, which apparently took place after Van Winkle got into a stranger’s car, mistaking it for a car owned by people Van Winkle had gone to the game with.

Prosecutors say Van Winkle died of a blow to the head.

Authorities say Van Winkle left the game, went to the area where his party had parked and got into a green Jeep, which looked like the green Jeep that Van Winkle’s group of family and friends had traveled to the game in. It was actually another man’s Jeep, and when that man left the game and discovered Van Winkle either asleep or passed out in the vehicle, he called for help. Several people arrived, and authorities say Bradley was one of those people, and he got into a fight with Van Winkle after Van Winkle got out of the car. Bradley is accused of knocking Van Winkle down and continuing to hit him on the ground. Police say Bradley left after beating Van Winkle, while other bystanders stayed and tried to perform CPR.

Van Winkle is survived by a wife and a baby who was just seven weeks when he died.