Johnny Manziel measures in at just under six feet tall

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Texas A&M quarterback and aspiring first overall pick Johnny Manziel said that he would measure in at 72 inches “on the dot” when he got to the combine this week.

It’s a good thing that Manziel’s football future doesn’t hinge on his ability to guess his own height down to a precise inch. Manziel came in a shade under six feet tall when he was measured in Indianapolis on Friday, landing at 5-foot-11 3/4 and 207 pounds in the final reckoning.

That’s hardly bad news for Manziel. Teams knew how tall he was generally and a quarter-inch isn’t going to be a deal breaker for a team that’s interested in Manziel’s overall package. Teddy Bridgewater came in at 6-foot-2 1/8 and Blake Bortles towered over the other two projected early picks at 6-foot-5.

Even if someone is concerned about Manziel’s height, they’ll likely be happy to see that Manziel’s hand size isn’t a problem at all. Manziel’s hands measured 9 7/8 inches, bigger than both Bridgewater or Bortles and big enough to handle the football as both a thrower and runner.

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  1. I hope the kid makes it because he’s fun to watch, but in reality there have been a ton of college QB’s that were great college players that never transitioned to the NFL .

  2. Manziel will be forever indebted to R. Wilson for winning the Super Bowl, as Wilson’s success will surely result in Manziel getting drafted higher (maybe even quite a bit higher) than he would have otherwise. Short QBs can be successful under the right circumstances–and those circumstances can be found in seattle, with its great defense and solid running game–but I’m a Manziel NFL skeptic, and not sold on Wilson either. Guys who run around a lot can make plays and cause problem for defenses, but they need a strong team around them to succeed. He’ll get his chance and we’ll watch.

  3. you’d think that Drew Brees & Russell Wilson would’ve put the height concerns to rest by now.. no wonder 80% of the teams in the league stink

  4. So people still “aren’t sold” on Russell Wilson because with that amazing D, Skip Bayless could QB that team and hoist the Lombardi, right? No, wrong. That D had nothing to do with RW being the first QB in HISTORY to put up a 100+ rating in his first 2 seasons. He has a high release point and ginormous 10 1/4″ hands. Rewatch the SB and tell me what QB had the issue with batted balls. If Manziel wants to have success in the NFL, he should begin trying to emulate RW’s dedication to his craft effective immediately.

  5. That’s a funny hat. We haven’t had a funny hat guy since Clinton Portis. Feeling better about this.

  6. His hand size is what makes him so accurate and the reason why he fumbled so rarely. Especially considering the way he held the ball away from his body while he ran.

    Is Manziel going to run at the combine or not?

  7. I don’t care much about Manziel’s height as a limitation. Winning in the NFL as a QB comes down to: physical tools, mechanics, whether or not you can read defenses and decision making ability. Most that succeed have all four of those qualities. Most that fail have the first two.

    For Manziel, what remains to be seen are of course the latter two as they pertain to NFL caliber defenses. Additionally, I think his particular style of play should also be a concern. He played with reckless abandon in college and that could end up being brilliant or end up being a huge liability.

  8. People forget that Brees was a three yr starter and Wilson was a four yr starter with one of those years in a different league. Manziel, does not have enough experience, as a starter.

  9. Russell Wilson is overrated. I know this because I am a seahawks fan and we won a three superbowls without him. We won it with Matt Hasselbeck, Charlie Whitehirst and another one with Tavaris Jackson too. Flynn would have won it last year and out 70 points on Denver in XLVIII. You can put anybody behind center with our defense and Marshawn Lynch. (Sarcasm Font)

  10. I know it is easy to hate Johnny Football, but for anybody assuming he is going to suck in the NFL, I can’t help but feel that is more of a hope than a realistic thought process. There is something called “it”. You can be 6 foot 5 230 pounds with a cannon, but if you don’t have “it” you won’t make it. “It” is the intangibles, the playmaking, the football iq. Johnny Football has “it”. Kyle Boller, Jamarcus Russell, etc. had all the measurables but they didn’t have “it”. You can’t teach what Johnny Football has. As a Packer fan I surely hope he doesn’t slip to the Vikings.

  11. For QBs, winning in the nfl comes down to reading defenses, commanding a huddle, throwing adequately and loving the big stage. Johnny has all those things. I would love to see him fall to the Vikings, but he won’t. He’ll be long gone and energizing someone else’s franchise when pick nr. 8 rolls around. Dammit.

  12. I don’t love Russel Wilson. I think he is the beneficiary of always playing with a lead or close to it.

    Only once have i seen him have to come back from a big deficit – and he did it against Atlanta in the playoffs.

    What makes me like him, just a bit is – how effective he was on 3rd down in the SB. Consistently made the throws when he had to and moved his team into scoring position.

    Maniziel is no RW. Maniziel lied about drinking and sleeping in at the Manning Camp, and lied about the autograph signing. He lacks character. Kinda a Ryan Leaf type. Dude will put on a brave face to improve his draft position, but he lacks integrity. That is who he is at his core.

  13. Manziel will be success IF he goes to a team that will use his talents instead trying to make him fit their system just like Whisenhunt tried to do to every Card QB after Warner left rather than to continue playing for Whisenhunt and Rod Graves.

    The BIGGER question is who is going to be this draft’s Russell Wilson? None of the experts know and I sure don’t.

  14. I really like him as a football player but I don’t know if his hell bent for leather reckless style of play will translate to the NFL. That will have to change for him to last. The problem is it looks like Manzeil will go top 5 which is far to high. In fact all the top QB’s coming out this year will be drafted to high because of need more then ability.

  15. I think Johnny will be better than Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson is good, but the term “game manager” comes to mind. he has only thrown in the low 3000s for yards so far in his career. in the era of 5000 yard qbs that’s not very good. the jury is still out on whether he can carry an offense. he makes the plays he needs to but he is by no means a “superstar.” look at his stat line in the saints playoff game this year. any other team loses that game and the qb gets crucified in the media for failing to win in the “clutch”. trent dilfer and brad Johnson also won super bowls with elite defenses. all RW has had to do is manage the game in his career. call me when he has to win games for his team. jOhnny football can win games for his team.

  16. He’s fun to watch but I have absolutely no clue if that will translate to the NFL. His greatest plays were always so very close to being big plays for the defense. With better and faster defenders do those start turning into interceptions or huge hits that get him hurt? Impossible to tell.

  17. Height is a big factor, Brees and Wilson are anomalies, but each still has height issues pop up during games. You give the kid a shot, but at #1 overall? Not the best idea.

  18. I’d rather have a 6 footer who can make plays than a “prototypical” 6’4″ or 6’5″ QB who can’t hit the side of a barn.

    That said, I have no idea if Manziel can play in the NFL or not. If any of us could predict that, we’d be running a football franchise or have perfectly coifed hair blathering on about combine numbers in front of the camera.

  19. bortles is the guy this draft class. manziel is overhyped and too small and bridgewater is another geno smith.

    bortles physical tools cannot be overlooked. plus he is fundamentally sound. nick foles II.

    whoever takes bortles — houston — will be happy. everyone else who grabs 1st round qb’s will have another 3-4 yrs of misery.

  20. Russell Wilson and Drew Brees are the exceptions to the rule. Quarterbacks at or below six feet rarely make any impact in the league.

    You can’t ignore how good those two have been, but you also can’t ignore how many short QBs have failed. You just have to pay extra attention to how well the QB finds and creates throwing lanes. Brees and Wilson are both exceptional in this reagrd.

  21. It’s a crap shoot with QBs so Iwish whatever team takes a chance on Johnny Football the best. I’m just glad my team is not in that position. Oh I’m still not 100% sold on Wilson being a franchise QB even though his team just won a SB. Let’s be very honest here. Their defense had a lot to do with that. Without that defense they don’t even make it to the NFC Championship game.

  22. It’s a factor, but Drew Brees has a similar stature and plays just fine. So does Russel Wilson. The question on Manziel will be his maturity and his ability to be a dedicated professional, not his measurables.

  23. QBs=Over 6 ft tall
    Blaine Gabbert
    Tim Tebow
    Brandon Weeden

    QBs = 6 feet and under
    Drew Brees= Super Bowl ring
    Russell Wilson= Super Bowl ring

    It’s the size of their mind that matters most.

  24. It felt like themmore trouble he got in the more his stock went up, the more people liked him. His height and hand size r small but people compare him to brees and russle Wilson lol. This kid has nothing on the 2super bowl champs. What happened to Reggie bush, Pryor, and other who received money? This kid is being handed everything, he’ll be a bust and with a Ryan leaf type of attitude.

  25. Russell wilson is 5’10” (or around there) and has played well enough to win the sb. Johnny could do just fine. Good luck, kid!

  26. He has the same stature as Michael Vick and Drew Brees. Big enough to just see over the Offensive line and heavy enough to take a few hits. He reminds me of a mixture of Namath, Flutie and Brees, all of which were or are successful in their own ways. I definitely would not bet against this kid. He will make it happen in one way or another.

  27. Haters are hilarious. Yeah, Russell Wilson NEEDS that running game or he’s toast.

    Following are stats from every game in which Lynch gained under 60 yards this season, paired with Russell Wilson’s QB Rating for that game:

    Week 1 @ Carolina: Lynch – 43 yards. Wilson – 123.1.

    Week 8, @ St. Louis: Lynch – 23 yards. Wilson – 117.6.

    Week 11, vs, Minnesota: Lynch – 54 yards. Wilson – 151.4.

    Week 12, vs. New Orleans: Lynch – 45 yards. Wilson – 139.6.

    Week 13, @ NYG: Lynch – 48 yards. Wilson – 86.3.

    Super Bowl 48: Lynch – 39 yards. Wilson – 123.1.

    That’s six games, three against teams who made the playoffs, and two of them against the top four ranked defenses in the league (CAR and NO).

    Seattle’s record in these games? 6-0.

    Yep. “Wilson can’t win without a running game.” Like I said, haters are hilarious.

  28. 1) Drew Brees won a superbowl before Russel Wilson. Russel Wilson did not break the “height barrier” any more than Brees did years prior.

    2) Just because one or two short QB’s have won it all doesn’t mean height doesn’t matter. Drew Brees is the only statistically stellar QB under 6′ in decades in the league. Wilson won the Superbowl, but keep in mind he led a sub average passing attack throughout the season so it isn’t like he carried the team on his back or anything.

    And for every Brees and Wilson, there are dozens of guys who struggled to see over the line and turned into nothing, despite being great in college where players are shorter on average.

    Height absolutely does matter now more than ever in the NFL and it will affect how teams view Manziel. If Johnny Manziel had his career and was also 6’5″ he’d be a consensus #1.

  29. If physical attributes is the basis for a comparison argument, than Manziel is a 2nd round pick. Brees was drafted in the 2nd round, Wilson in the 3rd round.

  30. Maniziel is the best college QB I have ever seen. That is over 50 years. He played in the best league in the SEC.

    900 or so yards against Alabama in the last 2 years

    900 or so yards against Auburn in the last 2 years

    Just look at what he has done. Fran Tarkenton move over!

  31. Cleveland can only hope the Texans and Jags pass on him. The Browns need him in the worst way.

  32. Short guys can’t succeed at QB in the NFL. All of the “experts” will tell you that. Which is why Drew Brees has been such a bust. Which is why Fran Tarkenton never did anything. Which is why Doug Flutie had such an awful career. Which is why Russell Wilson will never do anything in this league.

    Rag on Wilson all you like and tell us it was the Defense that won the SB, but the truth is, it just ain’t so. Yes, they did their part in stopping the Denver offense, but that alone didn’t win the game. A rushing TD for Lynch, passes caught by Baldwin and Kearse for TD’s, FG’s by Haushka, and a safety by Moreno, they provided the scores that won the game.

    Don’t forget to mention all of the games in which come-from-behind scoring drives by Wilson and the O, made the difference. We’ve got the number one defense in the league, but if you discount the superb play by Wilson, Lynch, Miller, and the receivers, then you only fool yourself.

    And guess what? Its going to be more of the same, on both sides of the ball, in the coming season.


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