Les Snead: Extensions talks with Sam Bradford “ongoing and active”


There was some confusion about the Rams’ intentions for quarterback Sam Bradford this week when a report from Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports indicated that the team had absolutely no intention of extending Bradford’s contract was followed by one from the same reporter that claimed the team was “open” to an extension.

General Manager Les Snead did his best to clear things up when he met the media at the combine on Friday. Snead said that not only was the team open to an extension, but that they have been discussing it with Bradford and his representatives since last spring.

Snead said, via Nick Wagoner of ESPN.com, that Bradford was the quarterback now and in the future and that the team’s negotiations with him about an extension are “ongoing and active.” There’s always room for things to go in the other direction until a contract is signed, but it does seem that the idea of Bradford quarterbacking the team into the future hasn’t been completely ruled out.

Another possibility is that the team is simply posturing in order to drive up the price for their second overall pick in the event teams want to swap with them to draft a top quarterback. If they do make that trade, though, it would further ensconce Bradford into the lineup and would mean that the posturing could push him closer to an extension if he plays well.

That scenario would likely be one that Snead would sign up for, although there’s a lot that needs to happen for things to play out that way.

15 responses to “Les Snead: Extensions talks with Sam Bradford “ongoing and active”

  1. Fisher is going to BLOW that RGIII trade! Only he could have 1 year of 3 #2 picks (traded w/ Dallas the 1st year, Skins and theirs) then 2 1st round picks back to back and still not a 500 record!

    Keep Fisher & Bradford, they deserve each other.

  2. Wouldn’t surprise me to find out that he signs a “big money” extension where all the money is actually non-guaranteed.

    It’ll be a real shock when he gets cut after the season and doesn’t see any of it.

  3. There is actually supposed to be an NFL exec who believes that Ryan Nassib (the giants 4th rounder last year) is a better QB prospect than ANY QB coming out this year. I personally cant see how that is possible….but if there’s even so much as a debate as to whether its true or not, the Rams CANNOT waste one of their picks on a QB….they are much better off going forward with Bradford.

  4. Since Spring? Initiated by whom? If Bradford’s camp than could be they have a concern and want to get deal done before team realizes…

    If team could be want to re-sign while money is low…

    Either way the other side is going to be cautious about signing early and inclined to wait. The comment that team has been in negotiations may only be technically correct with one side asking to open negotiations and the other side saying “no thanks”

  5. Why are they trying to extend a QB whose proven very little on top of the fact he isn’t good at staying healthy? You already have him under wraps for two more seasons. Really confused by this.

  6. I’m not sure how I feel about it. He was playing well last year before his injury and has shown flashes where he’s been very good.

    That being said, the rams haven’t had a winning record since he’s gotten there. Usually teams give QB’s a 3 year window and this is year 4.

    They have the #2 pick with a draft of a few QB’s that may be worth giving a shot.

  7. Since it’s reported by LaCanfora I’m inclined to not believe it. If by for some reason it is true I think it would be unwise to extend him since he’s coming off ACL surgery. Wait till the end of next year.

  8. therealgrande: the rams didnt have a winning record for 6 years before bradford either and that was during a time the nfc west was called the nfc worst now that they have a few weapons and a bit of protection he is doing a fair job and has a chance to improve greatly in 2014 i do however believe he either needs to show needs to be offered an incentive laden contract me or

  9. “Yeah, you know, we’ve been kicking it around since last May. We get together on a regular basis, Sam comes down ten bucks or so, we come up a few bucks. One of us pays for dinner one week, the other the next week…it’s an ongoing process…”.

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