Manziel says he’s all football from this point forward


In one of the largest Scouting Combine media sessions this side of Manti Te’o, Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel told reporters he was trying to focus on his new job, and leave his college reputation behind.

He did drop a third-person reference, but insisted his high-profile persona wasn’t accurate, saying “I’m really just a small-town kid.”

More important to NFL teams will be whether he can be a big-time passer, and he said his emphasis will be on proving to teams he can stay in the pocket and make plays.

“I’m just looking forward to showing up all the people that say I’m just an improvisor,” Manziel said.

He joked that after measuring a quarter-inch short of his anticipated six feet, he plays “like I’m 10 feet tall.”

But the recent success of shorter quarterbacks won’t be as much of a problem as convincing people he’s mature enough to assume the leadership of a team.

“This is life now. This is a job for me. I’m taking it very seriously,” he said, adding that he was going to be “football 24-7” from this point forward.