Mike Zimmer on Adam Zimmer: “(The) players tell me how good he is”

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The Vikings’ linebackers coach, Adam Zimmer, is the son of the Vikings’ head coach, Mike Zimmer.

Father is proud of his son — and he is proud of his son’s work, as he showed on Friday at the NFL Scouting Combine.

“My son, Adam, is brilliant,” Mike Zimmer said on Friday. “I’ve always told everybody he’s smarter than me, better person than me, everything about him. And that’s kind of what dads want anyway, right?

“But the players tell me how good he is. The coaches that are there in Minnesota, they say, ‘Wow, Adam knows his stuff like (crazy), he says it just like you,’ all these different things. That to me is what makes me feel good about it.”

Before joining the Vikings’ staff, Adam Zimmer had stints with the Bengals (assistant defensive backs coach, 2013), Chiefs (assistant linebackers coach / defensive assistant, 2010-2012) and Saints (defensive assistant / assistant linebackers coach, 2006-2009).

Zimmer’s remarks about his son came in response about a question about their relationship.

“I think we’re always father-and-son, to an extent, you know,” Zimmer said. “His office is way on the other end of mine, and so what I’ll do is I’ll take a break and I’ll just walk over there to his office and I say, ‘How you doing?’ ”

It’s always nice to see a father and son happily working together. It appears especially sweet for Mike Zimmer, given his clear confidence in Adam Zimmer’s abilities.

43 responses to “Mike Zimmer on Adam Zimmer: “(The) players tell me how good he is”

  1. The v IKINGS will find the best prospects and make sure we have the hands down best draft.we have the best coaching staff and scouting department.we will achieve greatness next season no matter who is in our way.SKOL

  2. Not trying to trash the Zimmers… but dude, people aren’t going to go to the head coach and tell him his son is an idiot.

  3. “It’s amazing, all the assistant coaches who depend on me for their careers and livelihoods keep telling me how great my son is and how they love having him around.”

  4. Ah, Adam is a position coach (linebackers) not a coordinator – so the comparison to the redskins is ridiculous…Plus there are plenty of places where family members work great together…

  5. I am as in love with my boys and girl as you can be, and I want them to get every opportunity in live I can provide for them. I also am very certain they are quality people … not an ounce of doubt.

    I also know that if I am a linebacker on the Vikings and I am getting heat from my coach I got no where to turn. I sure as heck can’t complain to the head coach about my LB coach. Nobody has my back in this mess.

  6. It does start at the top. Zim is a class act and I would expect nothing different from his kid or Norvs kid. The Ryan family has been successful doing it as well so cudos to the team and Lets go get Clowney!

  7. It doesn’t matter who coaches the Vikings.They will be playing outside more and they are a horrible outdoor team.They need a sissy dome to even compete

  8. Leaders with positive styles do better than those who are negative. Just look at Pete Carroll. Who would you rather play for, Carroll or Shanahan/Shiano etc…

  9. The Packers endured a first round loss only twice in the last five years, 2009 and 2013. 2010 was the SuperBowl year…hardly a loss. 2011 and 2012 were Divisional Round losses. And the Packers OWN THE VIKINGS. You left that part out.

  10. Of the top 50 challenges facing the Vikings in 2014, Nepotism would be hard pressed to crack the top 45.

    Still, it represents a flash point for the organization where things start to turn south. And if there is anything more dependable than the Swallows of San Juan Capistrano, its the Viking’s season heading south. That’s when things could really start to get ugly, so ugly, that the Vikings fans will long for the days of Childress and 12 men in the huddle.

  11. Fans need to realize he is going to have a REALLY short leash.

    With a new stadium in the works, they need to be competitive, or he won’t be the HC when it opens.

    The problem is they have a lot of work to do, losing a third of their games by 2 TDs or more. With their best players on the beginning the downslope of their career.

  12. The apple usually falls close the tree good or bad. Zimmer is not going to bring junior in if he needed a helmet to get to work.

    Win or Lose as a fan it’s nice to see a coach with some stones. Frazier was a nice guy but when you have to start every sentence about Frazier with “he is a nice guy”,,,,,,,,,,,,he probably can’t run a football team.

    Welcome to the Vikings Adam, you are running a position that needs plenty of help so you have your work cut out.

    Start with a FAT tackle so every team isn’t hitting the second level full speed. Need another Fat Pat for LB’s.

  13. He’s just happy to not have to coach the overrated Defense of the Bengals. And he feels good that he has years of experience with a crappy QB, it’ll come in handy.

  14. Mike Zimmer will be one of the best head coaches in the NFL. I’m not a Vikings fan, (bengals fan). But I’ll be pulling for them in every game they don’t play cinci.

  15. ravenswhat says: Feb 21, 2014 12:34 PM

    Nepotism in the NFL is unlike anything I have ever heard of anywhere. It’s truly unreal.


    But who knows more about the ins and outs of football than a coach’s family? I think this is an industry where it makes a lot of sense that so many family members would be involved. I also think Zimmer comes off as the type that would have no problem firing a family member if he wasn’t pulling his own weight.

  16. Only negative about Zimmer’s job hire – the sons of both Zim and Turner on staff. Could they work out yeah. Mike Shula comes to mind too however.

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