Pete Carroll has high hopes for Christine Michael


The Seahawks’ top draft pick in 2013, running back Christine Michael appeared in just four regular season games as a rookie for Super Bowl-champion Seattle.

However, Michael appears in line to get more of a shot next season, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll indicated Friday at the NFL Scouting Combine.

“He’s really talented and he’s a really exciting guy in our program. Probably has the most breakout potential out of anybody because you haven’t seen much of him yet,” Carroll said. “We’ve seen him, we know that he can do really special stuff.

“He played in a very competitive position. It was hard to get in there with Marshawn (Lynch) and Robert Turbin there. But he’ll give those guys a real run when we come back to work. He’ll grow a lot from Year One to Year Two.

“We all know in our program that he’s going to be very explosive and a really exciting guy. He showed that in his chances that he had.”

A second-round pick from Texas A&M, Michael rushed for 79 yards on 18 carries in the regular season. He didn’t play in any of Seattle’s club’s postseason games, either.

Michael (5-10, 221) had a productive preseason for the Seahawks, rushing for 201 yards on 40 carries and catching three passes for 47 yards. If he develops, a Seattle offense with already solid skill position depth will be even stronger.

34 responses to “Pete Carroll has high hopes for Christine Michael

  1. This may not be a popular response but i fully expect him to replace Lynch after the 2015-2016 season if not next year. With Earl, Russell, Richard and a few other guys needing big contracts I see us going with the less expensive option at RB

  2. Can’t wait to see this fella get a shot to compliment Beast Mode going forward. Stinks it’ll likely come at Turbin’s expense, but CM’s big play potential shouldn’t be held back too much longer!

  3. A lot of other teams still haven’t even formulated a “program” as of yet. You have to think about the long-term and do some real planning to develop one of those. Good for Seattle that they have it, that’s what you need if you want to win the SB and remain competitive for years beyond.

  4. You can call me Christine all day as long as i can collect an nfl paycheck. mock his name all you like, losers…i WILL take fries with that.

  5. Michael is a big back kind of like Lynch,but with one distinguishing characteristic: Speed.

    I have a feeling that his blocking is probably the one reason we didn’t see more of him this past season….but that can improve with time and practice.

    Lynch-Michael may be the equivalent of Rickey Watters-Sean Alexander: The understudy may have greater potential than the guy who has the job.

  6. I think he has a chance to start NEXT YEAR. Just seeing the explosiveness and quickness he has. Dont be too surprised to see a different number in the backfield in the next couple of years.

  7. This kid is a threat to score EVERYTIME HE TOUCHES THE BALL! I can’t wait to see him get some meaningful reps during the season even at the expense of Lynch! The steal of last year’s draft. He’s worth ten Corderoy Pattersons…suck it Viking fans. He’s better than Adrian Peterson, too, for that matter. Carroll just redshirted the guy for a season, but when he starts getting the ball in his hands watch out!

  8. I’ve been telling this to my closest dynasty FF buddies. Michael is a freaking sick monstah — the real ass deal. His college play was eye-popping – and it was clear he could excel on Sundays.

    Know it now, or know it later.

    Steeler Fan hoping Le’Veon Bell can Tow the Load

  9. We’ve also got a guy named Caylin Hauptmann on our team. We draft guys with chips on their shoulders.

  10. I was kind of surprised he didnt get more touches as he looked really good in pre-season. I think they should keep him and Turbin to form a great 1-2 punch once Lynch is gone.

  11. Pete Carroll isn’t just paying lip service here, Lynch, Turbin, and Michael will all be competing for the RB spots. Carroll always has open competition for all spots. Remember what happened to the QB who’d just signed a $20 million/$9 million guaranteed contract in 2012 camp.

  12. I’ve watched him pls y and know a very special talent when I see it. This player has the very real possibility of being the top running back in the league next year, or the next…he’s that good. Anyone who throws out insults at this young man’s ability is simply a troll, trolling for conflict and should be viewed as such. Michael will become a franchise back for this organization. Bank on it!

  13. I hear the fronting Seahawks fan bragging about ONE Super Bowl ring in what over 40years of existence. That is means your franchise still sucks over all and doesn’t even measure up to the ones with 3 or more rings. So just shut up, thanks

  14. I liked Michael as a player. I don’t understand why a team would use a second-round pick on him when they intended for him to be the third-string running back. It’s not like we’re talking about grooming a young QB– RB is the most replaceable position in football.

  15. therealtruth210 says:
    Feb 21, 2014 4:54 PM
    I hear the fronting Seahawks fan bragging about ONE Super Bowl ring in what over 40years of existence. That is means your franchise still sucks over all and doesn’t even measure up to the ones with 3 or more rings. So just shut up, thanks


    You sad bro?

  16. everybody was shocked when the seahawks picked a running back with their first pick last year. i wasn’t, the seahawks have their draft board with each player graded on their physical and mental (loves to play football) talent. when it’s time for the seahawks to pick they pick the best player left with the highest grade, not for need

  17. therealtruth210 says:
    Feb 21, 2014 4:54 PM
    I hear the fronting Seahawks fan bragging about ONE Super Bowl ring in what over 40years of existence. That is means your franchise still sucks over all and doesn’t even measure up to the ones with 3 or more rings. So just shut up, thanks


    38 years actually. Tell me, how many SB’s or NFL championships did SF have in their first 38 years? 1. Broncos took 37 years and NE Patriots took 42 years to get their first. ALL championship legacies start with a first title. Thank you for playing.

  18. I can’t remember what the knock was on this guy before he was drafted, either he was a fumbler or he had trouble staying healthy.

    Whatever it was, the guy just oozes potential.

  19. I think that every Hawk fans believe exactly what the first poster on this said about Christine Michael being Beast Mode’s successor.

    I remember reading about people being at practices about Christine Michael was the guy you couldn’t take your eyes off. When he is on the field the few times we saw, he has that explosiveness and speed that very few in NFL have. I get excited at the thought of him and Percy Harvin on the field together. Most people that don’t follow the team don’t know there is still lots of potential from this last draft in Hill, Williams, Simon and Luke Willson potentially hitting another level.

  20. Nath – good teams keep their coffers filled. As one player starts their downward spiral of productivity, they have their replacement already that knows the system and can step in without missing a beat. Absolutely brilliant move by the organization. Word is that he was having a hard time with blocking and blitz pickup. They will faze him in this year and Lynch´s load will be lightened. Come 2015, Michaels will take over as the main running option. Turbin will be the backup/3rd down rb.

  21. I remember watching an interview where Turbin said that coming into his second year he understood blocking concepts a lot more than he did his rookie year.

    I have a feeling Michael’s gonna go through the same thing. Hate to say it, but I think he’ll take over Lynch’s spot eventually

  22. Don’t bury Beast just yet. He adds toughness and sets the tone.

    Having said that, this kid will get more opps and people outside the know will b surprised.

    He’s bigger and faster than either Beast or Turbine and he has great hands.

    His speed, especially with Harvin will be a defensive nightmare and provide more ops for RW to show why he was the best NFL QB in history through his first two years.

  23. If you see this guy cut, he takes angles that are absolutely inhuman.

    He was very, very raw and needed to learn the ZBS before he got some real playing time, but man is his ceiling high. There were some solid RBs that came out of last years draft, and this guy is going to give them a run for their money without a doubt.

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