Report: Redskins have no plans or interest in trading Cousins

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When former Washington coach Mike Shanahan justified his decision to shut down quarterback Robert Griffin III for the final three games of the 2013 season by suggesting that solid performances by backup Kirk Cousins could yield a first-round pick in trade, the cat was out of the bag.

The Redskins may now be trying to stuff the cat back into the bag.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Redskins “have no plans nor interest in trading” Cousins.  Added Schefter:  “He’s not going anywhere.”

While it makes every bit of sense for the Redskins to keep Cousins around, given the injuries suffered by Griffin and a style of play conducive to more, it’s hard to completely rule out the possibility that the Redskins are simply trying to increase trade value by creating the impression they don’t want to trade him.

Last year, it was the Vikings who publicly declared they have “no intent” to trade receiver Percy Harvin.  And then the Vikings traded Harvin to the Seahawks.

With the NFL’s muckety-mucks already gathered in Indy for the last two days, there’s a chance the Redskins have gotten some initial feelers from interested teams about potential trade value, and that the Redskins didn’t like what they were hearing.  So now they’re putting out the word privately that they have “no plans nor interest” in trading Cousins.

Which may be just different enough from “no intent” to get people to actually believe it.

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  1. And when they say they have “no interest in trading Cousins,” they mean “no one is interested in giving us anything for Cousins.”

  2. Rg3 is a better qb that cousins I dont understand why ppl keep makin cousins seen better than him in no way or form is cousins better than robert..

  3. Of course they are interested in trading they only want teams to wow them with an offer. My guess is they are not getting 2nd round offers for Cousins, which is expected due to the Kevin Kolb’s of the world.

  4. Let’s see…San Fran gave Tampa Bay a 2nd rd pick and a 4th rd pick in 1987 for a player widely described as a QB “bust” and replaced him with Vinny Testaverde – not exactly a slouch, but educated fans will remember how that story played out for the so- called “bust” Steve Young.

    Not drawing a direct comparison between Cousins & Young, but the scenarios do have many similarities. Those slagging on Cousins now may wind up eating their words one day.

    I wouldn’t bet against him.


  5. They need Cousins there to keep a fire under RGIII. And possibly to give him gentle foot massages and be a good listener. The NFL seems to be changing pretty fast these days.

  6. the people that are saying cousins is better than rg3 absolutely did not watch the games he started last year. he had a couple good throws but he was below average, at best.

  7. I don’t see how they could possibly have enough confidence in Griffin to trade Cousins this year.

    Granted Griffin had the brace and didn’t get a full offseason of work with his receivers but still…he stunk last year.

  8. Until they know for absolute certain what they’ve got in RGIII, they’d be wise to keep Cousins around. But, if someone’s will to pay a king’s ransom for the guy, you’ve got to make the deal.

    If RGIII struggles again next season, you’ve got a backup plan and your franchise isn’t set back 3-5 years. If RGIII has a good year, you can trade him for the aforementioned king’s ransom or Cousins for a pretty decent deal. It’s a pretty good “problem” to have.

  9. If RGIII struggles again next season, you’ve got a backup plan and your franchise isn’t set back 3-5 years. If RGIII has a good year, you can trade him for the aforementioned king’s ransom or Cousins for a pretty decent deal. It’s a pretty good “problem” to have.

    Absolutly a High Class Problem. But can RGIII handle it. His has been upset by the situation since they were both drafted.

  10. When did Cousins become the next coming of Steve Young? Trade Cousins if you can get a 3rd rounder and address the oline. I think this is all a smoke screen.

  11. Translation; “We’re tired of people laughing at us when we ask for 1st or 2nd day pick for Cousins and then counter offering us the belly button lint from their OL.”

  12. was confirmed bob asked shanny can we only show my good plays in the film room and axe the bad film because there is no point dwelling on the bad plays.Well how about we show your 71 yard college run every time you throw a pic lol.Stop babying this guy and we all know that kirk isnt going anywhere until bob can prove he isnt a one year wonder.

  13. Shanahan destroyed the guys stock by playing him the last 3 games, so obviously no one would even give up a 5th rounder for that scrub.

  14. Now synder is throwing big jack around over paying for free agents skins are done,Deangalo hall, isnt that guy like 50 years old.Same old story no coach and synder overpaying for watered down sad to be a skin fan.

  15. They didnt play bob the last three games because bob was having a hard time dealing with the ruff patch of interceptions and bad play.Is boby woby ok now .can he get some milk and cookies.hahahahahaa.WHAT A BUUUUUUUUUUSST

  16. Cousins or no Cousins, it doesn’t matter. The Vikings are the best, and their dynasty of NFL domination begins next season. SKOL

  17. They’ll need someone. Bob is kinda frail to be a run around in circles QB. He’ll be broken regularly.

  18. The Skins should hold onto him. They will have a new offensive system and no one knows which QB functions best. If it is Cousins then trade RG3 and get some of those draft picks back.

  19. It’s comical to watch Danny Snyder engage in what he thinks are highly sophisticated and clever negotiating tactics.

  20. If they let him go, they’ll pay more for his replacement, and that guy probably won’t have as much potential. So if I was Gruden, I would’ve sat Kirk down on Day 1 & told him to stop chirping and get comfy because he’s not going anywhere until I’m 100% sure RG3 is going to last.

  21. Cmon guys Griffin had one bad season and one good season.That doesnt make him a bust!

    So you think he cant play in the pocket huh,go back and watch the thnksgvng day game against Dallas.

    Go back and watch that New Orleans game

    Go back and watch that Eagles game last year,especially the second half

    This kid is primed for a come back,he works hard and has tons of potential,think before you hate!

  22. guess what cousins and rg3 both stink. Skins are a joke of a franchise and will continue to be as long as danny boy is in charge.

  23. “Sorry, Kirk’s not going anywhere….. But we’ve got a Tight End who’d really fit what you guys do!”

  24. Negotiations 101

    Act like you want to keep him to drive your asking price higher than what it should be.

  25. Is there a major leak with the organization or does the media just make up whatever they want about the team.

    There are 32 teams in the NFL but we still have eight articles about us a week and they still contradict each other nonstop.

  26. Tom Brady,Russell Wilson or Payton Manning couldnt do diddly sqwat behind this pourous offensive line

    If you know it alls knew anything about football,maybe your hatred would let you see this!

  27. The Redskins would trade Cousins for a third round pick in an instant. Nobody will give them a third round pick. With a first second or third round pick you can get a guy that you know will be able to play. With Cousins you’ve got a guy who for sure needs to learn to play, and He has had 2 years and 5 starts, and a QB rating of 53. and 4 TD’s to 9 turnovers. You must be high on Crack to compare him to Steve Young.

  28. guess what cousins and rg3 both stink. Skins are a joke of a franchise and will continue to be as long as danny boy is in charge. All of the empty stadiums seats during the last game of the season is proof.

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