Report: Seahawks to release Sidney Rice


Wide receiver Sidney Rice didn’t contribute much to the Seahawks’ run to the championship last season and it appears he won’t contribute anything to their title defense in 2014. 

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Seahawks will release Rice in the near future. The writing on the wall for this move started long before Rice tore his ACL in October. He was moving steadily down the depth chart as the team looked to other wideouts and his contract had him set to make $8.5 million with a cap charge of $9.7 million. 

Releasing Rice will clear over $7 million in cap space for the Seahawks to use to bolster the team in other areas. Rice had a total of 97 catches and 12 touchdowns over 33 games for Seattle over the last three seasons. 

With Rice gone and Golden Tate headed for free agency, the Seahawks have Percy Harvin and Jermaine Kearse as their top receivers currently under contract. Doug Baldwin is set to be a restricted free agent and should be back as well.

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  1. Make sure to have an intern clean out his office and to valet him out of the facility. Otherwise , he’ll probably end up with a concussion, torn ACL, and a hernia doing it himself and remain on the books.

  2. Seattle got production from Mike Williams at the “tall possession receiver” position for a year, then his attitude and weight issues caught up with him again. So Rice was brought in, contributed well enough when he was healthy (which was only about half the time he was here), and will now be gone.

    Hopes are high that this kid from Winnipeg, Matthews, can replace Rice in that role (possession receiver, not that of IR dweller). I’d also expect a mid-to-late round WR be drafted to compete for the spot in camp.

    It’s a very deep class of FA WRs this year, and the draft is also deep – there could be some FA ‘bargains’ to be had as a result. With this move ($7 million in space), and the recent additions to the cap (another $7 million), plus the oversaturated WR market, I could easily see Golden Tate being made an offer that keeps him a Seahawk for the next 3-5 years.

  3. This is one move that the Front Office made that isn’t reflected well on them. Rice just didn’t pan out and play at the level (#1 Receiver) expected. Nor did he remain healthy enough to see if he could mesh well with Russell and move forward.

    I was still holding out hope that he could restructure and make a serious impact this next season and beyond. I guess until he is cut, my hope remains.

  4. No worries, we’ll draft and develop a WR that fits our scheme like a Marqise Lee or Jarvis Landry type player.

  5. Percy is a KR and a situational receiver. The Seahawks need all the help they can get at the position – while still justifying Harvin’s $12million a year.

  6. Would not be surprised to see him stay a Seahawk. Really, he got paid, a ring and loves the area. Besides he knows if he has to face Seattle his career maybe over with one LOB smack down! You’re with us or you’re against US! Moving on with the dynasty!

  7. One bloated salary down… Miller next??? Either that, or a BIG time pay cut. It’s funny to see a Viking fan on here attempting to talk smack. Talk about a low losing franchise, LOL. Nice try though little fella. I also see some dude talking about how we should keep him because Harvin misses games. I guess he’s too slow to realize Harvin missed practically this entire season, and Rice missed half, and the playoffs. Guys who were projected to be our #3, 4, and 5 receivers won the Super Bowl, HAHAHA. Love the haters!!!

  8. I am not surprised they released Rice. The knock on Rice was he could never stay healthy. In his 3 seasons with the Seahawks, Rice played in 33 of the 48 regular season games.

    Rice will not be the last one to be released by Seahawks. I could see Zach Miller and Chris Clemons also being released.

  9. Bills need a big WR, although I think they draft one…they are a candidate for Rice.

    Just don’t think he’s much of an upgrade.

  10. The Vikings are putting all their money on Cordell Patterson!!
    It is so sad that their only possible bright spot is a rookie receiver that plays special teams!!
    Talk about rock bottom, I almost feel bad for them!! NOTTTT!

  11. As football fans you should know that being released doesn’t mean he can’t be resigned at a much lower price. I’m not advocating that it’s just that some of you seem to think his careers done and won’t be back with Seattle at any point.

  12. The guy we just grabbed out of the CFL, is no doubt the replacement for Sidney. I’d make a wisecrack about all of you having short memories, except that I can’t remember his name either.

    But with Lockette, Kearse, Baldwin, and a few other newbies, plus possibly Tate, I don’t think that the Hawks are hurting at WR, for the present.

    I’d also bet that Fox, swallowed the smokescreen hype we put out prior to the SB, and thought we’d put our whole game on Lynch. I say that because Denver, didn’t have much of a secondary defense for all the rockets that Wilson launched.

  13. Dumb move. He draws defensive pass interference calls even when he hitches a piggy-back ride on defenders. Just ask Packers CB Sam Shields.

  14. @jimmyjames65

    If we truly are the most annoying NFL fan base, why do you come to “our” threads?


  15. Golden Tate was a key component to our Seahawk rise to championship. An Integral piece of the overall chemistry that worked. Although the dollars vs statistics equation may put him on the cusp, there are intangibles here that make him a keeper. That being the case, keeping him is worth a lot more than what meets the eye.

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