Snead says there’s no way Rams will take a quarterback with second pick


If a quarterback is taken with the second overall pick in this year’s draft, it won’t happen because the team that currently holds the selection has picked one.

G.M. Les Snead said during a Friday interview with Pro Football Talk on NBCSN that the Rams will not use the No. 2 pick on a quarterback.  He said that the Rams will nevertheless scout the top quarterbacks, primarily in connection with the question of determining the potential value of the second pick.

Snead added that Sam Bradford will indeed be the team’s quarterback over the long term.  In a separate interview with Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, Rams coach Jeff Fisher said that he came to St. Louis two years ago in part because of Bradford, and that Bradford will remain the team’s starter indefinitely.

Bradford has two years left under his rookie deal.  Fisher said the Rams don’t need to extend the contract in 2014 or 2015 to reduce Bradford’s cap number.

While a lot can happen between now and 2016, it seems clear that Bradford will remain the starter, in 2014 and beyond.  It’s even more clear that the team that picked Bradford with the first overall selection in 2010 won’t be taking another quarterback with the second overall pick in 2014.

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  1. Les gets called “Sneezy”, but he isn’t sure if it’s for one of Santa’s elves or Snow White’s dwarfs. Or maybe just the fact that he has a big red nose.

  2. Overlooked aspect of drafting a quarterback with a top five pick is that it effectively shuts you out of that market for about five years afterwards. Whether you want to be or not.

  3. What has Bradford ever done to earn any type of job security? He is injured most of the time. When he does play he is just average. The only thing keeping him around is that monster rookie contract of his.

  4. If someone trades up it’s not for a QB, it’s for Clowney unless he goes #1. If he does go #1, then wildcard in a trade up could be Atlanta pouncing on Khalil Mack. Thomas Dimitroff known for wheeling and dealing to get their guy.

  5. I don’t understand Les & Jeff sometimes..

    I just see us taking an OL with the 1st pick. When we clearly need a number1 WR. Then Les & Jeff will take a terrible WR ( B. Quick ) in another round.
    I will be like. So pissed off if we was to take Clowney. If we take Clowney. I see why we are 4th in the division..

    And ppl. saying ” Rams go / come to La. ” ..
    If you saying ” go “.. You are not a REAL / TRUE St. Louis Rams fan.
    & the ppl saying ” come to “.. Are the same ppl saying ” Rams suck “… St. Louis.. La.. North Dakota.. Maine.. It doesn’t matter where the Rams are. It’s the same players & coaches…

  6. Sam “Badd for Rams” Bradford is actually garbage. Anyone who actually thinks otherwise just took a perfunctory glance at his misleading stats (all compiled in garbage time) and assumed he was good. He isn’t. The game moves too fast for him, he gets rattled in the 1st quarter, he doesn’t make plays, and he checks down too much. Tavon Austin was averaging something insanely low like 6 yards a catch with Bradford and only broke out after he got hurt. Remember how Justin Blackmon looked like he couldn’t translate to the pros until Blaine Gabbert got hurt? This is no different. Bradford makes his OL and receivers look worse than they are, not the opposite.

  7. I’ve never liked Bradford, but I think we’ll trade down to #6 with Atlanta and they’ll take Clowney. I’d rather take Mettenberger or Murray in the one mid rounds and give Bradford one more year. With Kellen Clemens (KELLEN CLEMENS!!!!) starting we we’re actually competitive.

    As for returning to LA, do you honestly think that would change anything? LA has proven it won’t support bad teams plus the NFL would lose their leverage for future stadium deals.

  8. I think a lot of the motivation behind Snead’s comments is pure smoke screen. This is a great way to get the attention of a team like Atlanta that will be desperately looking for pass rushers. It’s also a great way to imply that you’re willing to deal the pick to a team that really wants a specific QB. All in all, well played.

  9. So if the Rams do not choose a QB this year, and still do not make the playoffs over the next three years while the Redskins win their division again at least once, will all the geniuses who talked about the Redskins getting fleeced by the Rams in the trade for RG3 please come back here for a well earned session in the dunk tank?

  10. Is Snead loyal to a fault? Unlikely, I think he likes to pretend he’s a draft guru moving around the board….but ultimately the results have not paid off on the field.

  11. honestly if johnny manziel is there i would take him

    because the other qbs u can get later if u needed
    its a deep qb draft class

    bradford has had the worse wr since he got there so whos to throw to last yr was the first time it was descent then he got hurt
    if u have him locked up for 2 yrs then u dont have nothing to worry about no1 is paying him 15 mill per

  12. an interesting fact 2 years ago snead said the #2 pick was up for sale to the best bid and gave clev a deadline to beat the redskins bid and cleveland did not beat the deadline with their offer snead stuck to his word traded with washington and cleveland still is looking for a qb bottom line snead doesn’t lie he may not tell you the answer to a question but if he says the rams wont draft a qb #2 my money is on them not picking a qb at #2

  13. It is no QB coming out to draft.. It is no QB coming out anytime soon… That is better than Sam..

    So what the hell do yall want.? Ok. Let’s say. ” Bye Sam. You are cut. ” ok.
    We have Cap space. Now what.? What QB can replace Sam..?

    Like if you don’t know what you talking about. Just don’t talk…..

  14. The rams only started winning when Bradford went out, and then they actually looked better with a guy that’s a third stringer at best! They are a Qb away from pulling a KC this year. Now I don’t think there is a Qb in this draft worthy of the 2nd pick, so I believe them, so what else can they say but Sam is their guy. Honestly if I were the Rams I’d sign Tebo. He’d win more games than Bradford.

  15. BIG Mistake! trade Bradford he has not done anything to prove ” he is the man” average at best! Teddy Bridgewater is the guy!!!!

  16. If this is true, I hope the Vikings move up and draft Bridgewater, Bortles or Johnny Football, who ever didn’t get picked #1.

  17. This is the reason why the rookie wage scale was implemented. But as a Jags fan it is still hard to swallow that Blaine got a 3rd year to start. It really is becoming about teams being stubborn about 1st round pick QB’s and how the team has an agenda to prove how smart they are by giving that QB chance after chance. Although a QB sits on a bench that did just as much in college but was drafted lower but the teams “brain trust” is just too afraid to admit they made a bad pick. Any QB picked out of the 1st round will have to play like a top QB right off the bat or they have no chance. Meanwhile 1st rounders like Blaine, Locker, Sanchez, Ponder, even Stafford the INT machine are given year after year to prove they are avg to below avg.

    The Rams might not need to take a QB at #2 but they sure as heck need to draft a guy to develop. There are the Wilson’s and Fowles in the later rounds that can benefit by sitting and learning a year or two. Probably helped Aaron rogers more than anyone knows.

    But by all means stick with Bradford. His 4 years of avg to below avg play – career 79.3 rating – is means to endorse him as the locked in starter.

    There is a reason why some teams fail over and over and why some teams are winners.

  18. Sam Bradford should thank God every day for his rookie deal. He has got to be the most overpaid athlete in sports today.

    Dude was a 2nd or 3rd round talent that somehow got 1st pick overall.

    For people defending him – close your eyes and pretend he’s black and his first name is LeSam. And then just try and tell me how good you think he is.

    The same people that are saying RGIII is a bust. Last time I checked Bradford hasn’t won any division crowns and has better talent across the board than the Redskins.

    Rams are stuck polishing a turd.

  19. For all you haters saying Sam was average last year, lets look as his numbers.:

    2012 – 16 GS – 3702 yrds / 21 TDs / 13 Int. / QB Rating = 82.6

    2013 – 7 GS – 1687 yrds / 14 TDs / 4 Int
    QB rating = 90.9

    Notice a trend? Anyone remember that he got hurt on a late hit out of bounds?

    This guy has gotten better every year and has below average WR, 2 or 3 differnent Offensive coordinators and a swish cheese hurt O-line for his entire NFL Career.

    If Sam continues to improve every year like he has done and the Rams give him protection and weapons, this guy will be a top 5 QB.

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