Tom Coughlin agrees to a one-year extension with Giants


Though the Giants made it clear after the season they had confidence in coach Tom Coughlin, they finally put it on paper.

Coughlin told reporters at the Scouting Combine that he had agreed to a one-year contact extension, which will carry him through the 2015 season.

That keeps Coughlin from being a lame duck, though it’s not as if the 67-year-old was worried about it, saying it was “never a concern to me.”

More of a concern for the Giants will be fixing the offense, though the hopes are new coordinator Ben McAdoo will provide a bit of a spark.

54 responses to “Tom Coughlin agrees to a one-year extension with Giants

  1. Sounds like Tom wants to go year to year, since this 1-year extension just makes him a lame duck coach for 2015. If he feels good after the 2014 season, he’ll sign another 1 year stretch; if not, he can retire with a big thank-you ceremony from the team.

  2. Need his continuity the most this year, with other changes to staff. I think he will show new staff what it means to be Blue before his departure after next season. Great coach.

  3. Who ya gonna get thats better? I personally think they should just move on. Yes, he’s had tremendous success as a coach. But I think his style is out dated and these younger boys would probably fair better with a younger energetic coach. But, you cant argue 2 SB victories.

  4. Eagle fans are a funny bunch. Only team in the division that doesn’t have at least 3 Super Bowls. They talk like they are on par with the other teams in the division. Go talk smack to a Lions or Charger fan.

  5. Idiot Lion’s organization. This is the guy they should have hired … he has the street kred (2 rings) the demeanor and the capability to lead that tough bunch.

  6. I like the stability and discipline that TC brings….but he has missed the playoffs 4 of the last 5 years. He’s officially past the point where he just gets the benefit of the doubt based on those 2 SB’s. If this team somehow tanks again this year he will be gone.

    If they fix the o-line than eli will be fixed and they have a shot at making the playoffs. If the line is not fixed (starting with getting rid of Snee and maybe Baas too) this team might win 5 or 6 games next year.

  7. The Eagles are progressing while the giants are regressing. The only ammo giants fans have is “you have zero super bowls”. That’s desperation and insecurity talking boys. I believe most giants fans said Chip Kelly would fail yet he ended up winning the division in his 1st year. lol enjoy Coughlin for another year.

  8. Tom go after mac from clevelend.reese do something about this o line now or you want be here with another bad season.The elephant is in the r om looking right at you guys.Fix that line with some studs and you will make playoffs.Oh ya sign beason 104 tackles in 10 games no brainer

  9. Get rid of bass, snee , tuck Webster, nicks.With that money you can sign a tackle and center, draft a tackle problem solved with depth.we don’t know about Beatty next season so sign a tackle.Sign beason and R.B Blount and you will have a serious contender.Draft tre mason 3 Rd round now you have depth at runningback.You could draft a corner second round resign Mcbride and Ross for cheap.You will have to have a serious draft to improve that de.Let moore play at end too.look at the lb from Florida St stud 3rd round earliest. Let’s go big blue

  10. Eagles fans crack me up. Remember last year when the Redskins were supposed to be the next dynasty? How’d that work out? Eagles fan needs to just relax and hope Chip can pull it off twice. And by the way, the last two times folks said TV was washed up, what happened? Exactly!

  11. GIANTS WILL CUT AT LEAST 15 GUYS AND HAVE 20 MILLION UNDER CAP.BEASON AND O LINE FIRST.BLOUNT IS that free agent no wants but has success everywhere he goes.This one won’t break the bank

  12. When asked about Nicks, TC said, “he’s a free agent, and that’s the way he goes”.
    Not an endorsement, and it’s too bad Nicks got no brains and “gave up last year”.
    I really loved this kid when they drafted him, and he was a huge factor getting to the super-bowl, but the sound of money is all he listens to now!
    Cruz is a man, Nicks still a stupid kid!

  13. What they really need to do is find a way for Eli, to be more productive. The guy appears to be quite mercurial, good one week, awful the next. TC has led Big Blue to a pair of Super Bowls, and that ain’t anything to sneeze at, but getting to another one will be more difficult, if they can’t get the younger Manning to step his game up.

  14. Seriously, what are you eagles fans talking about? The Giants have won TWO Super Bowls with this guy, your franchise has never won ANY. Oooooo, the eagles win a few games here and there, the Giants beat undefeated teams and rack up the ring count.

    Great Coach C. is staying. Shore up the offensive line and look out NFC.

  15. bobleblah says:
    Feb 21, 2014 12:50 PM

    Great news for Eagles fans. The longer this guy sticks around, the better.


    Yes. That makes sense, considering in your lifetime, you will never see your franchise come close to the amount of Lombardi’s that Coughlin has been a part of.

  16. You know as well as I, professional sports players get paid on past performances and that’s the way Eli got it. So the question is; “What have you done for me lately?”

  17. So Tom says he’s not worried/concerned about being a lame duck coach but then goes and signs a 1 year deal so he’s not a lame duck coach? Makes sense.

  18. chaffee5355 says:
    Feb 21, 2014 5:13 PM
    You know as well as I, professional sports players get paid on past performances and that’s the way Eli got it. So the question is; “What have you done for me lately?”

    I dont know chaffe, what has his offensive line done for him lately? you guys are great, you blame the QB for having zero time to throw all yr, a wr corp who had nicks quit all yr, myers who cant catch or block, no run game, zero, nada and the best part of all, one of the worst o lines i have ever seen with injuries piling up each week and movable parts and guys playing tackle for the first time, etc. i dont care who was qbing, no one could succeed with that line…i also forgot about half of the picks he threw, or even more were due to wrong routes (randle) or balls bouncing off his wr’s hands.

  19. They’re already grooming his replacement. G.F. Tanner is waiting in the wings to take them back to the promised land. Just a matter of time.

  20. Im just glad Eli will be there next year,, my Eagle’s went from 4-12 to 10-6,, thanks Chip, Foles and da boy’s we get Maclin back this year, hmmm i still think we have you in check this year, and even the division,,yes Eli we love ya,,Coughlin is a great coach but Eli is trailing off,, his arm and career follow him wherever he go’s,,,go Eagle’s go soar boy’s..

  21. I don’t blame the Cowboys woes on Jerry Jones. Sure, he has his nose in there a lot but in the end, it’s the players. By now, thru some writer without giving out names, some player/s would have voiced their opinions about whether or not Jones was the problem with the team but I haven’t heard or read anything. Anybody? From what I see, they don’t really have a lot of talent on that team but they think they do. They could be victims of the “Peters Principal” whereby an individual gets promoted to his level of incompetence and I think that applies to Jason Garrett. He did a lot better when all he did was call the plays. No, I don’t think it’s Jones at all.

  22. You know, some coaches put themselves in the elite class when they aren’t. They do it by association and in Coughlins case, he is a disciple of Parcells. Tom has had a good run with the Giants because he had a everything a team needs to win; Offensive line, defensive line, great receivers and a QB with a good arm. He’s a good coach who knows how to manage talent. Anybody, tell me what you would do to make the Cowboys better and don’t say, get Jones out of the way and get a front office guru. Jerry Jones is not the problem with that team. The players are the problem, but I’ll say it; the first thing is to get somebody who knows how to coach a team and he will get the players.

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