Bench press provides another red flag for Colt Lyerla


There’s a school of thought at the Scouting Combine that says the bench press doesn’t matter much in and of itself, but it does provide some insight into a player’s work ethic. You don’t necessarily need to be able to bench press 225 pounds for a lot of reps to be a good football player, but if you can’t bench 225 pounds for a lot of reps, that may call into question whether you work hard enough in the weight room.

If that school of thought is correct, former Oregon tight end Colt Lyerla just got another strike against him.

Lyerla managed 15 reps at 225 pounds on the bench, which was the lowest of any tight end at the Combine. That suggests that he didn’t take his strength and conditioning work particularly seriously.

And that’s a problem considering that Lyerla already had question marks surrounding him. Lyerla showed a lot of promise early in his career at Oregon, but he left the team in October of 2013 and later pleaded guilty to cocaine possession.

“I can’t really say too much about that, but it’s something I deeply, deeply regret and it’s a mistake I’ll have to live with the rest of my life,” Lyerla said.

Lyerla may also regret not putting enough effort into working out to get himself ready for the Combine.

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  1. 15 reps is a weak combine number at any football position. I can hit that number and I’m middle aged. My 170lb 17yo son can also best that performance. If he’s not nursing an upper body injury 15 reps is awful for a male athlete that size and age. Awful.

  2. Falling in love with a player because of great combine results has bitten many a team in the ass (Mike Mamula, anyone?). It would seem to me that reading too much into a player’s poor combine results could do the same thing.

    But I guess that’s what makes player evaluation so hard. Aaron Hernandez fell in the draft primarily because of issues about his character, and we all know how he turned out.

  3. I’m 185 lbs and I warm up with that weight on bench, every week – for more reps than 15. I’m not kidding.

    Such a situation speaks volumes regarding the emphasis (at every level) of just running fast over all else. I’d never take a guy that big who is that weak. Period!

  4. I remember Jared Allen had a poor Combine, which included a really horrible showing in the bench press.

    Not that Lyerla’s career will unfold the same way, but let’s just say I wouldn’t at all be opposed to using one of my team’s 5th rounders on him.

  5. The combine does just as much bad as good, if not more for teams/players. Draft guys that play well against in big conferences against tough competition and you’ll likely wind up with good football players. The rest comes down to feeling their personal lives out.

    It really only helps small school guys show their potential and measurables against the others.

  6. If he runs a 4.5 who cares. Warren Sapp only did it about the same amount. We’ll take you in Chicago.

  7. I’d be more worried about his cocaine addiction thatn his bench press reps. Cocaine is an addictive drug and if this guy was on coke before, his nose still itches for a toot now and then. No point picking up a player that will spend his first paycheck on drugs and get suspended. Not much use to have a player who can’t play because they are a drug addict. I wouldn’t waste a draft pick on anyone with substance abuse problems. It will only get worse when they get money.

  8. There are reasons why his stock has slipped and rightfully so. He will be a high risk/high reward type pick.

    The glass is half view outlook might be that he has plenty of opportunity to get stronger and improve.

    I thought about starting this post with my bench press too then realized that nobody on this board really cares how much somebody else on this board can lift.

  9. He wasn’t draftable from the beginning.

    He quit on the team, has off the field issues, and caught 2 passes for 26 yards.

    He’s a “Do Not Draft” period.

  10. He wants to play for his old college coach. Willing to stink it up at the combine to make it happen.

    If you aren’t a first-rounder, it’s all about the second contract anyway. I can do 15 reps at 225, and I’m an old fart.

  11. Hmm. There are some really great football players who had poor bench presses, and Lyerla has some good tape – BUT – there are all of these commenters who rep 225 like 40 times. I’m not sure who I want my team to take!

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